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Lamiaceae   Listen

A large family of aromatic herbs and shrubs having flowers resembling the lips of a mouth and four-lobed ovaries yielding four one-seeded nutlets and including mint; thyme; sage; rosemary.  Synonyms: family Labiatae, family Lamiaceae, Labiatae, mint family.

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Words linked to "Lamiaceae" :   Polemoniales, genus Calamintha, asterid dicot family, genus Mentha, Lavandula, genus Trichostema, Lepechinia, Sphacele, genus Lavandula, Pycnanthemum, genus Blephilia, genus Origanum, genus Clinopodium, genus Collinsonia, Majorana, genus Agastache, Monardella, Molucella, genus Stachys, mint, Ballota, Micromeria, Trichostema, Hedeoma, Marrubium, genus Satureia, genus Perilla, genus Monardella, genus Leonotis, genus Solenostemon, Ajuga, genus Physostegia, genus Monarda, genus Micromeria, Dracocephalum, order Polemoniales, genus Phlomis, Koellia, Calamintha, Leonotis, genus Sideritis, genus Nepeta, Ocimum, Sideritis, genus Ocimum, Conradina, genus Koellia, Teucrium, genus Plectranthus, Melissa, Lamium, genus Elsholtzia, Nepeta, genus Dracocephalum, genus Ajuga, Perilla, genus Coleus, Leonurus, Scutellaria, Glechoma, genus Leonurus, Agastache, genus Ballota, genus Lamium, Rosmarinus, Collinsonia, Blephilia, genus Hedeoma, genus Melissa, genus Teucrium, genus Majorana, Hyssopus, Solenostemon, genus Conradina, Galeopsis, Satureia, genus Pycnanthemum, genus Pogostemon, genus Satureja, genus Thymus, thymus, genus Sphacele, Lycopus, Mentha, genus Molucella, genus Prunella, genus Galeopsis, genus Rosmarinus, genus Glechoma, genus Acinos, genus Marrubium, genus Lepechinia, Pogostemon, Stachys, Prunella, Acinos, genus Scutellaria, Clinopodium, Satureja, genus Lycopus, genus Salvia, genus Hyssopus

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