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Interrogative   Listen

Relating to verbs in the so-called interrogative mood.
Relating to the use of or having the nature of an interrogation.  Synonym: interrogatory.

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"Interrogative" Quotes from Famous Books

... Miss Cutter's return developed in other directions still, and when that event took place, at a few minutes past seven, these circumstances were, by the foot of the stair, between mistress and maid, the subject of some interrogative gasps and scared admissions. Lady Wantridge had arrived shortly after the interloper, and wishing, as she said, to wait, had gone straight up in spite of being told ...
— Some Short Stories • Henry James

... my stateroom with an interrogative "Mr. Jacobus?" I was met by a quiet "Yes," uttered with a gentle smile. The "yes" was rather perfunctory. He did not seem to make much of the fact that he was Mr. Jacobus. I took stock of a big, pale face, ...
— 'Twixt Land & Sea • Joseph Conrad

... around the room, inspecting the furnishings and knickknacks. Finally, he turned, and, with an interrogative ...
— The Easiest Way - A Story of Metropolitan Life • Eugene Walter and Arthur Hornblow

... She now recalled expressing it—and regretted. But she was silenced. She tried to take her mind of the subject of money. But, like Mildred, she could not. The thought of imminent poverty was nagging at them like toothache. "There'll be enough for a year or so?" she said, timidly interrogative. ...
— The Price She Paid • David Graham Phillips

... of the gloomiest when, after their quickly despatched dinner, she settled herself between the fire and window with her favorite tatting, drawing up the knots with vicious energy. She opened proceedings by an interrogative "Well?" and closed ...
— A Crooked Path - A Novel • Mrs. Alexander

... are of various sorts: Interrogative; Percontative; Adjurative; Optative; Imprecative; Execrative; Substitutive; ...
— Mardi: and A Voyage Thither, Vol. II (of 2) • Herman Melville

... silent pair were quick to avail themselves of even its scant shelter from the overpowering sun. They had not proceeded far, before Johnson, who was walking quite rapidly in advance, suddenly brought himself up, and turned to his companion with an interrogative "Eh?" ...
— Mrs. Skaggs's Husbands and Other Stories • Bret Harte

... Mary looked puzzled—interrogative. But she checked her question, and drew him back instead to his narrative—to the small incidents and signs which had gradually revealed to him, among even his brother clergy, years before that date, the working of ideas and thoughts like his ...
— The Case of Richard Meynell • Mrs. Humphry Ward

... brought you, Rabbi—the decree of the Caesar"—the keeper threw an interrogative glance at the Nazarene, then continued—"brought most of those who have lodging in the house. And yesterday the caravan passing from Damascus to Arabia and Lower Egypt arrived. These you see here belong to ...
— Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ • Lew Wallace

... very highly of the appearance of Benham," said Selma. The remark was slightly interrogative, but was combative withal. She wished to know if everything, from the Flagg mansion down, was open to criticism, but she would fain question the authority of the censor—this glib, graceful woman whose white, starched cuffs seemed ...
— Unleavened Bread • Robert Grant

... looked up sharply at the first mention of the name, which had so disturbed the usually imperturbable Rainham, fixed his interrogative glasses first on the latter and then on Lightmark, and finally let them rest, with an expression of inquiring censure, on Rainham, whose confusion savoured to his mind so unmistakably of guilt that "Gentlemen of the jury" rose ...
— A Comedy of Masks - A Novel • Ernest Dowson and Arthur Moore

... near the window-ledge. The first movement of him to whom this proposal was made was negative; nevertheless, after a second's reflection, the elder of the two travellers, as if he had reconsidered his first decision, made an interrogative sign to his companion, who replied with a look which signified, "You know that ...
— The Companions of Jehu • Alexandre Dumas

... interrogative sentence ends with a quotation which is itself interrogatory, the point of interrogation is placed ...
— "Stops" - Or How to Punctuate. A Practical Handbook for Writers and Students • Paul Allardyce

... with attention, and remarked that it wore a singularly odd look,—the look of a man advanced in years and experience. But that I surmised to be a not unusual effect of severe fever. "How old do you suppose the patient to be?" asked the interrogative voice. "About twenty years old, I suppose," said I. "He is a year old," rejoined the voice. "A year! How can that be?" "If you will not allow that he is only a year old, then you must admit that he is sixty-five, for he is certainly ...
— Dreams and Dream Stories • Anna (Bonus) Kingsford

... mouldy houses and pausing very often to look at nothing in particular. It was all very hot, very hushed, very resignedly but very persistently old. A wheeled vehicle in such a place is an event, and the forestiero's interrogative tread in the blank sonorous lanes has the privilege of bringing the inhabitants to their doorways. Some of the better houses, however, achieve a sombre stillness that protests against the least curiosity as to what may happen in any such century as this. You wonder, ...
— Italian Hours • Henry James

... was agreeable: she did not speak with the Irish accent; but, when I listened maliciously, I detected certain Hibernian inflections; nothing of the vulgar Irish idiom, but something that was more interrogative, more exclamatory, and perhaps more rhetorical, than the common language of English ladies, accompanied with much animation of countenance and demonstrative gesture. This appeared to me peculiar and unusual, but not affected. She was uncommonly eloquent, and ...
— Tales and Novels, Vol. IV • Maria Edgeworth

... it?" responded Adams, and he turned upon the other a look that was coolly interrogative. "Come, now, we'll take it quietly. You're one of the best friends I have, and I want to know what they're ...
— The Wheel of Life • Ellen Anderson Gholson Glasgow

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