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Bothersome   /bˈɑðərsəm/   Listen

Causing irritation or annoyance.  Synonyms: annoying, galling, irritating, nettlesome, pesky, pestering, pestiferous, plaguey, plaguy, teasing, vexatious, vexing.  "Aircraft noise is particularly bothersome near the airport" , "Found it galling to have to ask permission" , "An irritating delay" , "Nettlesome paperwork" , "A pesky mosquito" , "Swarms of pestering gnats" , "A plaguey newfangled safety catch" , "A teasing and persistent thought annoyed him" , "A vexatious child" , "It is vexing to have to admit you are wrong"

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"Bothersome" Quotes from Famous Books

... not fear ultimate success. I long to learn what Huxley thinks. Is your introduction (Introduction to the 'Flora of Australia.') published? I suppose that you will sell it separately. Please answer this, for I want an extra copy to send away to Wallace. I am very bothersome, farewell. ...
— The Life and Letters of Charles Darwin, Volume II • Francis Darwin

... came over him. He took to brooding over his many discomforts—hunger pangs, loss of sleep, bothersome flies, the pain of his swollen ankles. As the day advanced his ankles swelled more, and grew worse, the flies became more troublesome, and his inner gnawings more pronounced. So the time went on and he brooded through the still watches of the ...
— Bred of the Desert - A Horse and a Romance • Marcus Horton

... a pinch of sand and place it in my palm. The brilliant particles are numerous, but so small that I have to pick them up with a straw moistened in my mouth. Let us drop this: they are too tiny and too bothersome to collect. The big, valuable lumps must be farther on, in the thickness of the rock. We'll come back later; we'll blast ...
— The Life of the Fly - With Which are Interspersed Some Chapters of Autobiography • J. Henri Fabre

... before it. He opened the desk and pulled from beneath the pile of loose papers and tissue patterns with which it was littered the large blankbook in which Mrs. Fenelby, in one of her spurts of economical system, had once begun a record of household expenditures—a bothersome business that lasted until she had to foot up the first week's figures, and then stopped. There were plenty of blank leaves in the book. Mr. Fenelby dipped his pen in the ink. Mrs. Fenelby took up her sewing, and began to stitch a seam. Bobberts lay asleep on the lounge at ...
— The Cheerful Smugglers • Ellis Parker Butler

... bothersome old daddy gets his eyes on Barnes before I can head him off, dearest, the jig will be up," groaned Bonner, the first words he had spoken in miles. "Barnes will be on his guard and ready for anything. The old—pardon me, for saying it—the old jay ought to know the ...
— The Daughter of Anderson Crow • George Barr McCutcheon

... the depths of life to its sunary heights. Mozart transposed life into music, Wagner and his pupils transposed problems of life. Wagner questions and receives no answer. Mozart affirms life. His "Don Juan" liberates, "Tannhaeuser" leads into the labyrinth of bothersome renunciation. ...
— Mother Earth, Vol. 1 No. 1, March 1906 • Various

... Brindle is a bothersome cow, She's boun' to raise a ruction an' she don't keer how; She craves to be de bell-cow an' lead off wid a clang, So it's all a man kin do to make 'er gallup wid de gang. An' she ain't by 'erself in dat, in dat— An' she ain't by ...
— Daddy Do-Funny's Wisdom Jingles • Ruth McEnery Stuart

... news his cheeks became pink, and for a moment he was breathless. Uncle Joe and Penrod did not meet often, but when they did, Uncle Joe invariably gave Penrod money. Moreover, he always managed to do it privately so that later there was no bothersome supervision. Last time he had given Penrod a ...
— Penrod and Sam • Booth Tarkington

... job's done," said Uncle Jack when all the bothersome writing and signing were accomplished and the vicar's cheque paid over, "we'll have a run down to look at the ship; what say you ...
— Teddy - The Story of a Little Pickle • J. C. Hutcheson

... bothersome thing for him to contend with. They were dissatisfied and on the point of leaving, especially the new nursemaids. A general increase in wages served as a temporary restraint, and a second increase was plainly in sight. For the first time in his life Mr. ...
— Mr. Bingle • George Barr McCutcheon

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