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Misbehave   /mˌɪsbəhˈeɪv/  /mˌɪsbihˈeɪv/   Listen

(past & past part. misbehaved; pres. part. misbehaving)
Behave badly.  Synonyms: misconduct, misdemean.

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"Misbehave" Quotes from Famous Books

... Burleigh here and old Stevens out at the fort and one or two others I've asked about him. Burleigh says he 'lost his nerve' when they met Red Cloud's big band. A boy might be excused for that so long as he didn't misbehave. It was big responsibility for a young lieutenant. But these people, as you speak of them out at the fort, really know very little about Dean. Burleigh says he's in a position that enables him to know so much more about the character and habits ...
— Warrior Gap - A Story of the Sioux Outbreak of '68. • Charles King

... constult among ourselves, How to misbehave ourselves to the king's worship, Jesus bless him! and when he comes, to deliver him this petition, I think the Smith were best to do it, for he's a ...
— A Select Collection of Old English Plays, Vol. VI • Robert Dodsley

... and provide necessary food. I plan everything and am responsible for everything. If you misbehave as you go through the country I shall be held to blame and I shall be to blame. But not a man of you shall misbehave. I am your commander, you made me that, and you can't undo it. Until we get to Camp Jackson I mean to command ...
— Captain Sam - The Boy Scouts of 1814 • George Cary Eggleston

... est celle qui ramena Napoleon d'Egypte.' Every boat which passes from the men of war to the town must go immediately under the stern of the Muiron. The hold of the Muiron is at present used as a dungeon for the forcats or galley-slaves who misbehave. ...
— The World of Waters - A Peaceful Progress o'er the Unpathed Sea • Mrs. David Osborne

... the ruling passion; but even in these there is no wild extravagance. The gentlemen of this division keep usually two horses, on the sale of one of which their mind is much bent. They drink plentifully of cherry-brandy on hunting days; but, as a rule, they do not often misbehave themselves. They are very careful not to be caught in marriage, and talk about women much as a crafty knowing salmon might be presumed to talk about anglers. The ladies are given to dancing, of course, ...
— The Bertrams • Anthony Trollope

... the biggest ship to steer, Get this 'Formidable' clear, Make the others follow mine, And I lead them, most and least, by a passage I know well, 60 Right to Solidor past Greve, And there lay them safe and sound; And if one ship misbehave, —Keel so much as grate the ground. Why, I've nothing but my life,—here's ...
— Browning's Shorter Poems • Robert Browning

... was not very different; it was just the same, in Mr. Leaf's genuine old original germ of the Iliad. In fact, the gods are "very much like you and me." When their ichor is up, they misbehave as we do when our blood is up, during the fury of war. When Hector is dead and when the war is over, the gods give play to their higher nature, as men do. There is no difference of religious conception to sever the Odyssey from ...
— Homer and His Age • Andrew Lang

... tinsel, gewgaw, clinquant^; baroque, rococo. rough diamond, tomboy, hoyden, cub, unlicked cub^; clown &c (commonalty) 876; Goth, Vandal, Boeotian; snob, cad, gent; parvenu &c 876; frump, dowdy; slattern &c 653. V. be vulgar &c adj.; misbehave; talk shop, smell of the shop. Adj. in bad taste vulgar, unrefined. coarse, indecorous, ribald, gross; unseemly, unbeseeming^, unpresentable^; contra bonos mores [Lat.]; ungraceful &c (ugly) 846. dowdy; slovenly &c (dirty) 653; ungenteel, shabby genteel; ...
— Roget's Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases: Body • Roget

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