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Math   /mæθ/   Listen

A science (or group of related sciences) dealing with the logic of quantity and shape and arrangement.  Synonyms: mathematics, maths.

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"Math" Quotes from Famous Books

... pay once," said Mike sardonically, "hiring a math shark to go over them. He found one mistake. It raised the margin ...
— Space Platform • Murray Leinster

... never knew it; it's all a matter of reference points. I can't follow the math, but I know that from the electron's standards it stayed exactly the same ...
— Out Around Rigel • Robert H. Wilson

... compartment, with not even a stranger, much less a friend to molest them. The flying landscape without was of their own early autumnal mood, and when the vineyards of Wurzburg ceased to purple it, the heavy after-math of hay and clover, which men, women, and children were loading on heavy wains, and driving from the meadows everywhere, offered a pastoral and pleasing change. It was always the German landscape; sometimes flat and fertile, sometimes hilly and poor; often clothed with dense ...
— Henry James, Jr. • William Dean Howells

... Hawkes dropped to his knees as fatigue and reaction caught up with him again, but his mind churned over the new evidence. As a mathematician, he was sure such things could not exist. If they did, there would have been extension of math well in advance of the perfection of the machines, and he'd have known of it as speculative theory, at least. Yet, without such ...
— Pursuit • Lester del Rey

... as much. One sorrow never comes but brings an heir, That may succeed as his inheritor; And so in ours: some neighbouring nation, Taking advantage of our misery, Math stuff'd these hollow vessels with their power, To beat us down, the which are down already; And make a conquest of unhappy me, Whereas no glory's ...
— Pericles Prince of Tyre • William Shakespeare [Clark edition]

... four solid years of law; three years of electronics and jet and air-drive engine mechanics and engineering; pre-med, psychology, math, English, Spanish and a smattering of Portuguese, to say nothing of dozens of other subjects. You graduated in the upper tenth of your class with a B.S. in both Transportation and Criminology which is why you're riding patrol and not punching a computer or tinkering with an engine. You'd think with ...
— Code Three • Rick Raphael

... quickly in their wake. How sweet it was to know that earth's winding-sheet had been rent from her breast once more; that the shackles had been torn from her streams and the fetters loosed from her trees; to feel that where there had been barren desolation and lifeless refuse of last year's math would soon appear green shoots of grass, and growing flowers; that the tender leaves of the trees would whisper each to each in a language which we cannot understand, but which we love to hear. Especially at eventide, when the heat of the day is softened by twilight ...
— The Love Story of Abner Stone • Edwin Carlile Litsey

... englynion i chwi a math o awdl i'ch Cymdeithas; ond hawdd i chwi feddwl nad oes gan un a ymunodd a'r Brifysgol y'mhen pum' mis wedi cydio gyntaf mewn Ieithiadur nemawr amser i gysoddi dim. Pa fodd bynnag, dyma ryw bethau yn llun englynion "Ar y ffolineb o wadu Iaith gynhenid," a ddymunwn gyflwyno i'ch Cymdeithas ...
— Gwaith Alun • Alun

Words linked to "Math" :   cardinality, dividable, diagonal, expression, cypher, science, geometric progression, subgroup, arithmetic progression, rationalisation, extrapolation, lower bound, undividable, monotonic, geodesic line, reduce, rounding, complex number, proof, indivisible by, additive inverse, group theory, extrapolate, trig, sheet, plane geometry, spherical trigonometry, symmetry, scientific discipline, metric function, multinomial, boundary condition, eliminate, rule, direct, analytical geometry, Euclidean axiom, negative, calculus, geometry, truncation error, translation, differentiate, discontinuous, compute, fractal geometry, work out, reflexiveness, balance, analytic geometry, representable, recursive definition, reckon, prove, nonmonotonic, solid geometry, vector algebra, mathematical operation, analytic, hyperbolic geometry, Euclid's axiom, dissymmetry, continuous, linear, parabolic geometry, multiplicative inverse, additive, interpolate, expansion, projective geometry, imbalance, develop, inverse, correspondence, rational, prime, domain, scalene, truncate, quadratics, combinatorial, factorisation, formula, series, arithmetic, affine, equation, map, topological space, upper bound, single-valued function, isometric, rounding error, infinitesimal calculus, infinitesimal, symmetricalness, commute, transitivity, Riemannian geometry, plane, universal set, cipher, polynomial, transpose, trigonometry, accuracy, osculate, interpolation, reflection, affine geometry, non-Euclidean geometry, osculation, parallel, nonlinear, Euclid's postulate, ray, Galois theory, closed, matrix, parity, rationalization, method of fluxions, elliptic geometry, rotation, reflexivity, geodesic, invariance, rationalise, descriptive geometry, image, domain of a function, field, converge, monotone, positive, analysis, factorization, asymmetry, diverge, extract, operation, iterate, numerical analysis, harmonic progression, noninterchangeable, invariant, binomial, Euclidean geometry, affine transformation, matrix algebra, rationalize, analysis situs, range of a function, irrational, fractal, coordinate geometry, commutative, metric, range, complex quantity, idempotent, imaginary number, recursion, factoring, radical, figure, topology, set theory, set, linear algebra, bivariate, function, integral calculus, round, differential, diagonalizable, imaginary, calculus of variations, differential calculus, reciprocal, nonnegative, calculate, algebra, transformation, spherical geometry, disjoint, integrate, open, elementary geometry, operator, mapping

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