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Evaluate   /ɪvˈæljuˌeɪt/  /ivˈæljuˌeɪt/   Listen

Evaluate or estimate the nature, quality, ability, extent, or significance of.  Synonyms: appraise, assess, measure, valuate, value.  "Access all the factors when taking a risk"
Form a critical opinion of.  Synonyms: judge, pass judgment.  "How do you evaluate this grant proposal?" , "We shouldn't pass judgment on other people"

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"Evaluate" Quotes from Famous Books

... likely to have become so obliterated that English and Irish, in the absence of all but their own descriptive evidence, will have to be set down as "unrelated" languages. They will still have in common certain fundamental morphological features, but it will be difficult to know how to evaluate them. Only in the light of the contrastive perspective afforded by still more divergent languages, such as Basque and Finnish, will these vestigial resemblances ...
— Language - An Introduction to the Study of Speech • Edward Sapir

... conditions were defective in 2 cases on account of syphilis and in one case from advanced age of the mother. The accident during pregnancy to the mother in one case, the severe mental shock in another, and the effect of illegitimacy in still another we can not evaluate. In 2 cases there were operative births with, however, no bad results known. One was a twin. Early severe disease of the nervous system was experienced by one, and convulsions during infancy by two others. Another ...
— Pathology of Lying, Etc. • William and Mary Healy

... of the community is such as to tend toward a comparative mental arrest or a limiting of mental ability, for which the country later suffers socially. Each student of rural life must, from experience and observation, evaluate for himself the significance of this sex precociousness. When sex interests become epidemic and the general tendency is toward precocious sex maturity, the country community is producing for itself men and women of inferior ...
— Rural Problems of Today • Ernest R. Groves

... still too soon to properly evaluate Mundy's importance in the stream of literature. His style of writing, choice of language, is smoothly readable. One "fault," if such it be, is a sometimes too carefully contrived buildup to plot situations. This ...
— Materials Toward A Bibliography Of The Works Of Talbot Mundy • Bradford M. Day, Editor

Words linked to "Evaluate" :   forecast, examine, evaluator, choose, try out, prove, calculate, range, evaluative, conceive, pass, cogitate, expect, cerebrate, attribute, count on, accept, critique, prejudge, essay, standardize, anticipate, try, standardise, rank, censor, place, stand, adjudge, disapprove, figure, impute, mark, review, rate, reassess, declare, reckon, test, consider, order, evaluation, assign, grade, hold, estimate, think, believe, ascribe, fail, score, reject, praise, reappraise, approve

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