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Cobwebby   Listen

So thin as to transmit light.  Synonyms: diaphanous, filmy, gauze-like, gauzy, gossamer, see-through, sheer, transparent, vaporous, vapourous.  "Filmy wings of a moth" , "Gauzy clouds of dandelion down" , "Gossamer cobwebs" , "Sheer silk stockings" , "Transparent chiffon" , "Vaporous silks"
Covered with cobwebs.

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"Cobwebby" Quotes from Famous Books

... how pointed the fingers were; it was incredibly cool and smooth, yet it seemed to instil a subtle fire in his palm. She stood framed in her doorway, bathed in the intimate, disturbing aroma of her person. Gordon recalled the cobwebby garment on the bed. He made an involuntary step toward her, and she drew back into the room ... the night was breathlessly still. If he took another step forward, he wondered, would she still retreat? ...
— Mountain Blood - A Novel • Joseph Hergesheimer

... her father, and she had the other advantage of youth over her mother. So she had hoped again—overwhelmingly—of Chicago. But as she gazed at the row of pallid houses and counted three "To rent" signs in the cobwebby front windows opposite, she knew in her heart that this was not the end—not this, for her! It was another shift, another compromise to be endured, another disappointment ...
— One Woman's Life • Robert Herrick

... mind if I open the door a moment?" she asked after a short pause. "It isn't really cold and it looks so beautiful outside. One can't see anything out of the window, you know, it's so cobwebby. I must ...
— The Land of Promise • D. Torbett

... strong and dividing to soul and marrow is a clearly defined purpose and determinately selfish, that such women do not often fail. And indeed Jess Kissock, sitting in the hay- neuk, with her candle in the lantern throwing patterns on the cobwebby walls from the tiny perforations all round, made a perfectly correct prophecy. Ralph Peden did indeed kiss her, and that of his own free will as his love of loves within a much shorter space of ...
— The Lilac Sunbonnet • S.R. Crockett

... cold when they reached it, and Mamise's room was like a storage-vault. She tore off her light dancing-dress and shivered as she stripped and took refuge in a cobwebby nightgown. She threw on a heavy bathrobe and kept it on when she crept into the icy interstice between ...
— The Cup of Fury - A Novel of Cities and Shipyards • Rupert Hughes

... wended her way home again, somewhat relieved, and yet considerably alarmed over the doctor's words. Down to the barn she wandered, and up the rickety ladder she climbed into the cobwebby loft. A figure moved impatiently at the far end of the loose boards, and as Peace's eyes became accustomed to the dim light, she saw it was Faith, curled up among a lot of ragged papers and coverless magazines, musty ...
— At the Little Brown House • Ruth Alberta Brown

... a glimpse of the cobwebby black silk stocking that ensnared his wits, perhaps it was the delight of kneeling to Kate even in this humble capacity. In either case, the result was equally grotesque; Kate found her dainty feet neatly enclosed in the professor's ...
— 'Way Down East - A Romance of New England Life • Joseph R. Grismer

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