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IA   /ˈiə/   Listen

A state in midwestern United States.  Synonyms: Hawkeye State, Iowa.

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"IA" Quotes from Famous Books

... hêrpaxen, dôken de baryktypos euryopa Zeus, paizousan kourêsi syn Ôkeanou bathykolpois anthea t' ainymenên, rhoda kai krokon êd' ia kala leimôn' am malakon kai agallidas êd' hyakinthon narkisson th', hon physe dolon kalukôpidi kourê Gaia Dios boulêsi charizomenê Polydektê, thaumaston ganoônta; sebas to ge pasin idesthai athanatois te ...
— The Legacy of Greece • Various

... is k'ia kwin ne, from k'ia we, water, and kwin ne, place of, literally "watering place;" which is evidence that the first properly so called houses known to the Pueblos were solitary and built near springs, ...
— A Study of Pueblo Pottery as Illustrative of Zuni Culture Growth. • Frank Hamilton Cushing

... some color is desired the facing can be mixed with mineral pigments or with colored sand or stone chips. This acid wash process has been patented, the patentees being represented by Mr. J. K. Irvine, Sioux City, Ia. ...
— Concrete Construction - Methods and Costs • Halbert P. Gillette

... Daughter (said by father), Ushushi, Coniat or cuniato. Daughter (said by mother), Huarmi huahua, Itum. Own father, Quiquin yaya, Cuqu mano. Own mother, Quiquin mama, La cuano. Step-father, La yaya, Tama quira. Step-mother, La mama, Tama quira (mama?). Own son, Quiquin churi, Ia cuniana. Step-son, Quipai churi, Saquina cuniana. Elder son (said by father), Cura (or naupa) churi, Cuniapira. Elder son (said by mother), Cura (or naupa) huahua, Cuniapira. Younger son (said by mother), Sullca ...
— The Andes and the Amazon - Across the Continent of South America • James Orton

... leaflets with two or three teeth at base. Ailanthus IA Outlines of leaflets serrate { Sumacs (except Poison sumac) { Mountain ashes { Walnuts { Hickories I A C Leaflets oval, apex obtuse Locusts (except Honey locust) I A C Leaflets oblong, apex acute Poison sumac I B Outlines of leaflets entire Ashes (except ...
— Handbook of the Trees of New England • Lorin Low Dame

... Beauc. sitting with his future,(41) en habit de gala; he soon went away to the Opera, so I had a tete a tete. Mr. Radclif(42) is still talked of for Lady F., but I have not asked Sir Will[ia]m Mus[grave] if it is true. He is very well spoke of, et le nom ...
— George Selwyn: His Letters and His Life • E. S. Roscoe and Helen Clergue

... Party [Bjarne KREUTZMANN]; Atassut Party (Solidarity, a conservative party favoring continuing close relations with Denmark) [Daniel SKIFTE]; Inuit Ataqatigiit or IA (Eskimo Brotherhood, a leftist party favoring complete independence from Denmark rather than home rule) [Josef MOTZFELDT]; Issituup (Polar Party) [Nicolai HEINRICH]; Kattusseqatigiit (Candidate List, an independent right-of-center ...
— The 2001 CIA World Factbook • United States. Central Intelligence Agency.

... of the Polynesian kupua is well described in the romance of Laieikawai, in Chapter XXIX, when the sisters of Aiwohikupua try to relieve their mistress's fright about marrying a divine one from the heavens. "He is no god—Aole ia he Akua—" they say, "he is a man like us, yet in his nature and appearance godlike. And he was the first-born of us; he was greatly beloved by our parents; to him was given superhuman power—ka mana—which we have not.... Only his taboo rank remains, Therefore fear not; when he comes you ...
— The Hawaiian Romance Of Laieikawai • Anonymous

... դl@a, p. 6. 2 qsl. See Mencius, V. Pt. I. viii. 3. 3 Chiang Yung digests in this place two foolish stories,— about a large bone found in the State of Yueh, and a bird which appeared in Ch'ia and died, shot through with a remarkable arrow. Confucius knew all about them. 4 d. 5 Z. 6 This ia related by Sze-ma ch'ien դl@a, p. 7, and also in the 'Narratives of the School.' I would fain believe it is not true. The wonder is, that no Chinese critic should have set about ...

... believing that she sees her own interest, she immediately resumes a hostile attitude toward me. She will open the passes of Bohemia to the allies, and thereby permit them to turn the positions of the French army, attack us in the rear, and cut us off from France. In a word, Austria ia unable to forget any thing! She will remain our enemy, not only so long as she has losses to make up, but so long as the power of France might threaten her with new humiliations. This instinct of jealousy is more powerful than her attachment; she will always strive to aggrandize herself ...

... the shelf could not be put on the window, as one end must be dropped in place before the other. Such a shelf will hold all the plants a person can put on it. When not in use, it can be removed without marring the casing. —Contributed by G. A. Wood, West Union, Ia. ...
— The Boy Mechanic: Volume 1 - 700 Things For Boys To Do • Popular Mechanics

... so rapidly in our little town of St. Ia, that it is difficult to set them down with the clearness they deserve. We Cornish people are an imaginative race, just as all people of a Celtic origin are, but we never dreamed of what has taken place. One week we were sitting idly in our boats ...
— All for a Scrap of Paper - A Romance of the Present War • Joseph Hocking

... vin rigardas!" Tio ne estis tute frazo aux fanfaronado[19]; modernaj observantoj kaj esploristoj anoncas ecx pli malproksiman daton. Kaj cxiuj scienculoj konsentas ke la Sfinkso ekzistis longe antaux la fondigo de ia Piramido. ...
— The Esperantist, Vol. 1, No. 3 • Various

... interrogations difficult. It lasted only three hours. I wrote answers in very magnificent style to all the questions except three or four; gave in my paper and heard no more of the matter: sic transeunt bore-ia mundi." ...
— The Life of John Ruskin • W. G. Collingwood

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