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Large order   /lɑrdʒ ˈɔrdər/   Listen
Large order

A formidable task or requirement.  Synonym: tall order.

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"Large order" Quotes from Famous Books

... cheerily; "here I am at last, and I suppose you thought I was never coming. You see, dear, we had to work very late to-night to finish a large order. Then there was confession and I was delayed there quite a while. I was almost the last to be heard and it was considerably after ten by the time I left the church. Everyone in town seemed to be ...
— The Alchemist's Secret • Isabel Cecilia Williams

... it is a pretty big country, sir,' the Professor observed, with a good-natured smile, as that of a man who kindly calls attention to the fact that one has made himself responsible for rather a large order. ...
— The Dictator • Justin McCarthy

... as, taking advantage of his being occupied with the horses, she jumped quickly from the vehicle. "I came to mail a letter," she said, as she moved on up to the big barn which was Beasley's temporary storehouse, "and to give you a rather large order for ...
— The Golden Woman - A Story of the Montana Hills • Ridgwell Cullum

... chided Old Mother Nature. "Tut, tut, tut, Jimmy Skunk! It is high time you came to school. Digger the Badger is just as much a cousin of yours as is Shadow the Weasel. You are members of the same order and it is a rather large order. It is called the Car-niv-o-ra, which means 'flesh-eating.' You are a member of the Marten or Weasel family, and that family is called the 'Mus-tel-i-dae.' Digger the Badger is also a member of that family. That means that you two are cousins. ...
— The Burgess Animal Book for Children • Thornton W. Burgess

... "That sounds like a large order." The ash was growing on Rand's cigar; he took another heavy drag at it. "But why necessarily you? Rivers had plenty of ...
— Murder in the Gunroom • Henry Beam Piper

... course," he said at last, "they'd put up with a good deal from you, bein' an Australian, don't you know. Fashion just now to make a lot of fuss over Australian chappies, whatever they do. But two black women—rather a large order. You might get married over there, and then ...
— An Outback Marriage • Andrew Barton Paterson

... necessarily dependent upon material changes. Nevertheless, it must also be noted, that, in the absence of positive proof of causation, it is certainly in accordance with scientific procedure, to yield our provisional assent to an hypothesis which undoubtedly connects a large order of constant accompaniments, rather than to an hypothesis which is confessedly framed to meet but a ...
— A Candid Examination of Theism • George John Romanes

... set his teeth. Forty to win! A large order. But it was going to be done. His whole existence seemed to concentrate itself on ...
— Mike • P. G. Wodehouse

... National Assembly, tries to enlist artisans in his party, "affects to wear a white button on his hat fastened by pins with their points jutting out," and, as it is stated, he has given to several mercers a large order for white cockades. In reality, on examination, not one is found in any shop, and all the dealers in ribbons, on being interrogated, reply that they know of no transaction of that description. But this simply proves that the culprit is a clever dissimulator, ...
— The Origins of Contemporary France, Volume 2 (of 6) - The French Revolution, Volume 1 (of 3) • Hippolyte A. Taine

... as a large order where only a very limited number of ascents were contemplated, and it may be mentioned that some of the methods of investigation, as, for instance, the use of ozone papers, would now be generally considered obsolete; while the mechanical ...
— The Dominion of the Air • J. M. Bacon

... Michael Daragh's feeling was that we were not entirely alone, and that it was a rather large order to fold in his arms a swearing parrot, a shivering, hairless dog, a robust Mexican orphan, a bride and a dope fiend, for he made not the first ...
— Jane Journeys On • Ruth Comfort Mitchell

... but which, under the circumstances, we by no means regarded in that light. Our hands were indeed full enough without this. What was to be done? Great deliberation. Eleven maternity hospitals seemed rather a large order, but we knew by experience that they all required first aid. If we left several of them in the same place there would be a terrible scene, and it would end in their eating up each other's pups. For what had happened only a few days before? Kaisa, a big black-and-white bitch, had taken ...
— The South Pole, Volumes 1 and 2 • Roald Amundsen

... drooping mustache and gazed at his friend. "It's a large order, Sam, a devilish large order. Do you reckon we ...
— Ridgway of Montana - (Story of To-Day, in Which the Hero Is Also the Villain) • William MacLeod Raine

... on the Sex-rites of the various pre-Christian religions would be 'a large order'—larger than I could attempt to fill; but the general facts in this connection are fairly patent. We know, of course, from the Bible that the Syrians in Palestine were given to sexual worships. There were erect images (phallic) and "groves" (sexual symbols) on every high hill and under every green ...
— Pagan & Christian Creeds - Their Origin and Meaning • Edward Carpenter

... had called for his father, and she had heard them leave the house together in unexplained haste. At first, the incident did not trouble her much. Perhaps one of the valuable Norman horses was sick, or there was an unexpected ship in, or an unusually large order. Bram was a young man who relied greatly on his father. She only worried because supper must be delayed an hour, and that delay would also keep back the completion of that exquisite order in which it was her habit to leave the ...
— The Bow of Orange Ribbon - A Romance of New York • Amelia E. Barr

... a large order. England emancipated her negroes sixty years ago, at a cost of 40,000,000, and has never ceased boasting about it since. But at our own doors, from "Plymouth to Peterhead," stretches this waste Continent of humanity—three million human beings who are enslaved—some ...
— "In Darkest England and The Way Out" • General William Booth

... become aware of it, in a major sense. 'The Opp Eagle' has in the past, present, and future waged noble warfare against the calamity jays. Panic or no panic, Cove City refuses to remain in the backgrounds. There has been a large order for job-work in this office within the past ten days, also several new and important subscribers, all of which does not make much of a showing for hard times, at least not from our point of ...
— Mr. Opp • Alice Hegan Rice

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