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Haymow   Listen

A mass of hay piled up in a barn for preservation.
A loft in a barn where hay is stored.  Synonyms: hayloft, mow.

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"Haymow" Quotes from Famous Books

... straw and cobwebs. Where have you been, Mother? You know you haven't any business in the haymow or crawling under the old carryall. Why don't you let Alma bring in the eggs? She's ...
— The Camerons of Highboro • Beth B. Gilchrist

... like I was burglarizing a house," chuckled Gallegher, as he dropped noiselessly to the floor below and refastened the shutter. The barn was a large one, with a row of stalls on either side in which horses and cows were dozing. There was a haymow over each row of stalls, and at one end of the barn a number of fence-rails had been thrown across from one mow to the other. These rails ...
— The Boy Scout and Other Stories for Boys • Richard Harding Davis

... went, and at night hired out to a truck-farmer, with the freedom of his haymow for my sleeping quarters. But when I had hoed cucumbers three days in a scorching sun, till my back ached as if it were going to break, and the farmer guessed that he would call it square for three shillings, I went farther. ...
— The Making of an American • Jacob A. Riis

... in our haymow all by myself carrying the egg basket around to the different places where different ones of our old hens laid their eggs. Old Bent-comb still laid her daily egg up in a corner of the mow so I climbed away up ...
— Shenanigans at Sugar Creek • Paul Hutchens

... fears of John Jay's dying. Although the promise made to George on the haymow was faithfully kept, he could no more avoid getting into mischief than a weathercock can keep from turning ...
— Ole Mammy's Torment • Annie Fellows Johnston

... to take some apple custard to that poor Dan who fell from the haymow, and I must go and see how Susan's children are getting through the measles. Then old Mrs Croaker wants to be sung to, and the widow Larkin wants to be read to, and Matilda Jones is "jest pinin' fer a talk."' ...
— A Princess in Calico • Edith Ferguson Black

... up at the haymow from which Callie had just descended. "Any reason why I can't bunk ...
— Rebel Spurs • Andre Norton

... frightful in being alongside a man who knew so much. When we reached our destination the horse had to be put away in the stable. I jumped up to the haymow to throw down the provender. It was a very peculiar feeling to do so under the eye of a man who, as he watched me, knew every muscle that I ...
— The Reminiscences of an Astronomer • Simon Newcomb

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