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Compile   /kəmpˈaɪl/   Listen

(past & past part. compiled; pres. part. compiling)
Get or gather together.  Synonyms: accumulate, amass, collect, hoard, pile up, roll up.  "She is amassing a lot of data for her thesis" , "She rolled up a small fortune"
Put together out of existing material.  Synonym: compose.
Use a computer program to translate source code written in a particular programming language into computer-readable machine code that can be executed.

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"Compile" Quotes from Famous Books

... of this work have been shown by the progressive and recognized practitioners who have seen early copies. They recognize it as a timely attempt to create and compile health literature in a form most complete within its limits of space, and in a manner most helpful and sane. The eager curiosity regarding themselves that has been sweeping over the American people has been diverted into frivolous and harmful channels by much reckless talk and writing. ...
— The Home Medical Library, Volume I (of VI) • Various

... of him is preserved even unto this day. This being was accustomed to pass the day among men, but took no food at that season, and he gave them an insight into letters and arts of all kinds. He taught them to construct cities, to found temples, to compile laws, and explained to them the principles of geometrical knowledge. He made them distinguish the seeds of the earth, and showed them how to collect the fruits; in short, he instructed them in everything which could tend to ...
— The Antediluvian World • Ignatius Donnelly

... morn in flowery May, And sweet is night in autumn mild; When roving thro' the garden gay, Or wand'ring in the lonely wild: But woman, nature's darling child! There all her charms she does compile; Even there her other works are foil'd By the bonie lass ...
— Poems And Songs Of Robert Burns • Robert Burns

... Linda's fish, a little explanation is necessary. Hauptmann was not merely a philologer, which is a formidable thing in itself, but he belonged to the esoteric group that deals with languages which have no literature. As he had often remarked, any fool could compile a grammar of a language that has left extensive documents; the process was almost mechanical, but to reconstruct a grammar of a language that has left practically no remains, that required acumen. Hauptmann did not belong, however, to the transcendental school that creates purely inferential ...
— The Collectors • Frank Jewett Mather

... work the writer has sought to compile a popular review of a great fauna—the Reptiles of North America. He has excluded technical phraseology and tried to produce two results: 1. A popular book, that may be comprehended by the beginner and, 2. A book valuable in its details ...
— A Mother's List of Books for Children • Gertrude Weld Arnold

... practicing medicine, turned to literature. In this profession he at first managed to make only a precarious living, for the most part as a hackwriter, working for periodicals and filling contracts to compile popular histories of England, Greece, Rome, and Animated Nature. He had so much skill in knowing what to retain, emphasize, or subordinate, and so much genius in presenting in an attractive style what he wrote, that his work of this kind met with a readier ...
— Halleck's New English Literature • Reuben P. Halleck

... tribal vocal languages, instead of that arising out of exclusively missionary purposes, which was to force a translation of the Bible from a tongue not adapted to its terms and ideas, and then to compile a grammar and dictionary from the artificial result. A little ingenuity will direct the more intelligent or complaisant gesturers to the expression of the thoughts, signs for which are specially sought; and full orderly descriptions of such tales and talks with or even without ...
— Sign Language Among North American Indians Compared With That Among Other Peoples And Deaf-Mutes • Garrick Mallery

... results. The stage long suffered from the variety of defective copies of the work that obtained circulation. The late Mr. John Bernard, the actor, in his amusing "Retrospections of the Stage," has confessed that, tempted by an addition of ten shillings a-week to his salary, he undertook to compile, in a week, an edition of "The School for Scandal" for the Exeter Theatre, upon the express understanding that the manuscript should be destroyed at the end of the season. Bernard had three parts in his possession, for upon various occasions he had appeared as Sir Peter, as Charles, and as Sir Benjamin. ...
— A Book of the Play - Studies and Illustrations of Histrionic Story, Life, and Character • Dutton Cook

