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Dribbling   /drˈɪbəlɪŋ/  /drˈɪblɪŋ/   Listen

The propulsion of a ball by repeated taps or kicks.  Synonym: dribble.

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"Dribbling" Quotes from Famous Books

... Chinese were showing devilish cunning. Isolated combats took place along the whole French line—in a vain effort to drive off the incendiaries, little sorties of two or three men furiously attacking the persistent enemy, and each time driving him back with loss, only to find him dribbling in again like muddy water through every hole and cranny in the imperfect defences. But even this did not do much good. No one could keep an accurate record of these curious encounters during the first few days, for they have succeeded one another with such rapidity that ...
— Indiscreet Letters From Peking • B. L. Putman Weale

... getting stringy, he has hangnails and a cough; he never could fix his own hangnails, and he cannot cure his cough because the bottle of glycerine and wild cherry provided for just such an emergency by the loved ones at home, got broken on the trip from Jacksonville to Montgomery, and went dribbling down through the trunk, ruining his reference books, three of his best shirts, and the only decent pair of russet shoes he had left. The other shoes have been ruined in various ways; one pair was spoiled in a possum hunt at Clinton, North Carolina—and it was worth it, ...
— American Adventures - A Second Trip 'Abroad at home' • Julian Street

... proruption[obs3]; emanation; egression; evacuation; exudation, transudation; extravasation[Med], perspiration, sweating, leakage, percolation, distillation, oozing; gush &c. (water in motion) 348; outpour, outpouring; effluence, effusion; effluxion[obs3], drain; dribbling &c. v.; defluxion[obs3]; drainage; outcome, output; discharge &c. (excretion) 299. export, expatriation; emigration, remigration[obs3]; debouch, debouche; emunctory[obs3]; exodus &c. (departure) 293; emigrant. outlet, vent, spout, tap, sluice, floodgate; pore; vomitory, ...
— Roget's Thesaurus

... out of the tea, however, was the point that would have called forth the admiration of the world—had the world seen it. What a contrast between the miserable, sickly, slow-dribbling silver and other teapots of the land, and this great teapot of the sea! The Bell Rock teapot had no sham, no humbug about it. It was a big, bold-looking one, of true Britannia metal, with vast internal capacity and ...
— The Lighthouse • R.M. Ballantyne

... behind other cars alongside the hospital train, and the engine-driver looked round from polishing his engine and watched us with the wistful gaze of one to whom hospital train work was no longer a novelty. Walking wounded came dribbling up by ones and twos into the station yard, and were directed ...
— Attack - An Infantry Subaltern's Impression of July 1st, 1916 • Edward G. D. Liveing

... box from Crinoline's!' cries Mary Hann; and she puts down the child on the bench, and rushes forward to inspect the dammidge. You could hear the Chayny bowls clinking inside; and Lady B.'s mixture (which had the igsack smell of cherry brandy) was dribbling out over the smashed bandbox containing a white child's cloak, trimmed with Blown lace ...
— Burlesques • William Makepeace Thackeray

... then could he let it go. Even a brown penny seemed alive and pulsing with mysterious blood, potent, magical. He loved the flock of his busy pennies, in the shop, as if they had been divine bees bringing him sustenance from the infinite. But the pennies he saw dribbling away in household expenses troubled him acutely, as if they were live things leaving his fold. It was a constant struggle to get from him enough money ...
— The Lost Girl • D. H. Lawrence

... Dribbling a quiet message from his bladder came to go to do not to do there to do. A man and ready he drained his glass to the lees and walked, to men too they gave themselves, manly conscious, lay with men lovers, a youth enjoyed ...
— Ulysses • James Joyce

... free, and with one tempestuous kiss to Mrs. Jo, she was off like a humming-bird, followed by Robby, dribbling huckleberry ...
— Little Men - Life at Plumfield With Jo's Boys • Louisa May Alcott

... In Brussels and the larger towns the thing appears ridiculous. A few hundred maskers force their way with difficulty through thousands of dull-clad spectators, looking like a Spanish river in the summer time, a feeble stream, dribbling through acres of muddy bank. At Charleroi, the centre of the Belgian Black Country, the chief feature of the Carnival is the dancing of the children. A space is specially roped off ...
— Idle Ideas in 1905 • Jerome K. Jerome

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