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Disagreeable person   /dˌɪsəgrˈiəbəl pˈərsən/   Listen
Disagreeable person

A person who is not pleasant or agreeable.  Synonym: unpleasant person.

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"Disagreeable person" Quotes from Famous Books

... retain her political influence with the king. To the power of the queen she sacrificed the feelings of the woman. With many good qualities and considerable ability, she shared in the prevailing coarseness. Her son, the Prince of Wales, was a very disagreeable person. Neither the queen nor the Princess Caroline "made much ceremony of wishing a hundred times a day that the prince might drop down dead of an apoplexy—the queen cursing the hour of his birth, and the Princess Caroline declaring she grudged him every hour he continued ...
— A History of English Prose Fiction • Bayard Tuckerman

... disagreeable person," answered Haywood, "who lacks manners and doesn't know his place. ...
— Whirligigs • O. Henry

... my telling you that I had been to Arden Court. Mr. Granger gave a state dinner once while I was staying here, and I went with Fred and Lady Laura. I found him not by any means a disagreeable person. He is just a little slow and ponderous, and I should scarcely give him credit for a profound or brilliant intellect; but he is certainly sensible, well-informed, and he gave me the idea of being the very ...
— The Lovels of Arden • M. E. Braddon

... brooding over the fires of Chorasma: "and its methods of tormenting conscientious people I cannot but consider very crude indeed. The devils are simple-minded and they mean well, as nobody would dream of denying, but that is just it: for hereabouts is needed some more pertinacious and efficiently disagreeable person—" ...
— Jurgen - A Comedy of Justice • James Branch Cabell

Words linked to "Disagreeable person" :   mocker, devil, sniveller, squawker, bore, pill, prima donna, alienator, scolder, jeerer, puritan, cold fish, bitch, snoot, arriviste, nag, tyke, anathema, louse, asshole, mother fucker, egotist, spook, crank, joker, bete noire, snorter, fiend, grouch, moaner, pain in the neck, barbarian, monster, tike, prude, dirty dog, incubus, creep, prick, cynic, unwelcome person, parvenu, dullard, grabber, stinkpot, common scold, weirdy, oppressor, flouter, rat, ogre, snot, sneerer, boor, scold, egoist, grumbler, nuisance, turkey, cocksucker, aggravator, demon, churl, scoffer, vulgarian, Goth, swellhead, stinker, scorner, bum, upstart, dirt ball, so-and-so, cunt, selfish person, crosspatch, peasant, snob, puke, prig, bellyacher, weirdo, grump, lowlife, weirdie, shit, unpleasant woman, annoyance, whoreson, faultfinder, dickhead, bastard, whiner, pharisee, son of a bitch, git, crybaby, persona non grata, motherfucker, insect, skunk, nouveau-riche, sneak, scum bag, worm, complainer, crumb, nagger, pain, critic, pawer, disagreeable woman, rotter, sob

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