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Antagonize   /æntˈægənˌaɪz/   Listen

(past & past part. antagonized; pres. part. antagonozing)
Provoke the hostility of.  Synonym: antagonise.
Act in opposition to.  Synonyms: antagonise, counteract.

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"Antagonize" Quotes from Famous Books

... from "Free Soil" or "Liberty" to "Republican" in 1856 had very little significance. It was a matter of partisan policy and nothing more. "Liberty" and "Free Soil," as party cognomens, had a meaning, and were supposed to antagonize certain prejudices. "Republican," at that juncture, meant nothing whatever. Besides, it was sonorous; it was euphonious; it was palatable to weak political stomachs. The ready acceptance of the new name by the Abolitionists goes very far to contradict Mr. ...
— The Abolitionists - Together With Personal Memories Of The Struggle For Human Rights • John F. Hume

... He expressed his feeling by bringing gifts of toys, candy, and unsuitable clothes. Kate kept these things in evidence when she saw him coming and swept them from sight when he went; for she had the good sense not to antagonize him. Nancy Ellen came almost every day, proudly driving her new car, and with the light of a new joy on her face. She never said anything to Kate, but Kate knew what had happened. Nancy Ellen came to see the baby. She brought it lovely and delicate little shoes, embroidered dresses and hoods, cloaks ...
— A Daughter of the Land • Gene Stratton-Porter

... diplomatic representatives abroad—'Do all in your power to keep up good relationship with the English. You need not even use a secret cipher in cabling. We have nothing to conceal from the English, for it would be the greatest possible folly to antagonize England'—is to be found one main point of Bismarck's diplomacy; and feeling thus, he welcomed a conference with the English statesman of that generation whom he had looked upon as certain to be a force in the approaching years. When at last the meeting took place, Dilke ...
— The Life of the Rt. Hon. Sir Charles W. Dilke, Vol. 2 • Stephen Gwynn

... and their contrasts. Both looked attractive as glassed back by the faithful reflector; but Grace's countenance had the effect of making Mrs. Charmond appear more than her full age. There are complexions which set off each other to great advantage, and there are those which antagonize, the one killing or damaging its neighbor unmercifully. This was unhappily the case here. Mrs. Charmond fell into a meditation, and replied abstractedly to a cursory remark of her companion's. However, she parted ...
— The Woodlanders • Thomas Hardy

... The second of the two he understood was generally approved for his excellence and good nature, and he thought he would cause no trouble: the other he well knew was an unprincipled person, but he did not wish to antagonize him, because the man had some influence and was ready, as he had said and declared on oath, to assist him in every way possible. Sulla himself, though an adept at discovering the minds of men and inferring correctly in regard to the nature ...
— Dio's Rome, Volume 1 (of 6) • Cassius Dio

... a Gospel of Jewish Antagonism and Rejection. On the one hand the Jews antagonize and reject Jesus. On the other the Jews, especially the scribes and Pharisees, are exposed and rejected by Jesus. The Pharisees plotted against Jesus and resented his violation of their regulations and customs ...
— The Bible Book by Book - A Manual for the Outline Study of the Bible by Books • Josiah Blake Tidwell

... disliked people who said or wrote "and/or," but he had no desire to antagonize the Power Utilities representative by showing personal pique. "Let me understand you clearly," he said. "Power Utilities wants to buy my rights to the ...
— Damned If You Don't • Gordon Randall Garrett

... long. Your first proposition's no good anyway. It would simply further antagonize Wade's friends. It's quite possible, though, that Santry might have been mixed up in such a brawl. Get him arrested, and then we'll let Wade know, gradually, that our influence is at his command, for a price. I've no ...
— Hidden Gold • Wilder Anthony

... not entirely from criticism? In the day when girls were not in the present sense emancipated, she had the savoir faire and the poise of a married woman of thirty. Yet she was delicate, fresh, and flower-like, and very amusing, in a way which delighted men; and she did not antagonize women. ...
— The Judgment House • Gilbert Parker

... collectivity. In the first case, we have love, injured honor, etc, which are passions normally useful to society, and aberrations of which may be excused more or less according to individual cases. On the other hand, we have inexcusable passions, because their psychological tendency is to antagonize the development of society. They are antisocial, and cannot be excused, and hate and ...
— The Positive School of Criminology - Three Lectures Given at the University of Naples, Italy on April 22, 23 and 24, 1901 • Enrico Ferri

... always make a great mistake," said Kennedy one evening after our first conversation on crime and science. "They almost invariably antagonize the regular detective force. Now in real ...
— The Silent Bullet • Arthur B. Reeve

... the boys she knew were not a vicious lot; the Jimmies and Johnnies, the Dans and Eds, were for the most part neighbours, no more anxious to antagonize Emeline's father than she was. They might kiss her good-night at her door, they might deliberately try to get the girls to miss the last train home from the picnic, but their spirit was of idle mischief rather than malice, and a stinging slap from Emeline's hand afforded them, as it did her, ...
— The Story Of Julia Page - Works of Kathleen Norris, Volume V. • Kathleen Norris

... treatment may be ranged under three heads: (1) To eliminate the poison; (2) to antagonize its action; (3) to avert the ...
— Aids to Forensic Medicine and Toxicology • W. G. Aitchison Robertson

... the question," she said. "Mr. Pierce undertook to manage the sanatorium, and to try to manage it successfully. He can not do that without making some attempt at conciliating the people. It's—it's absurd to antagonize them." ...
— Where There's A Will • Mary Roberts Rinehart

... way," said Benham, after a silence; "I had to take that Trevison affair out of your hands. We don't want to antagonize the man. He will ...
— 'Firebrand' Trevison • Charles Alden Seltzer

... correctly located, the organs of Self-confidence, Love of Power, and Arrogance, extending down the median line to the cerebellum. Parallel to this we find Ostentation (which might be called Vanity) and Ambition, organs which antagonize Modesty and Ideality, as those of the median line antagonize Reverence. Next to Ambition comes the region of Business Energy, a less aspiring and ostentatious element than Ambition. Next to this come the regions of Adhesiveness, the gregarious social ...
— Buchanan's Journal of Man, November 1887 - Volume 1, Number 10 • Various

... their pristine value; for although their interests were identical, both being opposed to the opening of the road, the dictatorial arrogations of the elder man and the pugnacious persistence of the younger served to antagonize them on many a minor point in question, subsidiary to the main issue, as definitely as if they were each arrayed against the other, instead of both being in arms ...
— The Mystery of Witch-Face Mountain and Other Stories • Charles Egbert Craddock

... circumstances, statesmanship imperatively demanded that mutual confidence should be maintained between the Court and Government on the one side, and the leaders of popular opinion on the other side. The removal of Polivanoff, who was doing so well, was just the kind of act to antagonize the educated classes and the military. Suspicion, moreover, existed that some of those in high places were not uncontaminated by German influence and were ...
— Experiences of a Dug-out, 1914-1918 • Charles Edward Callwell

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