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High-powered   /haɪ-pˈaʊərd/   Listen

Vigorously energetic or forceful.  Synonyms: high-energy, high-octane, high-power, high-voltage.  "A high-octane marketing plan" , "High-powered executives" , "A high-voltage theatrical entrepreneur"
(used of microscopes) capable of a high degree of magnification.

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"High-powered" Quotes from Famous Books

... willow branch thrust upright into the hard-packed sand to mark the entrance to the secret niche, a ripped flour sack hung limp in the cool, still air of a red dawn. From the niche itself came the vibrant buzzing of a high-powered motor to which Sandy listened with head up and ears perked anxiously, his staring eyes rolling toward a feasible line of retreat should panic overwhelm his present ...
— Skyrider • B. M. Bower

... the "wireless," the phonograph, the electric letter writer—such are the modern "conveniences" of romance; and, should an elopement be on foot, what are the fastest post-chaise or the fleetest horses compared with a high-powered automobile? And when the airship really comes, what romance that has ever been will compare for excitement with an elopement through ...
— Vanishing Roads and Other Essays • Richard Le Gallienne

... down the main road in a cloud of dust. It sped on the fleeting tires of a high-powered motor which flew from its dust-grey hood a red flag with two white stars. It blew into the villages and out, through the billets and cook tents, mess halls, and picket lines. The ...
— "And they thought we wouldn't fight" • Floyd Gibbons

... leaning forward, "I do not believe those bandits were after money. Didn't it strike you all as strange that they were in an auto? Well, it did me. The bandits of the border usually are mounted on horseback. These men, on the contrary, had a high-powered car. No, that attack was due to a carefully laid plan. And do you know what I think their purpose was? ...
— The Radio Boys on the Mexican Border • Gerald Breckenridge

... one side of the highway, a high-powered automobile approached on the other. It was attempting to rush the swale for the hill opposite, and making rather bad weather of the newly repaired road. A pile of loose soil that Newton had allowed to lie just across the path made a certain maintenance of speed desirable. The knavish Newton planted ...
— The Brown Mouse • Herbert Quick

... Imagine, if you please, a creature as large as a ship's launch, with the swiftness and ferocity of a man-eating shark, the cunning of a snake, a body so heavily armored with scales that it is impervious to everything save the most high-powered bullets, a tail that is capable of knocking down an ox, and a pair of jaws that can cut a man in two at a single snap. How would you like to encounter that sort of thing when you were having a pleasant swim, I ask you? Compared ...
— Where the Strange Trails Go Down • E. Alexander Powell

... she decided upon was a gray roadster, light and high-powered with long low lines like a racer and a multiplicity of cylinders which made Dan fairly delirious with joy. This important matter settled, she gave ...
— The Fifth Ace • Douglas Grant

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