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Armed forces   /ɑrmd fˈɔrsɪz/   Listen
Armed forces

The military forces of a nation.  Synonyms: armed services, military, military machine, war machine.  "The military machine is the same one we faced in 1991 but now it is weaker"

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"Armed forces" Quotes from Famous Books

... bound by treaty to help to defend Taiwan (Formosa) from armed attack and the President is authorized by joint resolution of the Congress to employ the Armed Forces of the United States for the securing and protecting of related positions such as ...
— The Communist Threat in the Taiwan Area • John Foster Dulles and Dwight D. Eisenhower

... Valley was Mosby's band. The last of Early's army had been swept away by Sheridan's advance, led by Custer, and for the first time since 1860, that beautiful valley was free from the movements of armed forces confronting each other in hostile array. The bold and dashing partisan was, however, capable of doing much mischief and it was thought best by General Hancock to treat with him and see if he would not ...
— Personal Recollections of a Cavalryman - With Custer's Michigan Cavalry Brigade in the Civil War • J. H. (James Harvey) Kidd

... historic interest for the American is the San Juan bridge. It is reached by the Santa Mesa car line. Here at either end were encamped the American and Filipino armed forces, and the insurrection was started by a shot at night from the native trenches. The bridge was the scene of fierce fighting, which proved disastrous ...
— The Critic in the Orient • George Hamlin Fitch

... In one instance the armed forces of a State were actually engaged, under the authority of the legislature, in forcibly resisting the service of process from the federal courts. It was in 1809, when the marshal in Pennsylvania ...
— The American Judiciary • Simeon E. Baldwin, LLD

... general government deems it necessary to maintain its authority here by armed forces, it is important that the powers and duties of the officers ...
— Report on the Condition of the South • Carl Schurz

... As the machinery of capitalist government, including the armed forces of the nation, conserves the monopoly by the capitalist class of the wealth taken from the workers, the working class must organize consciously and politically for acquiring the powers of government, national and local, in order that this ...
— Communism and Christianism - Analyzed and Contrasted from the Marxian and Darwinian Points of View • William Montgomery Brown

... is deep and ragged. Hold still," commanded Mr. Peter Forbes. "You have been a soldier, Captain Bonnet, commended for valor on the fields of Europe and holding the king's commission. Why not seek pardon and serve with the armed forces of this province? My services in the matter ...
— Blackbeard: Buccaneer • Ralph D. Paine

... constitutional powers as President; but I do not wish to act in a matter possibly of so grave consequence except in close conference and cooeperation with both the Senate and House. I, therefore, come to ask your approval that I should use the armed forces of the United States in such ways and to such an extent as may be necessary to obtain from General Huerta and his adherents the fullest recognition of the rights and dignity of the United States, even amidst the distressing ...
— President Wilson's Addresses • Woodrow Wilson

... fight with a British frigate, or even to engage a shore battery and cut out prizes from a hostile harbor. It is, in fact, a striking evidence of the gallantry and the patriotism of the privateersmen that they did not seek to evade battle with the enemy's armed forces. Their business was, of course, to earn profits for the merchants who had fitted them out, and profits were most easily earned by preying upon inferior or defenseless vessels. But the spirit of the war was strong upon many of them, and it is not too much ...
— American Merchant Ships and Sailors • Willis J. Abbot

... agreement with Mexico provides for the crossing of the frontier by the armed forces of either country in pursuit of hostile Indians. In my message of last year I called attention to the prevalent lawlessness upon the borders and to the necessity of legislation for its suppression. I again invite the attention ...
— A Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Presidents - Section 2 (of 2) of Volume 8: Chester A. Arthur • James D. Richardson

... gained such a signal success over them, and they are constantly crying out for the repression of Lentsue and his "proud" Kafirs. The Boers' demand that the Union authorities should make the thraldom of the Natives more effective, forgetting that the armed forces of the Boers when left to themselves during the temporary British evacuation of Bechuanaland were unable to do it. Notwithstanding this fact, the newspapers, especially the Rand Sunday Press, seem always to have open spaces for rancorous appeals to colour prejudice, perhaps ...
— Native Life in South Africa, Before and Since • Solomon Tshekisho Plaatje

