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Denseness   Listen

The quality of being mentally slow and limited.  Synonyms: dumbness, slow-wittedness.
The spatial property of being crowded together.  Synonyms: compactness, concentration, density, tightness.
The amount per unit size.  Synonym: density.

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"Denseness" Quotes from Famous Books

... to her sex and the work that was before her, as the head of a family at the dipping-vat. She still wore the drum-shaped rabbit-skin cap pulled well down over her forehead for driving. The great, cable-like braids of hair stood out well below the cap, giving her head an appearance of denseness and solidity, but the rambling curls were still blowing about her face, perhaps adding to the sum total of grotesqueness. She wore a man's shirt of gray flannel, well open at the neck, from which the bronzed column of the throat rose in ...
— Judith Of The Plains • Marie Manning

... is sufficiently clear,' she replied, as though impatient at his denseness. 'Now you have heard my story, you cannot blame me; under the circumstances, you must own that my conduct ...
— Lover or Friend • Rosa Nouchette Carey

... Lycosa struggle when we try to take away her pill. Each displays the same pluck and the same devotion; and also the same denseness in distinguishing her property from that of others. The Lycosa accepts without hesitation any strange pill which she is, given in exchange for her own; she confuses alien produce with the produce of her ovaries and her silk-factory. Those hallowed words, maternal love, were out of place here: ...
— The Life of the Spider • J. Henri Fabre

... signal for attack she cried out his name, but her voice was drowned in the yell of rage that filled the street. She tried to spur her horse into the crowd, to force a way to the men standing with such splendid fearlessness above this thirsty pack of wolves. But the denseness of the throng held her ...
— A Texas Ranger • William MacLeod Raine

... rod away, half concealed in the denseness of the sweeping branches rose his little shack, a blaze of light! A wave of consternation turned him cold and two solutions of the mystery immediately flashed into his mind—fire and marauders. Either something had ...
— Ted and the Telephone • Sara Ware Bassett

... twenty-five miles. In no expedition which Champlain had thus far undertaken had he encountered obstacles so formidable. The falls and rapids in the river were numerous and difficult to pass. Sometimes a portage was impossible on account of the denseness of the forests, in which case they were compelled to drag their canoes by ropes, wading along the edge of the water, or clinging to the precipitous banks of the river as best they could. When a portage could not be avoided, it was necessary to carry their armor, provisions, ...
— Voyages of Samuel de Champlain, Vol. 1 • Samuel de Champlain

... Jungle, the, an expedition into; making a shelter in; cutting a clearing in; stagnant atmosphere of; making a fire in; hardwood trees of; ease of ascent in; denseness of vegetation in; animal life in; birds of; rain in; fish in; insects of; rapid growth of vegetation in; grass in; in the midst of; effect of ...
— Through Central Borneo: - An Account of Two Years' Travel in the Land of Head-Hunters - Between the Years 1913 and 1917 • Carl Lumholtz

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