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Distill   /dɪstˈɪl/   Listen

(past & past part. distilled; pres. part. distilling)  (Written also distil)
Remove impurities from, increase the concentration of, and separate through the process of distillation.  Synonyms: make pure, purify, sublimate.
Undergo the process of distillation.  Synonym: distil.
Extract by the process of distillation.  Synonyms: distil, extract.
Undergo condensation; change from a gaseous to a liquid state and fall in drops.  Synonyms: condense, distil.  "The acid distills at a specific temperature"
Give off (a liquid).  Synonym: distil.

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"Distill" Quotes from Famous Books

... Courtesy; took up Zadig's general Release as soon as duely sign'd, and left the old Doatard all over Love, tho' somewhat diffident of his own Abilities. The Residue of the Day he spent in his Bagnio; he drank large enlivening Draughts of a Water distill'd from the Cinnamon of Ceilan, and the costly Spices of Tidor and Ternate, and waited with the utmost Impatience for the up-rising ...
— Zadig - Or, The Book of Fate • Voltaire

... were common to all statesmen in his age—though the Italians were so corrupt that it seemed hopeless to deal fairly with them—yet there was a radical taint in the soul of the man who could have the heart to cull these poisonous herbs of policy and distill their juices to a quintessence for the use of the prince to whom he was confiding the destinies of Italy.[1] Almost involuntarily we remember the oath which Arthur administered to his knights, when he bade them 'never to do outrage nor murder, and always to flee treason; also ...
— Renaissance in Italy, Volume 1 (of 7) • John Addington Symonds

... to-day a word I dare not write Starts to my lips, as when a baffled knight Witholds a song which fain he would repeat; For lo! the sense thereof is passing sweet. And, like a cup that's full, my heart is fill'd With new desires and quiverings new-distill'd From old delights; and all my pulses throb As at the touch of ...
— A Lover's Litanies • Eric Mackay

... have much need of thee: Thou art no sabbath-drawler of old saws, Distill'd from some worm-canker'd homily; But spurr'd at heart with fiercest energy To embattail and to wall about thy cause With iron-worded proof, hating to hark The humming of the drowsy pulpit-drone Half God's good Sabbath, while the worn-out clerk ...
— The Parish Clerk (1907) • Peter Hampson Ditchfield

... to me that voice is mute! Tuneless kettle-drum and flute I but hear one liquid lyre— Kettle bubbling on the fire, Whizzing, fizzing, steaming out Music from its curved spot, Wak'ning visions by its song Of thy nut-brown streams, Souchong; Lumps of crystal saccharine— Liquid pearl distill'd from kine; Nymphs whose gentle voices mingle With the silver tea-spoons' jingle! Symposiarch I o'er all preside, The Pidding of the fragrant tide. Such the dreams that fancy brings, When ...
— Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 1, August 7, 1841 • Various

... England, France, Italy, and here. I am competent to draw comparisons. Where you went to distill poison I went to absorb facts. And I found that here in this great democracy is the true idea. But you will not ...
— The Drums Of Jeopardy • Harold MacGrath

... old-line Democrats, practically all the maltsters, and Aunt Emma Goldman, are filled with a dismal conviction that creation has gone plum' to perdition in a hand basket. Those more optimistically inclined look upon the brighter side of things and distill consolation from the thought that nothing is so bad but what it might have been worse—Trotzky might have been born twins. Great Britain has her post-war industrial crisis, Serial Number 24. The Sinn Fein enlarges the British national anthem to read God Save the King Till We Can Get at Him! ...
— One Third Off • Irvin S. Cobb

... Milk, one pint of Muscadine, half a pint of red Rose-water, a penny manchet sliced thin, two handfuls of Raisins of the sun stoned, a quarter of a pound of fine sugar, sixteen Eggs beaten; mix all these together, then distill them in a common still with a soft fire, then let the Patient drink three or four spoonfuls at a time blood warm, being sweetned with Manus Christi made with Corral and Pearl; when your things are all in the still, strew four ounces of ...
— A Queens Delight • Anonymous

... properly or completely. (3) That to burn the gas, a sufficient supply of air must be introduced at a temperature not low enough to cool the gases below their igniting point. (4) That in stoking a fire, a small amount should be added at a time because of the heat required to warm and distill the fresh coal. (5) That fresh coal should be put in front of or at the bottom of a fire, so that the gas may be thoroughly heated by the incandescent mass above and thus, if there be sufficient air, have a chance of burning. A fire may be inverted, so that the draught ...
— Scientific American Supplement, No. 586, March 26, 1887 • Various

... But his scheme received no encouragement from the old-fogyish authorities. They were at that moment entertaining one which for simplicity reminded Garnier of the egg problem of Columbus. This was to distill the sea-water. He made a calculation of the cost of thus supplying each of the sixteen hundred inhabitants with five quarts of water a day, which showed that the proposition was ...
— Lippincott's Magazine of Popular Literature and Science, Vol. 15, - No. 86, February, 1875 • Various

... bones of the skull are involved, it means that there will not be room enough for the brain. Such diseases are rare in this country, but in parts of Europe they are not uncommon. If the water is very hard, a good plan is to distill it and then add a little of the hard water to ...
— Maintaining Health • R. L. Alsaker

... becomes you: You do appeare more glorious in these t[ears] Then the red morne when she adornes her cheeks With Nabathean pearls: in such a posture Stand Phaetons sisters when they doe distill Their much prisd amber. Madam, but resume Your banishd reason to you, and consider How many Iliads of preposterous mischeife From your intemperate breach of faith to me Fetch their loathed essence; thinke but on the love, The holy love I bore you, that we two —Had you bin constant—might ...
— A Collection of Old English Plays, Vol. II • Various

... suppos'd, He that meets Hector issues from our choice: And choice, being mutual act of all our souls, Makes merit her election; and doth boil, As 'twere from forth us all, a man distill'd ...
— Shakespeare: His Life, Art, And Characters, Volume I. • H. N. Hudson

... Tiberius, at Caprera. They are overdrawn; the essence of vicious voluptuousness. As to me, I can not conceive how they could come from the pen of a man of twenty, for Lewis was only that age when he wrote 'The Monk.' These pages are not natural; they distill cantharides. ...
— My Recollections of Lord Byron • Teresa Guiccioli

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