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Fire brigade   /fˈaɪər brəgˈeɪd/   Listen
Fire brigade

A private or temporary organization of individuals equipped to fight fires.  Synonym: fire company.
British name for a fire department.

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"Fire brigade" Quotes from Famous Books

... diminish their destructiveness. The progress made in this department during recent years has been great. The almost universal use of steam has been attended by the fitting up of factories with force pumps, hose, and all the appliances of a modern fire brigade; dangerous rooms are metal sheathed, and machinery likely to cause fire is surrounded by stationary pipes from which jets of water may be turned on instantaneously from the outside; stores and warehouses have standing pipes ...
— Scientific American, Volume XLIII., No. 25, December 18, 1880 • Various

... surged and fought to be nearer to the flame; but the police already had a cordon around the building, and another detachment was forcing the swarms of men and women into eddying movement in which something like a system developed presently, for there began to be a clear space in which the fire brigade ...
— Winds of the World • Talbot Mundy

... and a squadron carried on to Kilo 145 on the Sherika line to take up an outpost line. Camel patrols were also sent out into the desert. We had a scheme or two in the desert and a fire in the M.G. tent, at which the local fire brigade greatly distinguished itself by its masterly inactivity and futile energy. To the strains of "Kam leyal, Kam iyyam" at the far end of a leaking hosepipe, the fire eventually burned itself out. We ...
— The Fife and Forfar Yeomanry - and 14th (F. & F. Yeo.) Battn. R.H. 1914-1919 • D. D. Ogilvie

... grow with us, and anyone who can display a reasonably green patch in July and August gives evidence of considerable perseverance in the matter of lawn sprinkling. I told Margaret she would be ready to enter the Fire Brigade next winter, she was getting to be such an expert with the hose. But to return ...
— The Making of Mary • Jean Forsyth

... his absorption, came the consciousness that the bell in the town hall was clanging the fire alarm. It was an unusual sound in the quiet little village. Noisy shouts in the next street proclaimed that the volunteer fire brigade was dragging out the hand-power engine and hose reel. From all directions came the sound of hurrying feet and ...
— Flip's "Islands of Providence" • Annie Fellows Johnston

... addition, a charge of so much in the pound for this and that object. Thus for education, if the rate be 1s. in the pound, a man in a house whose rent is 100l. has to pay 5l. on that charge. He has to pay also for the Police, the Fire Brigade, the Poor, lighting and paving. His own water supply is managed by a private company, and another private company gives him his gas or his electricity. In the same way the food is provided by private persons ...
— The History of London • Walter Besant

... cooling &c v.; congelation^, conglaciation^; ice &c 383; solidification &c (density) 321; ice box (refrigerator) 385. extincteur [Fr.]; fire annihilator; amianth^, amianthus^; earth- flax, mountain-flax; flexible asbestos; fireman, fire brigade (incombustibility) 388.1. incombustibility, incombustibleness &c adj.^. (insulation) 388.1. air conditioning [residential cooling], central air conditioning; air conditioner; fan, attic fan; dehumidifier. ...
— Roget's Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases: Body • Roget

... their white duck trousers, blue tunics, and polished brass helmets. The fire chief and first deputy then had a dispute about something which resulted in the deputy going home in a huff, while the chief and the second deputy (the whole fire brigade) resplendent in their spotless uniforms of white, blue and gold, marched out to the fire. The British soldiers lined up when they saw them coming, and gave them three rousing cheers, while one of the Tommies solemnly ...
— On the Fringe of the Great Fight • George G. Nasmith

... required for the London Fire Brigade have been engaged. Clients are assured that arrears of fires will now be worked ...
— Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 158, June 2, 1920 • Various

... ticket for the Pier, which, though it is disputed by the Committee, I insist gives me a right to have my vans on as well, have, as yet, been put to no expense whatever. There was a report that the Local Fire Brigade had resolved, in the event of my not moving off, to force me to do so by "pumping" me out, but I am loth to believe this. Meantime we are having some excellent fishing with a lawn-tennis net. The traction-engine ...
— Punch or the London Charivari, Vol. 93, September 3, 1887 • Various

... then formed, headed by the Town Council and a vast number of bands. There was the music of the Fire Brigade, the socialist brass band, the children's choir, the Choral Society of Roubaix, the Franco-Belgian Choral Society, and many others. Twenty thousand persons took part in this procession, the men wearing red neckties and a red flower in their button-holes, ...
— In the Heart of the Vosges - And Other Sketches by a "Devious Traveller" • Matilda Betham-Edwards

... cross between a Great St. Bernard and a Newfoundland dog, came into the possession of the superintendent of the London fire brigade when he was but twelve months old. His first retreat was in the engine-house, where, on some old hose and sacking, he made himself as comfortable as he could, and coiled himself up, like the tubing ...
— Happy Days for Boys and Girls • Various

... paragraph in the Times of 23 March: "BINDING OF SATAN.—During the past two or three weeks, a number of persons have been going round the streets, on the Surrey side of the water, wearing belts, like those worn by the fire brigade, on which passages from the Scriptures are painted, carrying with them an inkhorn and long sheets of paper, soliciting signatures to what they pretend to be a petition to Heaven, for the binding of ...
— Gossip in the First Decade of Victoria's Reign • John Ashton

... swinging along, swinging along the street! Left, right! buttons so bright, jackets and caps so neat. Ho, the Fire Brigade, or a dress parade of the Soldier-men is grand; But everyone, for regular fun, ...
— A Book for Kids • C. J. (Clarence Michael James) Dennis

... the timber proved too cumbrous to be interfered with, and it was not until four o'clock in the morning that the fire was got under—or rather, burnt itself out is, I suppose, the more correct expression. After a good hour and half's delay a Japanese fire brigade arrived on the scene. The appearance of this body of men was such that they claim a few words of description. They were attired in tight-fitting blue garments, and mushroom-shaped hats of bamboo, with each ...
— In Eastern Seas - The Commission of H.M.S. 'Iron Duke,' flag-ship in China, 1878-83 • J. J. Smith

... is one of the books by Ballantyne in which he describes one of the main institutions of British life—the Fire Brigade. Of course he wraps a good story into this description, but you come away with a good idea of how the Fire Brigade functioned in those days. Bear in mind that there were no motors—the fire-engines were drawn by galloping horses. There were no telephones, and the alarm was raised by someone ...
— Fighting the Flames • R.M. Ballantyne

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