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Brahmin   /brˈɑmɪn/   Listen

(pl. brahmans, brahmins)
A member of a social and cultural elite (especially a descendant of an old New England family).  Synonym: brahman.
A member of the highest of the four Hindu varnas.  Synonym: brahman.
The highest of the four varnas: the priestly or sacerdotal category.  Synonym: brahman.
Any of several breeds of Indian cattle; especially a large American heat and tick resistant greyish humped breed evolved in the Gulf States by interbreeding Indian cattle and now used chiefly for crossbreeding.  Synonyms: Bos indicus, Brahma, Brahman.

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"Brahmin" Quotes from Famous Books

... his last lecture, Hazlitt told the story of a Brahmin who, on being transformed into a monkey, "had no other delight than that of eating cocoanuts and studying metaphysics." "I too," he added, "should be very well contented to pass my life like this monkey, did I but know ...
— Hazlitt on English Literature - An Introduction to the Appreciation of Literature • Jacob Zeitlin

... reproduced he is seen sitting, by his moonshee, a Brahmin of the highest caste,—see the mystic Brahmin thread which the Jesuits were accused of wearing,—from whom he learned Hindustani and, I think, a certain amount of Sanskrit. With the moonshee he had many long talks ...
— The Adventure of Living • John St. Loe Strachey

... of Nilakantha, a fanatical Brahmin priest, who has withdrawn to a ruined temple deep in an Indian forest. In his retreat the old man nurses his wrath against the British invader, prays assiduously to Brahma (thus contributing a fascinating Oriental mood to the opening of the opera), ...
— A Second Book of Operas • Henry Edward Krehbiel

... during which they have been told. Many of them have been narrated almost in their present shape for thousands of years to the little copper-coloured Sanscrit children, listening to their mothers under the palm-trees by the banks of the yellow Jumna—their Brahmin mother, who softly narrated them through the ring in her nose. The very same tale has been heard by the Northern Vikings as they lay on their shields on deck; and the Arabs couched under the stars on the Syrian plains when their flocks were gathered in, and their mares were ...
— Forgotten Books of the American Nursery - A History of the Development of the American Story-Book • Rosalie V. Halsey

... the faggots, double that Brahmin in two, The tall pale widow for me, Joe, the little brown ...
— The Light That Failed • Rudyard Kipling

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