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Metric   /mˈɛtrɪk/   Listen

Based on the meter as a standard of measurement.  Synonym: metrical.  "Metrical equivalents"
The rhythmic arrangement of syllables.  Synonyms: measured, metrical.

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"Metric" Quotes from Famous Books

... the Priestly Code itself also stood, and which then had for their result a complete change in the greater accuracy and more general applicability of the methods by which time was reckoned. A similar phenomenon presents itself in connection with the metric system. The "shekel of the sanctuary," often mentioned in the Priestly Code, and there only, cannot possibly have borne this name until the most natural objects of the old Israelite regime had begun to appear surrounded ...
— Prolegomena to the History of Israel • Julius Wellhausen

... used by the French, whose unit of length is the meter. In 1799, or thereabouts, an international convention met at Paris to decide what the exact length of a meter should be, for several countries at that time were using what was known as the Metric System of Weights and Measures. It was finally agreed that the length of a meter should be equal to one ten-millionth of the distance on the earth's surface, from the pole to the equator, ...
— Scouting For Girls, Official Handbook of the Girl Scouts • Girl Scouts

... file transmission in a series required to get a file from point A to point B on a store-and-forward network. On such networks (including {UUCPNET} and {FidoNet}), an important inter-machine metric is the number of hops in the shortest path between them, which can be more significant than their geographical separation. See {bang path}. 2. /v./ To log in to a remote machine, esp. via rlogin or telnet. "I'll hop over to foovax ...
— The Jargon File, Version 4.0.0

... Interest and Miscellaneous Tables, and other information. By JAMES MORTON. Second Edition, enlarged, with the Metric ...
— Mechanical Drawing Self-Taught • Joshua Rose

... peer of Yaque; and she knelt before the people while the lord chief-chancellor set the crown on her bright hair. It was a picture that thrilled the lord chief-chancellor himself—who was a worshiper of beauty, and a man given to angling in the lagoon and making metric ...
— Romance Island • Zona Gale

... author seems to be using the European decimal point ",", in the metric measurements, and the American decimal point in the Imperial ...
— Babylonian and Assyrian Literature • Anonymous

... Boy who slimes White paper o'er with metric crimes— He is a kind of Burbling Blear Who warbles Sex Slush sad to hear And mocks God in his stolen rhymes and wears a ruby in one ear— Murder to me: "My Golden Soul Drinks Song from out a Crystal Bowl. . . ...
— Hermione and Her Little Group of Serious Thinkers • Don Marquis

... The metric symbols are treated as abbreviations but the chemical symbols are not. M. (metre) and mg. (milligram) but H{2} O and ...
— Punctuation - A Primer of Information about the Marks of Punctuation and - their Use Both Grammatically and Typographically • Frederick W. Hamilton

... This information is presented in Appendix E: Weights and Measures which includes mathematical notations (mathematical powers and names), metric interrelationships (prefix; symbol; length, weight, or capacity; area; volume), ...
— The 1997 CIA World Factbook • United States. Central Intelligence Agency.

... still appreciate the older English literature.... Certain minor acts of uniformity accompanied this larger one. The idea of a common understanding and a general simplification of intercourse once it was accepted led very naturally to the universal establishment of the metric system of weights and measures, and to the disappearance of the various makeshift calendars that had hitherto confused chronology. The year was divided into thirteen months of four weeks each, and New Year's Day and Leap Year's Day were made ...
— The World Set Free • Herbert George Wells

... make mistakes. But Father is quite unconcerned, though last year he was very much bothered about Oswald, and poor dear Mother was frightfully anxious: "Pooh," said Oswald, "I shall soon show them that there's no need to bother; all one wants at the metric is cheek, that's the whole secret!" And then all he telegraphed was "durch" [through] and poor Mother was still very anxious, and thought that it might mean durchgefallen [failed]. But of course it really meant durchgekommen [passed], for meanwhile the second telegram had come. ...
— A Young Girl's Diary • An Anonymous Young Girl

... Like this damp crowded hole, where they can't talk English, and have a fool coinage—Say, that's a great system, that metric system they've got over in France, but here—why, they don't know whether Kansas City is in Kansas or Missouri or both.... 'Right as rain'—that's what a fellow said to me for 'all right'! Ever hear such nonsense?.... And tea for breakfast! Not for me! No, sir! I'm going ...
— Our Mr. Wrenn - The Romantic Adventures of a Gentle Man • Sinclair Lewis

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