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Bolero   /boʊlˈɛroʊ/   Listen

Music written in the rhythm of the bolero dance.
A short jacket; worn mostly by women.
A Spanish dance in triple time accompanied by guitar and castanets.

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"Bolero" Quotes from Famous Books

... slowly, with shuffling steps. The quiet is broken by a note on a gong, struck softly, and there is an almost inaudible flute melody on reeds, and liquid notes struck on empty bamboos. These dusky figures are Kachin men, with red turbans, and short, white, very loose kilts and bolero jackets. Some of the reflected light from the sand shows their curious, serious, boyish faces. They are short, but well-knit; they dance in a slow figure in a line, hand in hand, the bare feet shuffling with a little sound in the dust. The music is very faint, but ...
— From Edinburgh to India & Burmah • William G. Burn Murdoch

... girl, yet somehow could not—she looked so soft and confiding. She was staring before her now, her lips still just parted, so evidently THAT had not been because of Bolero's pulling; they were pretty all the same, and so was her short, straight little nose, and her chin, and she was awfully fair. His thoughts flew back to that other face—so splendid, so full of life. Suddenly he found himself unable to picture it—for ...
— Forsyte Saga • John Galsworthy

... countrymen and at the sergeants; and then, as if struck by the curious contrast between the courtesy of the former and the rudeness of the latter, he laughed right out, swept together his winnings, and walked away from the table, whistling a bolero. ...
— Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine - Volume 57, No. 352, February 1845 • Various

... sight of a ramshackle automobile with a Mexican at the wheel, easily distinguished by his swarthy coloring and his ragged mustaches, as well as by his peculiar dress—a steep crowned hat like a sugar loaf, with a very wide brim, a tight bolero jacket that did not reach to the waist and disclosed a dark blue silken shirt beneath and tight-fitting trousers that flared at ...
— The Radio Boys on the Mexican Border • Gerald Breckenridge

... was to watch in the evenings the Spaniards, shedding their usual lethargy, dance the fandango and the bolero with a perfection of grace and agility, even in the villages. The colonel offered them the use of his band, but they, quite rightly, preferred the guitar, the castanets, and a woman's voice; an accompaniment ...
— The Memoirs of General the Baron de Marbot, Translated by - Oliver C. Colt • Baron de Marbot

... of white cloth, fringed with bat fur, was draped about her waist and fell below her knee, the ends passing up in front and back of her round body to fasten loosely at the right shoulder. This, with a little sleeveless garment fashioned, bolero-like, out of the delicate bat skins, and a pair of sandals contrived in such a way as to bring the hair of the deer skin against the little ...
— Terry - A Tale of the Hill People • Charles Goff Thomson

... From thine airy bound Drop like a feather softly to the ground; This light bolero grows a ticklish dance, And there is mischief in thy kindling glance. To-morrow bids thee, with rebuking frown, Change thy gauze tunic for a home-made gown, Too blest by fortune if the passing day Adorn thy bosom with its frail bouquet, ...
— The Poetical Works of Oliver Wendell Holmes, Complete • Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

... sprinkled o'er his figure; Like swift Camilla, he scarce skimmed the ground,[713] And rather held in than put forth his vigour; And then he had an ear for Music's sound, Which might defy a crotchet critic's rigour. Such classic pas—sans flaws—set off our hero, He glanced like a personified Bolero;[714] ...
— The Works of Lord Byron, Volume 6 • Lord Byron

... at us in a funny way here," said Olive. "We must look very queer to them. Your sailor suit, Rex, and my 'Bolero' hat must look to them quite as queer as the women's purple skirts, with bright ...
— A Christmas Posy • Mary Louisa Stewart Molesworth

... of the piece. The applause and calls for the author caused the architect some anxiety; but M. de Cursy, the author, being accustomed to volcanic eruptions of the reeling Vesuvius beneath the chandelier, felt no tremor. As for the actresses, they danced the famous bolero of Seville, which once found favor in the sight of a council of reverend fathers, and escaped ecclesiastical censure in spite of its wanton dangerous grace. The bolero in itself would be enough to attract old age while there ...
— A Distinguished Provincial at Paris • Honore de Balzac

... a modern Greek dance, characterized by serpentining figures and handkerchief-throwing among the dancers. The Fandango (Spaniards use the word "seguidilla") was of Moorish origin. The Bolero was ...
— Byron's Poetical Works, Vol. 1 • Byron

... [445] Bolero, Giovanni, author of several treatises of political philosophy and history towards the close of the sixteenth century, ...
— Publications of the Scottish History Society, Vol. 36 • Sir John Lauder

... closet having become crowded by the presence of a new twenty-dollar suit which he purchased with part of his gains, he presented it to the young lady in Englewood previously mentioned, who reduced the ruby red jacket to a beautiful bolero jacket, made a table throw of the sash, and after much hesitation seized the exceedingly baggy trousers—which were made with but one seam—and ripping them up, did, with a certain degree of confusion, fashion them ...
— The Strange Adventures of Mr. Middleton • Wardon Allan Curtis

... should think her style of dress rather too prononce and theatrical; too suggestive of Fanny Elsler and the Bolero." ...
— A Romance of the Republic • Lydia Maria Francis Child

... her decision. She had taken the part of a gipsy queen, appropriately costumed in slightly soiled white satin slippers with four-inch heels, and a white satin dress enhanced by a red sash, a black velvet bolero, and large hoop earrings. She had danced and sung with a pert confidence, and the Courier had pronounced her talents not amateur, but professional, and had advised the managers (who, no doubt, read the Wapello Courier daily, along ...
— Cheerful—By Request • Edna Ferber

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