... the trouble to compile a list of the amount of liquor drunk in Dickens' works," said Roger, "and I assure you the total was astounding: 7,000 hogsheads, I believe it was. Calculations of that sort are great fun. I have always intended to write a little essay on the rainstorms ...
— The Haunted Bookshop • Christopher Morley

... endeavoring," said I, "on the bare possibility of your retaining as a father all the feelings you seem to entertain at present, to compile for your children (as they must be taught something, and you would wish them, as you say, to know the truth) a short catechism. I think the questions in Watts's First Catechism might do for the poor little souls. The answers (as usual) might not ...
— The Eclipse of Faith - Or, A Visit To A Religious Sceptic • Henry Rogers

... little more to be done by the federal legislature, than to review the different laws, and reduce them in one general act. A skillful individual in his closet with all the local codes before him, might compile a law on some subjects of taxation for the whole union, without any aid from oral information, and it may be expected that whenever internal taxes may be necessary, and particularly in cases requiring uniformity ...
— The Federalist Papers • Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison

... merit, whatever it may be, of having been the first to discover this error, belongs to myself; and that the whole of the facts and authorities to prove the non-identity of the two ladies were supplied by me to the late Sir H. Nicolas, to enable him to compile the article on the subject in the Collectanea Topographica, vol. i.; the notes to which also were almost entirely written by myself. From the note of SCOTUS, one would suppose that he had made the discovery that ...
— Notes and Queries, Number 62, January 4, 1851 • Various

... wrote, "Peasants who feel that they are not proletarians, but true peasants, are not only not to be won over to our cause, but belong to our most dangerous adversaries" (Dat Erfurter Programm und die Land-agitation). It would be easy to compile ...
— Bolshevism - The Enemy of Political and Industrial Democracy • John Spargo

... Babylonia was the factor that prevented the cult from acquiring a uniform character in the various parts of the empire. The priests of Nippur, of Sippar, of Eridu, of Erech, Cuthah, Ur, and other places began long before the period of Hammurabi to compile, on the basis of past experience and as a guide for future needs, omen lists, incantation formulas, and sacrificial rituals. These collections created orthodox standards, and these standards, once acknowledged, the natural conservatism ...
— The Religion of Babylonia and Assyria • Morris Jastrow

... compile the following English Lazar Houses, which is however far from being a complete one. These Lazar Houses were founded by the charitably disposed, and were ...
— The Leper in England: with some account of English lazar-houses • Robert Charles Hope

... in brief onwards so long as it shall be God's pleasure, hoping in whom by His grace I have done the work rather than by my poor knowledge; and therefore in the year 1300, when I returned from Rome, I began to compile this book, to the reverence of God and Saint John and the praise of this our city Florence.' The key-note is struck in these passages. Admiration for the past mingles with prescience of the future. The artist and the patriot ...
— Renaissance in Italy, Volume 1 (of 7) • John Addington Symonds

... 'Newgate lives and trials; and now, sir, I will briefly state to you the services which I expect you to perform, and the terms which I am willing to grant. I expect you, sir, to compile six volumes of Newgate lives and trials, each volume to contain by no manner of means less than one thousand pages; the remuneration which you will receive when the work is completed will be fifty pounds, which is likewise intended to cover any expenses you may incur ...
— Lavengro - The Scholar, The Gypsy, The Priest • George Borrow

... actions is self-love, that tendency which leads us to seek for pleasure and avoid pain; but, by education and legislation, self-love can be guided and trained so that it shall harmonise with the public good. It remained for a German acclimatised to Paris to compile the full manifesto of atheistic materialism. At Holbach's hospitable table the philosophers met, and the air was charged with ideas. To condense these into a system was Holbach's task. Diderot, Lagrange, Naigeon may have lent their ...
— A History of French Literature - Short Histories of the Literatures of the World: II. • Edward Dowden

... the just are thinly sown: They thrive but ill, nor can they last when grown. And should we count them, and our store compile, Yet Thebes more gates could shew, ...
— The Works of Samuel Johnson - Volume IV [The Rambler and The Adventurer] • Samuel Johnson

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