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Cuticle   /kjˈutəkəl/  /kjˈutɪkəl/   Listen

The dead skin at the base of a fingernail or toenail.
The outer layer of the skin covering the exterior body surface of vertebrates.  Synonym: epidermis.
Hard outer covering or case of certain organisms such as arthropods and turtles.  Synonyms: carapace, shell, shield.

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"Cuticle" Quotes from Famous Books

... pelted and poured, and long before they reached the inn, Zoe's dress had become an external cuticle, an alpaca skin. ...
— The Woman-Hater • Charles Reade

... not over warm, covering for the winter nights, or for the newly-born piccaninnies. The whole of the process I am not acquainted with, but from all I could gather from Lizzie, the bark is stripped in a large sheet at the end of the rainy season, the inner cuticle of several leaves carefully separated from the remainder, and placed in fresh water, weighted with heavy stones to retain it in its position. After the lapse of a certain time, known only to the initiated, it is taken out, hung up to dry, ...
— Australian Search Party • Charles Henry Eden

... interview with the major. When Carteret summoned him, an hour later, after the other gentlemen had taken their leave, Jerry had washed his head thoroughly and there remained no trace of the pomade. An attempt to darken the lighter spots in his cuticle by the application of printer's ink had not proved equally successful,—the retouching left the spots as much too dark as they had formerly been ...
— The Marrow of Tradition • Charles W. Chesnutt

... the Tissues.*—Examine with care the structures in the entire leg of a chicken, squirrel, rabbit, or other small animal used for food. Observe, first of all, the external covering, consisting of cuticle and hair, claws, scales, or feathers, according to the specimen. These are similar in structure, and they form the epidermis, which is one kind of epithelial tissue. With a sharp knife lay open the skin and observe that it is attached to the parts underneath by thin, but tough, threads ...
— Physiology and Hygiene for Secondary Schools • Francis M. Walters, A.M.

... shrewd sensations here In these callosities I call my thumbs— thrilling sense as of ten thousand pins, Red-hot and penetrant, transpiercing all The cuticle and tickling through the nerves— That some malign and awful thing ...
— Black Beetles in Amber • Ambrose Bierce

... face of Nature herself are treated in the same way. We lift an impalpable scale from the surface of the Pyramids. We slip off from the dome of St. Peter's that other imponderable dome which fitted it so closely that it betrays every scratch on the original. We skim off a thin, dry cuticle from the rapids of Niagara, and lay it on our unmoistened paper without breaking a bubble or losing a speck of foam. We steal a landscape from its lawful owners, and defy the charge of dishonesty. We skin the flints by the wayside, and nobody accuses ...
— Atlantic Monthly, Volume 8, Issue 45, July, 1861 • Various

... disturb the peace, silly bisque figurines for mantels and what-nots, combs and brushes that would raise the hair on end instead of allaying it, oxidized silverized lead pencils, button hooks, tooth brushes, nail files, cuticle knives, pin cushions, ink stands, paper weights, picture frames, bits of lace and intimate white things with ribbons in them—Mr. Budlong turned away while she ...
— Mrs. Budlong's Chrismas Presents • Rupert Hughes

... door to a steaming inferno in which is a small masonry stove, a cauldron of hot water, a barrel of ice-water, a bench, several platforms of various altitudes, several beaten copper or brass basins, a dipper and a lot of aromatic twigs bound in small bunches. With these he flails the dead cuticle much to the same effect as our scouring it off with a rough towel. Such is the grandfather of the "Russian Bath" found in some of our own cities. After scrubbing thoroughly, and steaming almost to the point of dissolution on one of the ...
— The History of the American Expedition Fighting the Bolsheviki - Campaigning in North Russia 1918-1919 • Joel R. Moore

... polished—to think of shredding out and going to pieces in this way, just on account of the indifference and neglect of one's posterity!"—and the poor ghost grated his teeth in a way that gave me a wrench and a shiver —for the effect is mightily increased by the absence of muffling flesh and cuticle. "I reside in that old graveyard, and have for these thirty years; and I tell you things are changed since I first laid this old tired frame there, and turned over, and stretched out for a long sleep, with a delicious sense upon me of being done with bother, ...
— Innocents abroad • Mark Twain

... that a change of function induces change in organs,[224] and in some or many cases actually induces the hypertrophy and specialization of what otherwise would be indifferent parts or organs;—these factors are all-important in the evolution of the colors, ornaments, and outgrowths from the cuticle of caterpillars." ...
— Lamarck, the Founder of Evolution - His Life and Work • Alpheus Spring Packard

... all your plans of reform the difference of our two positions. You work only on paper, which permits everything; it is quite smooth and pliant, and opposes no obstacles to your imagination nor to your pen; while I, poor empress, I work upon the human cuticle, which is quite sensitive ...
— The Women of the French Salons • Amelia Gere Mason

... England they actually cut off the epiderme. Now, mon Dieu," continued he, turning up his eyes, and raising his soap-brush in an attitude of invocation, "who is there in France that will be ignorant that, in the destruction of this invaluable cuticle, the chin of the individual is tortured, and the first principles ...
— Travels in France during the years 1814-1815 • Archibald Alison

... out of doors, in the sun and wind, will no doubt produce a certain roughness of character,—will cause a thicker cuticle to grow over some of the finer qualities of our nature, as on the face and hands, or as severe manual labor robs the hands of some of their delicacy of touch. So staying in the house, on the other hand, may produce a softness and smoothness, not to say thinness ...
— Excursions • Henry D. Thoreau

... epidermis or cuticle. This covering is extremely light, and offers nothing remarkable; 100 lb. of wheat contain lb. ...
— Scientific American Supplement No. 275 • Various

... "Yes, sir! If you leave me to bring order out of all this military chaos I'll hand you in to the O.C. in a way that will take every square inch of cuticle from your body." "Traitor!" ...
— Dick Prescott's First Year at West Point • H. Irving Hancock

... or downy from the first; globular, margin united to the stem by the veil, then expanded, bell-shaped, at last even flat. Color variable, from white to dark brown. Cuticle easily separable ...
— Mushrooms of America, Edible and Poisonous • Anonymous

... circumstances, dashed his fist at the light and quenched the meek luminary,—breaking through the plate-glass, of course, to reach it. Now I don't want to go into minutiae at table, you know, but a naked hand can no more go through a pane of thick glass without leaving some of its cuticle, to say the least, behind it, than a butterfly can go through a sausage-machine without looking the worse for it. The Professor gathered up the fragments of glass, and with them certain very minute but entirely satisfactory ...
— The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table • Oliver Wendell Holmes

... no mood for compliments, satiric or otherwise." She looked him over with cool penetration. "I may not massage or have my old cuticle ripped off. If I choose to look my age you must admit that it gives me one more claim ...
— The Avalanche • Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton

... by most rather as a proof of courage than an ornament, the operation being very painful, and, if the figures are numerous and intricate, lasting several days. The lines on the face are formed by dexterously running an awl under the cuticle, and then drawing a cord, dipt in charcoal and water, through the canal thus formed. The punctures on the body are formed by needles of various sizes set in a frame. A number of hawk bells attached to this frame serve by their noise to cover the suppressed ...
— Narrative of a Journey to the Shores of the Polar Sea, in the Years 1819-20-21-22, Volume 1 • John Franklin

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