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Link up   /lɪŋk əp/   Listen
Link up

Be or become joined or united or linked.  Synonyms: connect, join, link, unite.  "Our paths joined" , "The travelers linked up again at the airport"
Connect, fasten, or put together two or more pieces.  Synonyms: connect, link, tie.  "Tie the ropes together" , "Link arms"
Make a logical or causal connection.  Synonyms: associate, colligate, connect, link, relate, tie in.  "Colligate these facts" , "I cannot relate these events at all"

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"Link up" Quotes from Famous Books

... some persons predicted that he would never come back. There was a hot meeting of the Cabinet at which he was asked to go to Russia, to make a sort of return visit for the visit that important Russians had made here, and to link up Russia's military plans with the plans of the Western Allies. He is said to have remarked that he was going only because he had been ordered to go. There was a hope and a feeling again that he might not come back till after ...
— The Life and Letters of Walter H. Page, Volume II • Burton J. Hendrick

... over-moneyed society whose manners Mrs. ATHERTON knows and describes so well. Price had already found out, with the assistance of a not too brilliant detective, that his wife's mother derived her income from a gambling saloon; the remaining problem was how to link up this knowledge with the odd behaviour of Mrs. Price. Perhaps you see it already. She had been—No, I said I wouldn't, and I won't. Of course the discovery couldn't be called cheerful, though it was fortunately made in time to prevent any great harm. But it was nothing ...
— Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 156, June 25, 1919 • Various

... say any more. I see the situation as you would have me see it, and it comes to this: If I refuse to link up with you it means another 'Standard Oil' victory and another wreck for Boston. Rogers' success means that New England speculators and investors will again, for the three hundred and thirty-third time, be robbed of their savings. If I get in, we may ...
— Frenzied Finance - Vol. 1: The Crime of Amalgamated • Thomas W. Lawson

... which all similar occurrences might be grouped. Observation, the collection of similar instances, measurement, are all involved, and the general statement, law or form, when arrived at, is found to link up other general truths and is then used as a starting-point in dealing with similar cases in future. Progress in science consists in extending this mental process to an ever-increasing area of human experience. We shall see, as we go on, how in the ...
— Progress and History • Various

... the Round Game Department is blown down by a March gale, and your weekly return of Men Recommended for False Teeth is delayed in transit, nobody minds very much—except possibly the Deputy Assistant Director of Auxiliary Dental Appliances. But if you are engaged in battle, and the wires which link up the driving force in front with the directing force behind are devastated by a storm of shrapnel, the matter assumes a more—nay, a most—serious aspect. Hence the superlative importance in modern warfare of the Signal Sections of the Royal ...
— All In It K(1) Carries On - A Continuation of the First Hundred Thousand • John Hay Beith (AKA: Ian Hay)

Words linked to "Link up" :   connect, interconnect, cerebrate, link, interrelate, interdepend, bridge over, hitch, put through, colligate, tie, free-associate, hang together, relate, mean, identify, tee, conjoin, think, have in mind, tie in, remember, dissociate, think of, ground, disconnect, cogitate, correlate, bring together, attach, daisy-chain, interlink, complect, linkup, syndicate, associate, bridge, articulate, unite

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