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Misbehavior   /mˌɪsbəhˈeɪvjər/  /mˌɪsbihˈeɪvjər/   Listen

Improper or wicked or immoral behavior.  Synonyms: misbehaviour, misdeed.

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"Misbehavior" Quotes from Famous Books

... successor, witnessed the second important step taken in English constitutional freedom. This was the formation of the House of Commons, Parliament having up to this time consisted of a single House, made up of nobles and bishops. It was again the royal misbehavior that led to this great change in the form of the English national assembly. Henry had violated his oath to rule according to the Great Charter, and had become even more tyrannical than his father. The indignant barons rose ...
— A General History for Colleges and High Schools • P. V. N. Myers

... that the charges were invented to make sects unpopular, but it is more probable that they arose from the secrecy of the meetings only. Christians are so charged now in China.[463] The story of the discovery of such misbehavior always contains the same explanation—a husband followed his wife to the meeting and saw ...
— Folkways - A Study of the Sociological Importance of Usages, Manners, Customs, Mores, and Morals • William Graham Sumner

... to the boys in the bunkhouse that Ma had something on her mind from the sounds which came from the kitchen. Ma scolded the potatoes as she fried them, rebuked the biscuits because they had browned a little too soon, censured the stove for its misbehavior in having scorched the biscuits, accused the wood of being a factor in the conspiracy, reprimanded the mammoth coffee-pot that threatened to deluge the steak, and finally chased Andy from the premises when she discovered that he had ...
— The Ridin' Kid from Powder River • Henry Herbert Knibbs

... No accusation of misbehavior lies against any of the British subordinates in this affair of Porto Praya. The captain of the Isis was brought to a court-martial, and honourably acquitted of all the charges. The discredit of the surprise was not redeemed by any exhibition of intelligence, energy, ...
— The Major Operations of the Navies in the War of American Independence • A. T. Mahan

... spoiled him by over-indulgence, an' by lettin' him have his own head in everythin' as we did. If we had sint him to school, an' larned him to work, an' corrected him when he desarved it, instead of laughin' at his lies, an' misbehavior, and his oaths, as if they wor sport—ay, an abusin' the nabors when they'd complain of him, or tell us what he was—ay!—if we had, it's a credit an' a comfort he'd be to us now, an' not a shame an' ...
— Phelim O'toole's Courtship and Other Stories • William Carleton

... is forwarded with attention called to Brig.-Gen. Graham's indorsement. The officer is under arrest on charges of misbehavior ...
— The Campaign of Chancellorsville • Theodore A. Dodge

... came to Sinukuan's court, and asked Sinukuan to punish the frog for being so noisy during the night, while it was trying to sleep. Sinukuan summoned the troublesome frog, and asked him the reason for his misbehavior. The frog answered respectfully, "Sir, I was only crying for help, because the turtle was carrying his house on his back, and I feared that I ...
— Filipino Popular Tales • Dean S. Fansler

... living inquest on the soul of his friend; he was sitting here in a quiet room listening to the plaint of a wasp, just as when he was a boy he had been compelled by a strict aunt to sit hour-long on a chair and atone for some misbehavior. But who had put him here? What ferocious aunt had leaned out of the sky to make him ...
— Tales of the Jazz Age • F. Scott Fitzgerald

Words linked to "Misbehavior" :   deviltry, infantilism, juvenile delinquency, peccadillo, liberty, wrongdoing, abnormality, familiarity, impropriety, roguishness, misbehaviour, rascality, indiscretion, mischievousness, actus reus, delinquency, indecency, misconduct, devilry, shenanigan, mischief, wrongful conduct, devilment, misbehave, mischief-making, roguery, ruffianism, irregularity, indecorum

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