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Chance upon   /tʃæns əpˈɑn/   Listen
Chance upon

Find unexpectedly.  Synonyms: attain, chance on, come across, come upon, discover, fall upon, happen upon, light upon, strike.  "She struck a goldmine" , "The hikers finally struck the main path to the lake"

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"Chance upon" Quotes from Famous Books

... they are fortunate enough to get into a better class of work, and when they chance upon some well-organized establishment and are drawn into the union as a matter of course that we find Polish girls in unions at all. Intellectually they are not in the running with the Russian Jewess and the peasant ...
— The Trade Union Woman • Alice Henry

... heard that passionate appeal for another chance upon more than one previous occasion. He had heard the husband who had tortured his wife to death make a passionate appeal to God to give him another chance. He knew that God had never given him another chance with the ...
— Phyllis of Philistia • Frank Frankfort Moore

... back with Lancelot. They ride until they happen by chance upon the Waste Manor where the King and Messire Gawain were lodged; and they were armed, and were minded to go forth from thence. But the seven knights guarded the issue, all armed. The King and Messire ...
— High History of the Holy Graal • Unknown

... like our friend, John Bailey, moved to small inland villages where they modestly plied their trade, selling their wares to only a limited circle of purchasers. Of these scattered craftsmen we have, as I told you, scant information. It is merely when we chance upon their names in early town records or a clock turns up to testify to their knowledge of their craft that we have tidings of them. But with the Willards it was different. They have left behind them a collection ...
— Christopher and the Clockmakers • Sara Ware Bassett

... If one were to chance upon an altar in this German Athens inscribed to the "unknown god," he might be tempted to suggest that that deity's ...
— Sunny Memories of Foreign Lands V2 • Harriet Beecher Stowe

... "You can only chance upon a man pointed out beforehand from above to judge you; moreover, at Notre Dame de l'Atre you have every chance of kneeling at the feet of a saint, therefore God will inspire him, will be present, you have nothing ...
— En Route • J.-K. (Joris-Karl) Huysmans

... sentiment-seekers, who found in their Yorick a challenge to go and do likewise: "Everybody is journeying, Ithought, and took Yorick and Jacobi with me. ... Iwill really see whether I too may not chance upon a fille de chambre or a harvest-maid," is a very significant statement of his inspiration and intention. Once started on his journey, the author falls in with a poor warrior-beggar, an adaptation of Sterne's Chevalier de St. Louis,[26] and he puts in verse Yorick's expressed sentiment ...
— Laurence Sterne in Germany • Harvey Waterman Thayer

... Captain Billings, coming up to where we were still standing, rubbing his hands cheerfully together and seemingly much at ease now that we were well under way. "It isn't often one gets a nor'-east wind at this time of year, hereabouts, and when we do chance upon it, why, there's ...
— On Board the Esmeralda - Martin Leigh's Log - A Sea Story • John Conroy Hutcheson

... the courtesy of Messrs. Charles Scribner's Sons, the publishers thereof. Incidentally the reader will find much interesting matter in the way of reminiscence and anecdote in that little volume, should he chance upon it. ...
— A Little Book for Christmas • Cyrus Townsend Brady

... the next half-hour we could chance upon a saeter, this meant passing the night upon the mountain. Michael and I looked at the guide; but though, with characteristic Norwegian sturdiness, he put a bold face upon it, we could see that in that deepening darkness ...
— John Ingerfield and Other Stories • Jerome K. Jerome

... is offered for this invasion of the domain of psychology by a layman. The laboratory of the mind is open to all and he who has missed conventional training may yet chance upon valuable facts and their interpretation. Neither is apology offered for the intimate nature of the data reported. Belonging as dreams do to the most personal and private life of the individual it is nevertheless true that continued and careful study of this ...
— The Journal of Abnormal Psychology - Volume 10

... pockets turned outward showed the reason for his murder. The comrades rode past without too close a survey, for dead men were no very uncommon objects on the King's highway, and if sheriff or bailiff should chance upon you near the body you might find yourself caught in the meshes ...
— Sir Nigel • Arthur Conan Doyle

... gleam of a waning moon And the song of an ebbing tide, Chance upon chance of love and death Took wing for the world so wide. Leaf out of leaf is the way of the land, Wave out of wave of the sea; And who shall reckon what lives may live In the life that we bade ...
— The Song of the Sword - and Other Verses • W. E. Henley

... courtesy, and such reflection on his host would have been too gross. With a sigh therefore he had set out from the shop of the sandal maker, eyeing the wine shops passed from time to time, but not fortunate enough to chance upon any acquaintance whose services he could call upon in facing him over a glass. Rokuzo had the virtue of not ...
— Bakemono Yashiki (The Haunted House) - Tales of the Tokugawa, Volume 2 (of 2) • James S. De Benneville

... see!—you are ever thus—ever risking our chance upon contingencies when you might build strongly upon certainties. You are perpetually trying the strength of the rope, when a like trouble would render it a sure hold-fast. Rather than have the possibility of this thing ...
— Guy Rivers: A Tale of Georgia • William Gilmore Simms

... to win back what you absurdly called your money lost at our last sitting; though Heaven knows that what I then won was but a pitiful fraction of the amount you have taken from me, within the last two years, in the same or in a worse way. I have now given you your chance,—yes, chance upon chance, all night,—till your claim has been a dozen times cancelled; and, I repeat I will ...
— Gaut Gurley • D. P. Thompson

... wine jar, which Cheiron had warned him not to touch. And the Centaurs smelt the wine, and flocked to it, and fought for it with Heracles; but he killed them all with his poisoned arrows, and Cheiron was left alone. Then Cheiron took up one of the arrows, and dropped it by chance upon his foot; and the poison ran like fire along his veins, and he lay down, and longed to die; and cried: "Through wine I perish, the bane of all my race. Why should I live forever in this agony? Who will take my immortality ...
— Myths That Every Child Should Know - A Selection Of The Classic Myths Of All Times For Young People • Various

... when, turning a corner of a street, after leaving my uncle's, who should I chance upon but the very being of whom my brain and heart were full! Yes, there was the identical she, and bless her dear little heart! she gave me a bright half smile of recognition, which I returned with as profound a ...
— Graham's Magazine Vol XXXIII No. 4 October 1848 • Various

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