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Chaw   /tʃɔ/   Listen

A wad of something chewable as tobacco.  Synonyms: chew, cud, plug, quid, wad.

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"Chaw" Quotes from Famous Books

... was extremely annoyed by a free and enlightened citizen's perpetually spitting across him, out of the window. He bore it patiently for some time, till at last he ventured to remonstrate, when the other said, 'Why, colonel, I estimate you're a-poking fun at me—that I do. Now, I'm not a-going to chaw my own bilge-water, not for no man. Besides, you need not look so thundering ugly. Why, I've practised all my life, and could squirt through the eye of a needle without touching the steel, let alone such a great saliva-box as that ...
— The International Monthly Magazine - Volume V - No II • Various

... off more'n we can chaw," Harvey Gosse murmured, rubbing his bristly chin. "I ain't what you might call noways anxious to have them fellows spill ...
— Man Size • William MacLeod Raine

... got to chaw up old Crowdy on the paper question. What will the Geese do if you're not there?" The club in question was ordinarily called the Goose Club, and the members were in common parlance called ...
— The Struggles of Brown, Jones, and Robinson - By One of the Firm • Anthony Trollope

... Ha-chaw!" issued from the cupboard with horrible distinctness. Miss Poppleton paused for a second, then made an instant dart, and seized the culprit in the very midst of her fourth ...
— The Leader of the Lower School - A Tale of School Life • Angela Brazil

... an Injun,' says I, 'I dunno how much Injun I be. I can't look so fur back as that. I dunno's there's any more Injun in me than there is devil in you!' I says. An' then the overseer he come out, an' driv' me off. 'You won't git me in there,' says I to him, 'not so long's I've got my teeth to chaw sassafras, an' my claws to dig me a holler in the ground!' But when I come along, he passed me on the road, an' old Sal Flint sut up by him on the seat, like a bump on a log. I guess he was carryin' her over to that Pope-o'-Rome meetin' they've ...
— Meadow Grass - Tales of New England Life • Alice Brown

... Steve, ol' pardner? But to get this tale tol' an' the money in your hands: I didn't know who'd tried to do for me, but I guessed it must have been some one who'd found out somehow about the ten thousan' an' thought I had it on me. When I come to at the cabin an' firs' thing tried to get a chaw of tobacco I foun' my pockets all turned wrong side out. It might have been Johnny Mills himself; he didn't know about the gun bein' fooled with; it might have been Blenham; it might have been Guy Little; it might have been somebody else. But I've ...
— Man to Man • Jackson Gregory

... honey," Uncle Remus exclaimed one night, as the little boy ran in, "you sholy ain't chaw'd yo' vittles. Hit ain't bin no time, skacely, sence de supper-bell rung, en ef you go on dis a-way, you'll des nat'ally pe'sh ...
— Folk Tales Every Child Should Know • Various

... to give him more'n a chaw o' tobaccer now," said Gabe. "He'll come purty near doin' hit hisseif, I reckon, ef ...
— The Last Stetson • John Fox Jr.

... bread wus hard corndodgers; dat meat, I couldn' chaw. Her bread wus hard corndodgers; dat meat, I couldn' chaw. You see; dat's de way de Hoosiers feeds way ...
— Negro Folk Rhymes - Wise and Otherwise: With a Study • Thomas W. Talley

... the fact that men are still striving "to uphold the usurped Ecclesiastical Power, which God never made," and that in upholding this they are "so mad and ignorant" as "to count Magistracie no government unless the Beast reign cheek by chaw with it, as formerly in the days of ignorance." This, however, he contends, should not be so, "for Magistracie in the Commonwealth must stand, it's God's ordinance. But this Ecclesiastical power in and over the Saints must fall." "This Ecclesiastical ...
— The Digger Movement in the Days of the Commonwealth • Lewis H. Berens

... not," said Uncle Ezra, dryly. "So far I've put eight thousand, four hundred thirty-two dollars and sixteen cents into this shebang, and I ain't got a penny out yet. It just seems to chaw up money." ...
— Dick Hamilton's Airship - or, A Young Millionaire in the Clouds • Howard R. Garis

... He could not for the life of him comprehend what she was doing, and what was her ulterior object. The nil admirari of the fine gentleman deserted him, and he gazed open-mouthed, like the veriest chaw-bacon. ...
— Peg Woffington • Charles Reade

... under a wagon an' chaw a bone," he said in a low even voice, "I'll whistle when I want you." For an instant the men's glances locked, while the onlookers held their breath. Purdy was not a physical coward. The insult was direct, uttered distinctly, and in the hearing of a ...
— The Texan - A Story of the Cattle Country • James B. Hendryx

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