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Ism   /ˈɪzəm/   Listen

A belief (or system of beliefs) accepted as authoritative by some group or school.  Synonyms: doctrine, philosophical system, philosophy, school of thought.

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"Ism" Quotes from Famous Books

... old country folk-songs are as worthy of a niche in your mausoleum as the more prosy lore to which you allot a separate division. Why does not some one write a Minstrelsy of the Midland Counties? There is ample material to work upon, and not yet spoiled by dry-as-dust-ism. It would be vain, perhaps, to emulate the achievements of the Scottish antiquary; but surely something might be done better than the county Garlands, which, with a few honorable exceptions, are sad abortions, mere channels for rhyme-struck editors. There is one peculiarity ...
— Notes and Queries, Number 207, October 15, 1853 • Various

... sincere. This hereditary tendency towards religion was, to a certain extent, obliterated by the education which William received, and which was of a nature to dispose him to be both a materialist and a free-thinker. He may be said in fact to have been brought up in an atmosphere of Renan-ism and Strauss-ism, for which his extraordinary and mercilessly clever mother, Empress Frederick, was largely responsible, and at the moment of his marriage it looked as if he were destined to figure in history as quite as much of a philosopher, and even atheist, as Frederick the Great, for whom he ...
— The Secret Memoirs of the Courts of Europe: William II, Germany; Francis Joseph, Austria-Hungary, Volume I. (of 2) • Mme. La Marquise de Fontenoy

... Committee on Commerce again recommended an appropriation of 30,000 dollars in aid of the telegraph. Morse had come to be regarded as a tiresome 'crank' by some of the Congressmen, and they objected that if the magnetic telegraph were endowed, mesmerism or any other 'ism' might have a claim on the Treasury. The Bill passed the House by a slender majority of six votes, given orally, some of the representatives fearing that their support of the measure would alienate ...
— Heroes of the Telegraph • J. Munro

... present century. No attempt at arbitrary classification or labelling has been made; it is not intended to show that any poet, deliberately or otherwise, is a Neo-Symbolist or Paroxyst or is afflicted with any other 'ist or 'ism; it is not compiled to assert that any one group of poets is superior to any other group of poets or to poets who had the misfortune to have their corporeal existence cut short before the dawn of the twentieth century; it is not even intended to prove that ...
— A Cluster of Grapes - A Book of Twentieth Century Poetry • Various

... about the period when, with the fast world of cities, De Sauty was beginning to become type of an "ism"; already the attention of excitement-hunters had travelled far from Trinity Bay, and Cyrus Field had yielded his harvest. Nevertheless, to me, who had just come to town from a quiet country seclusion into which news made its entry teredo-fashion only, the performances of the Agamemnon and Niagara ...
— Atlantic Monthly Volume 7, No. 40, February, 1861 • Various

... Chinese Civilization Sec. 2. Chinese Government based on Education. Civil-Service Examinations Sec. 3. Life and Character of Confucius Sec. 4. Philosophy and subsequent Development of Confucianism Sec. 5. Lao-tse and Tao-ism Sec. 6. Religious Character of the "Kings." Sec. 7. Confucius and Christianity. Character of the Chinese Sec. 8. The Tae-ping Insurrection Note. The Nestorian ...
— Ten Great Religions - An Essay in Comparative Theology • James Freeman Clarke

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