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Cold storage   /koʊld stˈɔrədʒ/   Listen
Cold storage

In a state of abeyance or postponement.
Refrigerated storage for preservation.

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"Cold storage" Quotes from Famous Books

... gay—except for one depressing thought. The nearer you get to the New York custom-house, the heavier becomes the load of luggage on your mind. Dresses, hats, wraps, lingerie, so gaily bought in Paris, lie withering like Dead Sea fruit in the forlorn cold storage of furiously ...
— Ship-Bored • Julian Street

... Except in the cold storage and the Chino grocery shops of Manila, nothing can be bought without chaffering. The Filipinos love this; they realize that we are impatient and seldom can hold out long at it, and in many cases they overcharge us from ...
— A Woman's Impression of the Philippines • Mary Helen Fee

... own mother's sister if she raised you from a kid? What am I going to do, put her in cold storage, now that her eyes are going back on her? Up in the ribbons she can't hardly keep her colors graduated no more, that's how blind she's getting. Only yesterday a dame brought back some lavender ribbon and wiped up the whole department ...
— Humoresque - A Laugh On Life With A Tear Behind It • Fannie Hurst

... was vile. It consisted largely of spoiled beef and such foods as spoiled rabbits. When I say spoiled, I mean just what the word implies. These rabbits were positively in a state of decay. They had been in cold storage for a long time, evidently a very long time. They had been carried in the ice boxes without being drawn, and when exposed to the air the odor of decay was so strong that they were positively nauseating. I saw ...
— In the Flash Ranging Service - Observations of an American Soldier During His Service - With the A.E.F. in France • Edward Alva Trueblood

... renders many of them unfit for use. These facts are what led up to the scientific truth that keeping foods dry and at a low temperature is an effective and convenient method of preventing them from spoiling and to the invention of the refrigerator and other devices and methods for the cold storage of foods. ...
— Woman's Institute Library of Cookery, Vol. 1 - Volume 1: Essentials of Cookery; Cereals; Bread; Hot Breads • Woman's Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences

... though, he was a nuisance. Mary's uncle had sent them a box containing a dozen chickens so that they could have some fresh eggs as a change from the cold storage eggs commonly found in mining camps. Now, the little road-runner would often try to slip into the chicken yard when no one was looking. He would wait indifferently, promenading up and down in a dignified manner until one of the hens cackled. ...
— Little Tales of The Desert • Ethel Twycross Foster

... provided for the hospital prisoners (never for the general mass), but they were cold storage eggs, the cheapest grade that could be bought in the market, and that is saying much for this sort of product nowadays. Out of one mess of eight that were served in the hospital, and of which I gained authentic news from ...
— The Subterranean Brotherhood • Julian Hawthorne

... clary, Claytonia Virginica, clematis, Clethra alnifolia, Cleyera Japonica, climbing plants, clothes-post, club-root, Cobbett, mentioned, cobnuts, Coboea scandens, Coccinea Indica, Cocos Weddelliana, Codiaeum, Codlin-moth, Coffee tree, Coix Lachryma, colchicum, coldframes, cold storage, coleus, collards, colocasia, coltsfoot for banks, columbines, Colutea arborescens, comfrey, compass plant, conifers, discussion on, conservation of moisture, Convallaria majalis, Convolvulus Japonicus and Sepium, corchorus, coreopsis species, coriander, corn, ...
— Manual of Gardening (Second Edition) • L. H. Bailey

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