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Correlate   /kˈɔrəlˌeɪt/  /kˈɔrələt/   Listen

(past & past part. correlated; pres. part. correlating)
To bear a reciprocal or mutual relation.
Bring into a mutual, complementary, or reciprocal relation.

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"Correlate" Quotes from Famous Books

... "what can you expect of them? I tell you it's lack of gray matter. They don't cerebrate. They don't co-ordinate. They don't correlate. They have no initiative, no creative faculty, no mental curiosity or reflexes or reactions. They're nothing but an unrelated bunch of instincts, intuitions, and impulses—human nonsense machines! Why if the positions ...
— Angel Island • Inez Haynes Gillmore

... which, however, embraces the greater manifold, is the more pleasing. But to me this manifold, to be aesthetic, must be a sensible manifold, and it is still a question whether the golden section set of relations has an actual correlate in sensations. Witmer,[7] however, wrote, at the conclusion of his careful researches, that scientific aesthetics allows no more exact statement, in interpretation of the golden section, than that it forms 'die rechte Mitte' between a too great and a too small variety. Nine years ...
— Harvard Psychological Studies, Volume 1 • Various

... evident that as a stage in the learning process, expression must deal primarily with the second class of actions, since its real purpose is to correlate the new conscious knowledge with action. Expression in education, therefore, must represent largely consciously produced ...
— Ontario Normal School Manuals: Science of Education • Ontario Ministry of Education

... attitude toward women. Technically he was aware of sex, advised as to its pitfalls and temptations; actually he could grasp nothing of the sort. A very small child is incapable of associating pain with a hot iron until the hot iron has burned him. Even then he can scarcely correlate cause and effect. Neither could Thompson. No woman had ever before stirred his pulse ...
— Burned Bridges • Bertrand W. Sinclair

... form of the mythological separation of the primal pair is the castration of the father by the son. The motive is, according to all accounts, psychologically quite as comprehensible as the frequently substituted castration of the son by the father. The latter is psychologically the necessary correlate of the first form. The rivals, father and son, menace each other's sexual life. That the castration motive works out that way with father and son (son-in-law if the daughter takes the place of the mother) is expressed either in so many words in the myth or ...
— Hidden Symbolism of Alchemy and the Occult Arts • Herbert Silberer

... no need at the present day to discuss the true place in English literature of this unique product of the human imagination. One is bound, however, to attempt to correlate and adjust it to the rest of the poet's work, and this, it must be admitted, is a most difficult piece of business. Never was there a poem so irritating to a critic of the "pigeon-holing" variety. It simply defies ...
— English Men of Letters: Coleridge • H. D. Traill

... Rhodes. The aspect of sea and sky, as they sail, is kept before us, for Balaustion uses its changes as illustrations, and the clear descriptions tell, even more fully than before, how quick this woman was to observe natural beauty and to correlate it with humanity. Here is one example. In order to describe a change in the temper of Aristophanes from wild license to momentary gravity, Balaustion seizes on a cloud-incident of the voyage—Euthycles, ...
— The Poetry Of Robert Browning • Stopford A. Brooke

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