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Dago   Listen

(pl. dagos)
(ethnic slur) offensive term for a person of Italian descent.  Synonyms: ginzo, greaseball, Guinea, wop.

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"Dago" Quotes from Famous Books

... it's national politics. Once a young Canuck farmer sitting up all night with me coming down from St. John learned me all about the French Revolution. And now and then high school kids will give me a point or two on astronomy. And in this very seat I'm sitting in now, I guess, a red-kerchiefed Dago woman, who worked on a pansy farm just outside of Boston, used to ride in town with me every night for a month, and she coached me quite a bit on Dago talk, and I paid ...
— The Indiscreet Letter • Eleanor Hallowell Abbott

... girls are used to going out alone with their gentlemen friends, but I'm afraid that these two damned useless foreigners will upset the boat and drown my two girls. I wouldn't care a rap if they were alone. But these Dago noblemen are no good—at least that's my experience. I indorsed a draft for one of them that Mommer and the girls dragged up to the house last year. Came back marked 'N. G.'—I wish to God the girls wouldn't ...
— A Fascinating Traitor • Richard Henry Savage

... gleams When Italy's dreams Spread wing and sweep into the skies. Caesar dreamed him a world ruled well; Dante dreamed Heaven out of Hell; Angelo brought us there to dwell; And you, are you of a different birth? — You're only a "dago", — and ...
— The Little Book of Modern Verse • Jessie B. Rittenhouse

... do it, Bill?" Mr. Vandeford asked in a quiet voice. It was the first time he had spoken since he had coolly and silently picked Miss Adair up off a bench in the little railroad station and put her into the sympathetic young Dago's one-man-power conveyance. ...
— Blue-grass and Broadway • Maria Thompson Daviess

... chasin' 'less you're capable o' miracles. Get me? But I'm goin' to do some straight talk. Not more than ten minutes gone the feller we're after shot down one o' the boys back ther' over the rise. That boy was on a fast hoss, an' was close on that all-fired Dago's heels. Wal, he got it plenty, an' we're goin' back to bury that honest citizen later. Meanwhiles, ten minutes gone that rustler got down here, an' as you say, made that river, an' you—you didn't see him. Get me? You're jest goin' to show me ...
— The One-Way Trail - A story of the cattle country • Ridgwell Cullum

... of mine," snaps Shinn. "Not him. His bulldog worries me cat, his roosters wake me up in the morning, and his Dago workmen chatter about all day long. No, I'll not own such a man as neighbor. Nor will I have his guests ...
— The House of Torchy • Sewell Ford

... and was sent to his studio up here in Fifth St. But there was another—the last one that we had," suddenly, "and now that I get thinking of it, I remember we had some trouble about it. The man that bought it was a Dago." ...
— Ashton-Kirk, Investigator • John T. McIntyre

... thre we lost track of time until this grate big pile of gold was dug that I am setting right on top of right now how can a man eat gold when he is dying of hunger and burn it when he is freezing. And it was big Brodie killed pore Manny I seen him and the next day or maybe it was two days Dago was gone and never come back was it Manny's goast got him and drug him down the cliffs screaming horrible and in the gorge—anyway that was Two. and I am all that is left and I am going—I tride to get out and the Big storm drov me back and all I can see is Jimmy Kelp and the parson if I had ...
— The Everlasting Whisper • Jackson Gregory

... you have him till something happened a couple of months ago, but now it can't go through. I'll have to down him. It isn't concerning you—I'm not a welcher. No, it's a thing I can't talk about, a thing that's made me into a wolf, made me skulk and walk the alleys like a dago. It's put murder into my heart. I've tried to assassinate him. I tried it here last night—but—I was a gentleman once—till the cards came. He knows the answer now, though, and he's ready for me—so one of us will go out like a candle when we meet. I felt that I ...
— The Spoilers • Rex Beach

... itself as the leader of civilization, the best, the freest, and the wisest, and all others as inferior. Within a few years our own man-on-the-curbstone has learned to class all foreigners of the Latin peoples as "dagos," and "dago" has become an epithet of contempt. These ...
— Folkways - A Study of the Sociological Importance of Usages, Manners, Customs, Mores, and Morals • William Graham Sumner

... to him by the sense of feeling only, regardless of its parentage and ownership. 'Tis hard to keep up the social distinctions in the dark that flourish by daylight in the Beersheba Flats. Mrs. Rafferty, that despises the asphalt that a Dago treads on, wakes up in the morning with her feet in the bosom of Antonio Spizzinelli. And Mike O'Dowd, that always threw peddlers downstairs as fast as he came upon 'em, has to unwind old Isaacstein's whiskers from around ...
— The Voice of the City • O. Henry

... Osby. "Look at the reecords—whole box of 'em. Some of the stylishest singers in the business are in here. Some of 'em's Dago, I reckon. Here's one, ...
— Heart's Desire • Emerson Hough

Words linked to "Dago" :   wop, patois, slang, ginzo, cant, guinea, derogation, disparagement, Italian, depreciation, greaseball, ethnic slur, argot, jargon, vernacular, lingo

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