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Apple of discord   /ˈæpəl əv dˈɪskɔrd/   Listen
Apple of discord

(classical mythology) a golden apple thrown into a banquet of the gods by Eris (goddess of discord--who had not been invited); the apple had 'for the fairest' written on it and Hera and Athena and Aphrodite all claimed it; when Paris (prince of Troy) awarded it to Aphrodite it began a chain of events that led to the Trojan War.

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"Apple of discord" Quotes from Famous Books

... valour. The Germans themselves were more intent on consolidating the Berlin-Constantinople corridor and their hold upon the Turks than on Salonika, which fell within the Austrian sphere of influence, and might thus, if taken, become an apple of discord ...
— A Short History of the Great War • A.F. Pollard

... Long, which has so long been an apple of discord to Bearn, is at the present hour likely to have settled bounds; for, in 1837, the members of the Cour-Royal of Pau occupied themselves on the subject, and a chance exists of something useful being done with the ground: there is a project for encouraging ...
— Barn and the Pyrenees - A Legendary Tour to the Country of Henri Quatre • Louisa Stuart Costello

... work [Fr.], scrimmage, rumpus; breeze, squall; riot, disturbance &c (disorder) 59; commotion &c (agitation) 315; bear garden, Donnybrook, Donnybrook Fair. subject of dispute, ground of quarrel, battle ground, disputed point; bone of contention, bone to pick; apple of discord, casus belli [Lat.]; question at issue &c (subject of inquiry) 461; vexed question, vexata quaestio [Lat.], brand of discord. troublous times^; cat-and-dog life; contentiousness &c adj.; enmity &c 889; ...
— Roget's Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases: Body • Roget

... Nonconformists might dissent, and displayed a hitherto unsuspected reverence for the opinion of the Armenians. Besides, what about the Dominions and Labour? And with Europe in such a state of unrest ought we to throw in a new apple of discord? With much regret the Government could not see their way, etc. Whereupon Lord DESBOROUGH, who seems to be easily satisfied, expressed his gratitude ...
— Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 159, July 28th, 1920 • Various

... ought to be printed in italics, for it is the essence of patriotism. The "fuss and tumult" in America were due, for the time being, to the apple of discord which Douglas had cast into the Senate, by his Kansas-Nebraska bill. Hawthorne was too far away to distinguish the full force and insidious character of that measure, but if he had been in Concord, we believe he would have recognized (as so many did who never had before) the imminent ...
— The Life and Genius of Nathaniel Hawthorne • Frank Preston Stearns

... destinies of the gods and goddesses; in those days it came to pass that Juno, who was jealous of her husband, Jupiter, and quarrelled with him over his many escapades, one day said unto him: Behave thyself and I shall throw the apple of discord and scandal to earth, and it shall come to pass that amongst the mortals my sex, not yours (for to woman, not man, have we given the undying gift of curiosity), shall catch it as it falls, and it shall come to pass that as many as shall eat of it shall hunger and thirst for scandal, and ...
— A Heart-Song of To-day • Annie Gregg Savigny

... war still continued; still stood Frederick the Great with his army in the field; the tremendous struggle between Prussia and Austria was yet undecided, and Silesia was still the apple of discord for which Maria Theresa and Frederick II. had been striving for years, and for which, in so many battles, the blood of German ...
— The Merchant of Berlin - An Historical Novel • L. Muhlbach

... trouble and I do not want another." Another sister who lived some distance from A.P., would have taken Annette, but she knew that other members of her family would object, as they would be fearful that Annette would be an apple of discord among them. At length, her uncle Thomas decided that she should go with him. He felt that his mother had died with the assurance on her mind that he would care for Annette, and he resolved to be faithful in accepting what ...
— Trial and Triumph • Frances Ellen Watkins Harper

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