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Mom   /mɑm/   Listen

Informal terms for a mother.  Synonyms: ma, mama, mamma, mammy, momma, mommy, mum, mummy.

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"Mom" Quotes from Famous Books

... gude cheir, now, Archie, lad! Be of gude cheir, now, dear billie! Work thou within, and we without, And the mom thou'se dine at ...
— Minstrelsy of the Scottish border (3rd ed) (1 of 3) • Walter Scott

... didn't intend to have a doughnut. I went to the kitchen to see if Mom and Dad wanted to watch the show, and they ...
— The Electronic Mind Reader • John Blaine

... Mag! Come here, quick." With energetic gestures he beckoned his sister to his side. "Look-ee, right over there by that bunch of dust, see? It's our house—where we live. That there's Tony's old place on the corner. An' there's the lot where us kids plays ball. Gee, yer could almost see mom if she'd only come outside to talk to Missus Grafton ...
— Helen of the Old House • Harold Bell Wright

... Midleton, will you please send the butter over with the servant today, as I shall not return home in time for dinner" Sibylla said, "I ain't no servant. I'm hired girl What does that make out if I do work here? Pop got mad with me 'cause I wouldn't work at home no more for him and Mom without they paid me. They got three more girls to home yet that can do the work. My Pop owns a big farm and sent our 'Chon' to the college, and it's mean 'fer' him not to give us girls money for dress, so I work out, 'Taint right the way us people what has to work are treated ...
— Mary at the Farm and Book of Recipes Compiled during Her Visit - among the "Pennsylvania Germans" • Edith M. Thomas

... a minit," he said with a deprecating wave of the hand. "Everything shall be splained. The-the-the-melencholly event wish preshipitate our happ'ness—the myster'us prov'nice wish releash you—releash chile! hunerstan?—releash chile. The mom't Tretherick die—all claim you have in chile through him—die too. Thash law. Who's chile b'long to? Tretherick? Tretherick dead. Chile can't b'long dead man. Damn nonshense b'long dead man. I'sh your chile? no! whose chile then? Chile ...
— Selected Stories • Bret Harte

... at a time, mom. I might as well tell you the whole story, because I know I won't get a bite of supper until I do. But they made too much of such a little thing, sure ...
— Dick the Bank Boy - Or, A Missing Fortune • Frank V. Webster

... his breakfast in silence with Mom across the table drinking a cup of coffee and looking at a fashion catalogue. He was glad she was occupied because he didn't want to talk; not today he didn't. Might spill something secret. Might even let out the big secret. ...
— Zero Hour • Alexander Blade

... for myself, mom, honest I wasn't," expostulated Bob, with an innocent look that did not seem in accord with the mischief in his blue eyes. "I was making ...
— Bob the Castaway • Frank V. Webster

... 'twas you," she said, smiling happily. "They told me you was the only girl in town that owned one o' them cars. And I told mom that you must be awful rich and kind. Course, you must be, or you couldn't afford to give away ten cent ...
— How Janice Day Won • Helen Beecher Long

... and in the meane while, wh[en] it comes to the point, the very name of death as the horriblest thing in the world makes vs quake & tremble. If we beleue as we speak, what is that we feare? to be happy? to be at our ease? to be more content in a mom[en]t, then we might be in the longest mortal life that might be? or must not we of force confesse, that we beleue it but in part? that all we haue is but words? that all our discourses, as of these hardie trencher knights, are but vaunting and vanitie? Some you shall see, that wil say: I know well ...
— A Discourse of Life and Death, by Mornay; and Antonius by Garnier • Philippe de Mornay

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