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Botch   /bɑtʃ/   Listen

(pl. botches)
An embarrassing mistake.  Synonyms: bloomer, blooper, blunder, boner, boo-boo, bungle, flub, foul-up, fuckup, pratfall.

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"Botch" Quotes from Famous Books

... had been drinking and had made a botch of it inside the bank. Instead of carrying out the plan originally formed, seizing the cashier at his window and getting to the safe without interruption, they leaped right over the counter and scared Heywood at the very start. As to ...
— The Story of Cole Younger, by Himself • Cole Younger

... a 'Ighland botch; But if our Sis saw fit To pitch Hindoo instead of Scotch I'd get the hang of it, Because her heart it is that talks What now is plain to me. At war where bloody murder stalks, 'N' Nick his hottest samples hawks. I have been given to see ...
— 'Hello, Soldier!' - Khaki Verse • Edward Dyson

... County Council hears the far-off, faint shadow of a very prosaic resemblance to the National Assembly of that era, . . and our weak efforts to cure cureless grievances, and to deafen our ears to crying evils, are very similar to the clumsy attempts made by Louis XVI. and his partisans to botch up a terribly bad business. Oh, the people, the people! ... They are unquestionably the flesh, blood, bone, and sinew of the country,—and the English people, say what sneerers will to the contrary, are ...
— Ardath - The Story of a Dead Self • Marie Corelli

... consid'able out of patience. I was afraid if I turned her again Dick she might marry this Hawthorn thing, an' if I turned her again him too soon she might run off with Dick on the rebound; so I was purty much hobbled, an' made a botch of it. Finally she turned on me. "We've been good pals, Happy," sez she, "an' we'll be good pals again some day; but you're not playin' square now—I can tell by your actions. I almost believe 'at what you're ...
— Happy Hawkins • Robert Alexander Wason

... seriously it does not seem fair. If one speaker insists—to change the figure—on laying all the cobbles of a conversation, he should at least allow another to carry the tarpot and fill in the chinks. When the evening was over, although I recalled two or three clever stories, which I shall botch in the telling, I came away tired and dissatisfied, my tongue dry ...
— Chimney-Pot Papers • Charles S. Brooks

Words linked to "Botch" :   solecism, trip, fault, howler, mistake, spectacle, fail, slip, bull, clanger, gaffe, botchy, gaucherie, bollocks, misstep, trip-up, miscarry, snafu, faux pas, error, go wrong, stumble

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