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Aftermath   /ˈæftərmˌæθ/   Listen

The consequences of an event (especially a catastrophic event).  Synonyms: backwash, wake.  "In the wake of the accident no one knew how many had been injured"
The outcome of an event especially as relative to an individual.  Synonym: consequence.

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"Aftermath" Quotes from Famous Books

... dusk was upon us. We picketed the horses in the open bottom where grass was more plentiful than in the brush, and settled ourselves to sleep. Fortunately, the aftermath of that blistering day was a fairly warm night. By spreading over us the heavy woolen blankets the Mounted Police use under their saddles, we slept in comfort. Long before dawn, however, we arose, built a fire, ...
— Raw Gold - A Novel • Bertrand W. Sinclair

... drifting from court to court in the early fourteenth century, form the aftermath of the great Crusades. In 1307 Marino Sanuto, Venetian statesman and geographer, presented to Clement V an elaborate plan for the revival of the old conflict with Islam. But Sanuto contemplated ...
— Beginnings of the American People • Carl Lotus Becker

... Balaclava, "If Defeat is ever shame, perhaps, Wrynche. But if you could put the question to each of that handful of brave men sleeping side by side over there"—he nods in the direction of the Cemetery, where the aftermath of Death's red harvest has sprung up in orderly rows of little white crosses—"they would tell you it can be more glorious ...
— The Dop Doctor • Clotilde Inez Mary Graves

... Much as she had been moved while he talked to her, the emotion seemed to be blown away by the strong air of reality. It was like the crying in which she had sometimes indulged herself at a play, and which left no aftermath of sadness. She could hardly tell what aftermath had been left by Noel Ordway's words; but as far as she could judge it had everything in it to touch her and appeal to her, except the possible. And yet ...
— The Letter of the Contract • Basil King

... while Isidore Strouther and Esau Streckfuss are "almost persuaded" every December. They might be entirely persuaded if it were not for the scenes they witness in their aisles during the last weeks of Yuletide and the aftermath of trying to collect from the ...
— Mrs. Budlong's Chrismas Presents • Rupert Hughes

... Great War, we endure its aftermath, and amidst the perils and dangers that follow both there is none greater than that which attaches to exterior war, viz., that the attention of both combatants is focussed on the faults and the weaknesses and the crimes ...
— Towards the Great Peace • Ralph Adams Cram

... would label his a religion of ethics or of morals, he shames you at the outset, "for ethics is but a reflection of a divine personality." All the religions this world has ever known, have been but the aftermath of the ethics of one or another holy person; "as soon as character appears be sure love will"; "the intuition of the moral sentiment is but the insight of the perfection of the laws of the soul"; but ...
— Essays Before a Sonata • Charles Ives

... heat of the passion had passed; it was all different now, and in the wake of her brimming moment there came the calm that follows storm, the sadness of spirit which attends the re-enthronement of reason, but also the understanding, far-seeingness, which is the aftermath ...
— The Glory Of The Conquered • Susan Glaspell

... brought out "The Aftermath of the Civil War in Arkansas," by Powell Clayton. The author was governor of the State from 1868 to 1871. Not desiring to take radical ground, he endeavors to be moderate in sketching ...
— The Journal of Negro History, Vol. I. Jan. 1916 • Various

... implement makers. Subsequently he became the curator of the museum at Colchester, and the letters from FitzGerald to him which were handed to Mr. Francis Hindes Groome formed the most valuable part of the second part of Two Suffolk Friends called "Edward FitzGerald. An Aftermath." ...
— Edward FitzGerald and "Posh" - "Herring Merchants" • James Blyth

... on a sickly colour ere attaining their growth; a merciless sun withered the grass and the clover aftermath, and all day long the famished cows stood lowing with their heads over the fences. They had to be watched continually, for even the meager standing crop was a sore temptation, and never a day went by but one of them broke ...
— Maria Chapdelaine - A Tale of the Lake St. John Country • Louis Hemon

... Listening The Lamp of Life Hero-Worship In Darkness Before Dawn The Poet At Night The Fruit Garden Path Mirage To a Friend A Fixed Idea Dreams Frankincense and Myrrh From One Who Stays Crepuscule du Matin Aftermath The End The Starling Market Day Epitaph in a Church-Yard in Charleston, South Carolina Francis II, King ...
— A Dome of Many-Coloured Glass • Amy Lowell

... this time that any interruption at her favourite occupation did not please her. The summer heat, the scent of flowers streaming through open windows, the song of birds, the level landscape, here vividly green with the upspringing aftermath, there crimson and gold where the poppies gleamed amongst the ripening corn—all such sweet sensuous influences she looked out upon lovingly, and enjoyed them—so long as she was left alone. On hot afternoons, Diavolo would go and lie ...
— The Heavenly Twins • Madame Sarah Grand

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