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Close shave   /kloʊs ʃeɪv/   Listen
Close shave

Something achieved (or escaped) by a narrow margin.  Synonyms: close call, narrow escape, squeak, squeaker.

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"Close shave" Quotes from Famous Books

... field, and in a few minutes shots were twice exchanged, one party and carriage leaving twenty minutes before the other, in the direction of Stonehaven. At the second shot Mr Innes was wounded in the thigh; and it was a close shave on the other side, for Mr Innes's ball went through Mr Cruickshank's whiskers. Mr Innes, however, kept his appointment with Mr Stewart next morning. Mr Stewart said that he met him at Durris House at breakfast. He ...
— Cattle and Cattle-breeders • William M'Combie

... down one of the top-gallant masts—and I had a close shave to coming down with it and so ending my adventures right there. The best way that I could think of to manage this piece of work—and I have not since thought of any way better—was to make fast a ...
— In the Sargasso Sea - A Novel • Thomas A. Janvier

... drunken cowboy up in the saddle before him," went on Bunker with painful distinctness, "and gave him a close shave while the horse was bucking, only cutting his throat ...
— Silver and Gold - A Story of Luck and Love in a Western Mining Camp • Dane Coolidge

... was a close shave," replied Gunson, who hardly spoke again to us, but went below; and soon after we two were fast asleep, forgetful of all the past troubles ...
— To The West • George Manville Fenn

... deep in the prairie sod and skidded on the brink of a deep cut-bank. It was a close shave, such as comes often to those who ride the range by night. Weary looked down into blackness and then across into gloom. The place was too deep and sheer to ride into, and too wide to jump; clearly, they ...
— The Lonesome Trail and Other Stories • B. M. Bower

... the negative. "Mighty close shave for Burke here, though" he added, "lucky I heard Gully cocking that blasted Luger of his." He uttered a suppressed chuckle, "Burke's always one to go cautioning others, and then lose his temper ...
— The Luck of the Mounted - A Tale of the Royal Northwest Mounted Police • Ralph S. Kendall

... was a close shave, if you like! Where on earth did they come from? And how is it they didn't see ...
— The Boy Scouts on the Trail • George Durston

... close shave, Jack," the coast-guardsman who was at the helm said. "It was lucky I made you out with my glass when I did. It was touch and go; I saw you trying to get them on their backs. If they had kept quiet you would have managed it; but drowning people ...
— A Chapter of Adventures • G. A. Henty

... "It was a close shave as it was, Surajah. One second later, and you and I should both have been strangled. I had my hand on my pistol, and felt so sure that an attack was intended that, the moment something passed before my face, ...
— The Tiger of Mysore - A Story of the War with Tippoo Saib • G. A. Henty

... a close shave indeed, Mallett," one of the other captains said, as a party of them sat round a fire. "We won ...
— The Queen's Cup • G. A. Henty

... roared; "jump." The lane was steep and greasy, the gate was four feet and a half. Mike rode at it. The animal dropped his hind-legs, Mike heard the gate rattle, and a little ejaculatory cry come from those he left behind. It was a close shave. Turning in his saddle he saw the immense crowd pressing about the gate, which could not be opened, and he knew very well that he would have the hounds to himself for many ...
— Mike Fletcher - A Novel • George (George Augustus) Moore

... blame. How'd we know it want the police? We had a mighty close shave over that state ...
— The City of Fire • Grace Livingston Hill

... close shave!" cried Murphy. For the train had been halted within less than five feet of the break. Out jumped the whole party, Fuller, Cain and Murphy from the cab, and the armed men from the cars. The delay, it was supposed, would be only temporary; there ...
— Chasing an Iron Horse - Or, A Boy's Adventures in the Civil War • Edward Robins

... he whipped out his knife, cut the string and released me from what in a couple of seconds more would have been instant death, as I would have been pulled from my seat and crushed to a jelly between the wheels. This was my first close shave from death. I had no horseshoe or four-leaf clover with me, and I can account for my escape in no other way than that it was my lucky star that has accompanied me throughout the long months of times that try men's souls and that has never ...
— S.O.S. Stand to! • Reginald Grant

... on his knees, but by a quick powerful upthrust of his legs he regained his upright position. However, it had been a close shave for Weir, for he well knew that his opponent would use any tactics, fair or foul, to kill him if he once lay ...
— In the Shadow of the Hills • George C. Shedd

... trap-door was swung back, and Clifford Owen's face appeared at the opening. "I say," he said, "that was a close shave, wasn't it? If our friend Fairfax had not been the prince of good fellows where ...
— Peggy Owen and Liberty • Lucy Foster Madison

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