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Kick out   /kɪk aʊt/   Listen
Kick out

Force to leave or move out.  Synonyms: expel, throw out.
Remove from a position or office.  Synonyms: boot out, drum out, expel, oust, throw out.

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"Kick out" Quotes from Famous Books

... them in and go home. Then he'd go back in an hour and let them out—if they were there. They weren't always. Tom Ferguson kicked the panels out of the old door once and got out that way. We put a new door of double plank in that they couldn't kick out." ...
— Kilmeny of the Orchard • Lucy Maud Montgomery

... wear herself out on. She took things out on me. I'm beginning to think that maybe she wasn't really mad at me when she acted like that. I believe she used to get so upset about things that she had to sort of kick out at whatever was nearest—and it happened to ...
— The Camp Fire Girls in the Mountains - or Bessie King's Strange Adventure • Jane L. Stewart

... lily-white fingers the other made capture, And he press'd his adored to his bosom with rapture, "And, oh!" he exclaim'd, "let them go catch my skiff, I'll be home in a twinkling and back in a jiffy, Nor one moment procrastinate longer my journey Than to put up the bans and kick out ...
— The Humourous Poetry of the English Language • James Parton

... a lazy, mellow voice. "For Heaven's sake, stir us up. If I could get a kick out of anything I'd ...
— The Call of the Canyon • Zane Grey

... irritably. "We've accomplished something terrific, and I don't get a kick out of it! My head is full of business details that have to be attended to tomorrow. I ought to be uplifted. I ought to be gloating! I ought to be happy! But I'm worrying for fear that this infernal planet is going ...
— Operation: Outer Space • William Fitzgerald Jenkins

... two thousand a year a man can afford to be honest. Kick out lustily right and left!—After all, the world is like a spaniel; the more you beat it, the better it likes you—if you have money. Only don't kick too hard; for, after all, it has a hundred million pair of shins to ...
— Yeast: A Problem • Charles Kingsley

... more like a tomboy than ever before. "Fun," she said. "And you know it. Don't tell me you didn't get a kick out of playing God at ...
— Pagan Passions • Gordon Randall Garrett

... queer; I don't think that I ever felt so queer before. I dared not move for the life of me, and the odd thing was that I seemed to lose power over my leg, which had an insane sort of inclination to kick out of its own mere motion—just as hysterical people want to laugh when they ought to be particularly solemn. Well, the lion sniffed and sniffed, beginning at my ankle and slowly nosing away up to my thigh. ...
— Long Odds • H. Rider Haggard

... twitching character of mouth and furtiveness of eye, that hint how the coward is lurking under the bully. The hint is quite correct, for they are a slinking sneaking set, far more prone to lie down on their backs and kick out, when in difficulty, than to make a stand for it. (This may account for the street mud on the backs of Numbers five, six, and seven, being much fresher than the stale ...
— The Uncommercial Traveller • Charles Dickens

Words linked to "Kick out" :   ostracize, remove, boot out, bar, move, eject, deport, blackball, debar, displace, throw out, extradite, turf out, shun, turn out, chuck out, ban, depose, exile, excommunicate, cast out, suspend, force out, expatriate, banish, relegate, deliver, ostracise, exclude

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