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Comport   /kəmpˈɔrt/   Listen

(past & past part. comported; pres. part. comporting)
Behave well or properly.  Synonym: behave.
Behave in a certain manner.  Synonyms: acquit, bear, behave, carry, conduct, deport.  "He bore himself with dignity" , "They conducted themselves well during these difficult times"

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"Comport" Quotes from Famous Books

... name of the emperor, were in a state of great confusion. Yoshiteru, the shogun, had been assassinated by one of his retainers, Miyoshi Yoshitsugu. The younger brother of Yoshiteru was Yoshiaki, who desired to succeed, but this did not comport with the designs of the assassins. Accordingly after making several unsuccessful applications for military aid he finally applied to Nobunaga. This was exactly the kind of alliance that Nobunaga wanted to justify his schemes of national conquest. With ...
— Japan • David Murray

... art of arms. Likewise he instructed him in all the civilities and the customs of chivalry, so it befell that ere Sir Percival came forth from Joyous Gard again he was well acquainted with all the ways in which he should comport himself at any time, whether in field ...
— The Story of the Champions of the Round Table • Howard Pyle

... the liberty of submitting to your consideration, how far his Majesty's now declining to take this step would comport with the assurances lately given on that subject, and whether hesitation and delay would not tend to lessen the confidence, which those ...
— The Diplomatic Correspondence of the American Revolution, Vol. VIII • Various

... and abruptly left the room. Hilda moved to and fro nervously, stiff with having stood still so long. She wondered how he, and how she, would comport themselves in the ordeal of adieu. In a few moments a cab drove up—Louisa had probably encountered it on the way. Hilda waited, tense. Then she heard the cab driving off again. She rushed aghast to the window. ...
— Hilda Lessways • Arnold Bennett

... Guthorm, the eldest; then Gunhild; the next Halfdan, Ingerid, and Harald. The messengers said to Sigurd, "Asta told us to bring thee word how much it lay at her heart that thou shouldst on this occasion comport thyself in the fashion of great men, and show a disposition more akin to Harald Harfager's race than to thy mother's father's, Hrane Thin-nose, or Earl Nereid the Old, although they too were very wise men." The king replies, "The news ye bring me is weighty, and ye bring ...
— Heimskringla - The Chronicle of the Kings of Norway • Snorri Sturluson

... group that had formed at the end of the room made a great noise, and the hostess, suddenly rousing again, swept toward them with the floating motion of the professional dancer. "I wish you to understand," she said in a fury, "that you are to comport yourselves in my house as you would in the ...
— The Title Market • Emily Post

... Authority, medical science forbore to specify; but in the higher interests of American music it was urgently pressed upon her that she be abstemious in diet, niggardly of work, careful about fatigue and excitement, and in general comport herself in such manner as to deprive the lease of life remaining to her of most of its savor and worth. She had told Ban that the physicians thought her ...
— Success - A Novel • Samuel Hopkins Adams

... and managers says: "Comport yourselves in a way suitable to the dignity of an agent of the clan. Bear in mind the privileges and favours you enjoy, and exert yourselves to requite these favours. Respect the name and the coat-of-arms of the clan." In the neighbourhood there are about a hundred families ...
— The Foundations of Japan • J.W. Robertson Scott

... to comport yourself with as much discretion as Marian, master," said Edmund, sitting down on the grass, and rolling the kicking, struggling boy over and over, while Marian stood by her papa, showing him her sketches, and delighted by hearing him recognize the different spots. "How can you remember ...
— The Two Guardians • Charlotte Mary Yonge

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