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Linguistics   /lɪŋgwˈɪstɪks/   Listen

The scientific study of language.
The humanistic study of language and literature.  Synonym: philology.

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"Linguistics" Quotes from Famous Books

... class, while in mathematics he was superior, not only to every boy in school, but to any boy of the same age that I have ever had in any school. But this boy received from the Professor only a second or third-rate rank for mathematical indications, while highly praised for linguistics, in which ...
— In the School-Room - Chapters in the Philosophy of Education • John S. Hart

... his monumental work on British Nudibranchiate Mollusca, published by the Ray Society when Sir Charles, having resigned the Governorship of East Africa, was Vice-Chancellor of Sheffield University. Equally admired are his researches into Chinese linguistics and his monograph, the first in the language, on that most obscure subject, Finnish grammar.[88] Will it be believed that in her account of the Balkan tangle Miss Durham does not quote Sir Charles Eliot, but Mr. Horatio Bottomley? ...
— The Birth of Yugoslavia, Volume 2 • Henry Baerlein

Words linked to "Linguistics" :   syntax, prescriptive grammar, inanimate, phrase structure, sign, unacceptable, descriptor, prepositional, middle, late, linguistic, feature, standard, semantics, retroflex, etymologise, linguist, structuralism, participant role, root word, liberal arts, animate, old, lexicology, linguistic performance, new, homophonous, humanities, sentence structure, cognitive science, autosemantic, grammar, etymologize, segmental, scientific discipline, theme, etymology, nonstandard, tone, reduce, feature of speech, suprasegmental, humanistic discipline, rule, bad, aspectual, linguistic competence, allophone, phoneme, prescriptivism, word form, linguistic geography, morphophoneme, obscure, preposition, synthetic, phonemics, aphaeresis, linguistic rule, cacuminal, base, linguistic process, dialectology, received, arts, apheresis, uninflected, synsemantic, inflected, voice, complementation, analytic, universal, generative grammar, phylum, topicalize, reduplicate, signifier, cognate, radical, linguistic universal, topicalization, diachrony, pragmatics, science, derivative, polyphonic, descriptivism, geminate, vocative, semantic role, phonology, complementary distribution, descriptive grammar, postposition, root, acceptable, ablative, unaccepted, early, modern, form, dialect geography, stem

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