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Depute   Listen

(past & past part. deputed; pres. part. deputing)
Transfer power to someone.  Synonym: delegate.
Appoint as a substitute.  Synonyms: deputise, deputize.
Give an assignment to (a person) to a post, or assign a task to (a person).  Synonyms: assign, delegate, designate.

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"Depute" Quotes from Famous Books

... Indian Affairs shall depute and send a suitable person to determine and set apart the reserves for each band, after consulting with the Indians thereof as to the locality which may be found to be most ...
— The Treaties of Canada with The Indians of Manitoba - and the North-West Territories • Alexander Morris

... frank; and ever so many other public officers. There is no limit in number to the letters so franked, and the nuisance has extended itself to so huge a size that members of Congress, in giving franks, cannot write the franks themselves. It is illegal for them to depute to others the privilege of signing their names for this purpose, but it is known at the post-office that it is done. But even this is not the worst of it. Members of the House of Representatives have the power of sending through the post all those huge books which, with them as with us, grow ...
— Volume 2 • Anthony Trollope

... "Le depute, au lieu de representer la majorite des electeurs, devient prisonnier de la minorite qui lui a donne l'appoint necessaire ...
— Proportional Representation - A Study in Methods of Election • John H. Humphreys

... course of conversation we asked, how it was that so far from the city they had heard of our having boys to dispose of, and it was pleasant to hear that the weekly 'Christian' was the link that led them to depute a relative to watch for our passing through Montreal. Family worship closed this ...
— God's Answers - A Record Of Miss Annie Macpherson's Work at the - Home of Industry, Spitalfields, London, and in Canada • Clara M. S. Lowe

... published in 1878. Burns was first admitted in St. David's (Tarbolton) Lodge in July, 1781. At the separation preferred to he became a member of the new lodge, St. James's, of which, two years afterwards, he was depute-master.] ...
— The Letters of Robert Burns • Robert Burns

... to the same extent, as to troops. Some one said the other night, in answer to an hon. Gentleman, about an increased force of a particular kind, 'There is nothing like leather' and it is so. I say naval officers and military officers are not the men to whom the Chancellor of the Exchequer should depute the great and solemn duty of determining what amount shall be expended for military purposes. There is not a country in the world that would not have been bankrupt long since, and plunged into irretrievable ...
— Speeches on Questions of Public Policy, Volume 1 • John Bright

... any place within reach of the railway or diligence; but it must be understood at the same time that bread will in like manner be delivered only where the railway or diligence runs; if travellers therefore go to places where there is no official communication, they must depute some agent to receive letters or parcels where the diligence last stops, and then forward them by special messenger. This can be done of course, but it will ...
— Twixt France and Spain • E. Ernest Bilbrough

... the daytime; and finally Leah had to copy it all out neatly in her best handwriting, and this copying out of Barty's books became to her an all but daily task for many years—a happy labor of love, and one she would depute to no one else; no hired hand should interfere with these precious productions of her husband's genius. So that most of the standard works, English and French, that she grew to thoroughly master were of her husband's writing—not ...
— The Martian • George Du Maurier

... to turn me from my purpose. It will be—it ought to be—in vain. I can consent no longer to live thus in the very heart of life, while this cloud of uncertainty hangs over the fate of one so near to me. Though I should depute the service of his rescue to a thousand others, my own inactivity is insupportable, and ...
— Zenobia - or, The Fall of Palmyra • William Ware

... gross affronts and rank abuse, Of Jove they sought another king, For useless was this wooden thing. Then he a water-snake empower'd, Who one by one their race devour'd. They try to make escape in vain, Nor, dumb through fear, can they complain. By stealth they Mercury depute, That Jove would once more hear their suit, And send their sinking state to save; But he in wrath this answer gave: "You scorn'd the good king that you had, And therefore you shall bear the bad." Ye likewise, O Athenian friends, ...
— The Fables of Phdrus - Literally translated into English prose with notes • Phaedrus

... own familiar cousin—once removed—in whom I trusted! I depute you to inform her that I think her adorable, and that matrimony is no longer a habit of mine. Set her on to poor Severne; he is a ladies' man, and 'the more the merrier' is ...
— The Woman-Hater • Charles Reade

... most galling of all accusations to a noble heart—cowardice. With a high-minded sense of duty, he put all such personal considerations aside. There were two courses open to him: one, to call out the military, and in their safe keeping dissolve the Assembly; the other, to depute the Commander of the Forces to perform that duty. The former must have produced a collision with the populace, and the blood of many whom he believed to be as loyal as he knew they were misguided and ...
— Lands of the Slave and the Free - Cuba, The United States, and Canada • Henry A. Murray

... propel, dart, discharge, fling, lance, sling, delegate, dismiss, forward, launch, throw, depute, drive, ...
— English Synonyms and Antonyms - With Notes on the Correct Use of Prepositions • James Champlin Fernald

... chin in seedy coats, rose from the chairs where they awaited their appointed prey, and all yelled to her at once. She crowned the hopes of one by occupying his seat, but the important task of putting on the bladed boots she could depute to none. Tims, whom no appeal of friendship could induce to shiver on the ice, had told her that Milly was an expert skater. She was, in fact, correct and accomplished, but there was a stiffness and sense of effort about her style, a want ...
— The Invader - A Novel • Margaret L. Woods

... attack the other, a compromise took place. "Well," said the guardian of the night, "the law must be vindicated, and the peace preserved. My friends, you must submit to the magistrates. But since she happens to be on your shoulder, my man, let her even remain there, and we depute you, as a beast of burden, to carry her for us, thereby to save us the trouble. Here, child," he continued, "you're our prisoner; so you shall plead your own cause in the popina there. Long live Decius, pious and fortunate! Long live this ancient city, colony ...
— Callista • John Henry Cardinal Newman

... that the will should be opened as soon as possible after his death, and it would doubtless contain instructions as to his funeral, it would be well that Miss Clavering and her sister should immediately depute some one to attend the reading of the testament on their behalf. Perhaps Mr. Fielden would kindly undertake ...
— Lucretia, Complete • Edward Bulwer-Lytton

... when their assemblies are held), but the practical direction of their policy is entrusted to a circle or council of about ten of the older rooks, distinguished for their oratorical powers. These depute, again, one of their own number to Kapchack's court; you see him yonder, his name is Kauhaha. The council considers, I have no doubt, that by supporting Kapchack they retain their supremacy, for very likely if they did not have a foreigner to reign over them, some clever genius of their own race ...
— Wood Magic - A Fable • Richard Jefferies

... this would seem to be an exaggeration, since another account speaks of him as 'young and active, addicted wholly to the delight of hunting and to follow the chase of fearful and flying beasts.' In order to have more leisure for these sports he was wont to depute all the business of government to his Grand Vizier, the aged Albanian chieftain Kuprueli, who now, bending low before his young master, so that the hairs of his white beard almost swept the ground, was having one of his farewell ...
— A Book of Quaker Saints • Lucy Violet Hodgkin

... dismission (sic) of Mons. de Calonne; and Mons. de Lomenie, archbishop of Toulouse, made prime minister. Nov. Mons. Necker persuades the King to call the Notables together a second time. 1789. January. Letters issued in the name of the King for an assembly of the States-general. The clergy to depute 300 representatives, the nobility the like number, and the commons 600. May 5. Opening of the States-general at Versailles. June 17. The chamber of the Tiers-Etat (commons) declares itself a national assembly. 19. The Tiers-Etat takes the famous oath, ...
— Historical Epochs of the French Revolution • H. Goudemetz

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