... authority of the national government. The Governor and the Legislature of Kentucky issued a proclamation of neutrality; they demanded that the soil of the State should be respected and that it should not be traversed by armed forces from either side. The Governor of Missouri, while not able to commit the State to secession, did have behind him what was possibly a majority of the citizens in the policy of attempting to prevent ...
— Abraham Lincoln • George Haven Putnam

... armed forces, in the religious matters, and in the administration of justice. That is to say, they ask for paternal care on the part ...
— Friars and Filipinos - An Abridged Translation of Dr. Jose Rizal's Tagalog Novel, - 'Noli Me Tangere.' • Jose Rizal

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guardhouse, army engineer, basic training, engagement, FO, base of operations, muster call, mess hall, head, military academy, drop zone, flanker, loss, gun room, marshal, battle, cadet, artillery, Holy Joe, GHQ, combat casualty, military uniform, home guard, muster, activated, commander, close order, cantonment, active, emplacement, naval commander, light colonel, military rank, conflict, defense, amphibious operation, expeditionary, base, conscription, military campaign, minute gun, commissioned officer, armored combat vehicle, military posture, firing party, call up, hostile, cavalry, flypast, commissary, commanding officer, generalship, boot camp, expedition, lights-out, flag officer, draft, garrison, military engineer, company, armed combat, briefing, horse cavalry, National Guard, armoured combat vehicle, air force, battle line, Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, combat ship, army officer, dropping zone, military unit, military group, onslaught, combat zone, general headquarters, Joint Chiefs, infantry, field hut, ground forces, inter-service support, navy yard, military man, arsenal, countermine, hutment, disengagement, logistic assessment, column, noncom, electronic warfare, military position, gas shell, judge advocate general, militainment, military force, center, fighter pilot, air attache, martial law, military advisor, onset, fire control system, manual of arms, air power, defense contractor, military officer, occupation, armed, drill instructor, HQ, aid station, padre, firepower, midshipman, lieutenant colonel, military reserve, defensive measure, reserve, army, field, hut, military operation, fort, military training, defence, military police, Army National Guard, fly-by, naval academy, ARNG, military issue, naval attache, armored car, air station, barrack, military quarters, military chaplain, action, lieutenant, beleaguering, medical officer, blockade, headquarters staff, lieutenant JG, mission, combat, infiltration, marine, artillery unit, military control, cadre, military intelligence, fighter aircraft, bomber, command, operational, deactivation, headquarters, opposition, military commission, assault rifle, DIA, musketry, air unit, pass, inspector general, hospital train, combat injury, military blockade, mechanized cavalry, onrush, inductee, executive officer, military drill, extended order, high command, field hospital, order, army unit, armory, general officer, commando, combat-ready, attack, dress uniform, canton, APC, attack aircraft, logistic support, amphibious landing, materiel, ensign, demonstration, Navy SEAL, military formation, militia, fatigues, deserter, naval engineer, camp, military capability, logistic assistance, general staff, fight, inactive, accoutered, Marines, break, armed service, military plane, foot, fallback, military mission, line of battle, armored, countermarch, medic, airforce, paratroops, detail, draftee, chief petty officer, command post, Defense Intelligence Agency, gun, home reserve, aide-de-camp, besieging, force, military censorship, field marshal, chevron, operational casualty, color bearer, army hut, combat pilot, friendly, armoured car, personnel, lieutenant junior grade, military hospital, military volunteer, lieutenant commander, commission, field-grade officer, compassionate leave, military court, dressing station, absence without leave, combined operation, latrine, manoeuvre, line, nuclear deterrence, field officer, commissioned naval officer, armour, grade insignia, coastguard, flag rank, manual, commandant, brass hat, battery, foreign aid, fatigue duty, chow line, B-52, armed services, military law, armor, olive-drab uniform, insignia of rank, naval installation, field day, assault gun, bandsman, judge advocate, naval shipyard, collateral damage, encampment, foe, naval unit, military post, echelon, hardware, full-dress uniform, colonel, aviation, outpost, court-martial, equipment casualty, inactivation, occupier, drill master, assault, commodore, air cover, military strength, fighter, general, armoury, effective, equipage, campaign, lieutenant general, war machine, marshall, major, open order, olive drab, nonoperational, attention, combat area, accoutred, naval forces, liberty chit, damage, adjutant, military personnel, billet, chief of staff, close-order drill

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