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Wrongdoer   Listen
Wrongdoer  n.  
One who injures another, or who does wrong.
(Law) One who commits a tort or trespass; a trespasser; a tort feasor.

Collaborative International Dictionary of English 0.48

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"Wrongdoer" Quotes from Famous Books

... conspiracy against my unfortunate nephew," he said. "I don't believe a word of your mean insinuations, and I am not deceived by your attempt to throw your own criminality upon him. It will not injure him in my eyes. Moreover, I shall be able to trace back the theft to the wrongdoer. The missing bill was marked with a cross upon the back, and should either of you attempt to pass it, your guilt will be made manifest. I advise you to restore it to me while there is ...
— Hector's Inheritance - or The Boys of Smith Institute • Horatio Alger

... misunderstand her interest in the matter. If he had known that she was pleading solely for Marthy—poor, avaricious, gray, old Marthy—perhaps his mercy would have been less tinged with that smoldering resentment which was directed not so much at the wrongdoer, as at fate which ...
— The Ranch at the Wolverine • B. M. Bower

... old, without her knowledge, he did many things for her through the same Maitresse Aimable. And it quickly came to be known in the island that any one who spoke ill of Guida in his presence did so at no little risk. At first there had been those who marked him as the wrongdoer, but somehow that did not suit with the case, for it was clear he loved Guida now as he had always done; and this the world knew, as it had known that he would have married her all too gladly. Presently Detricand and Philip were the only names mentioned, but at ...
— The Judgment House • Gilbert Parker

... damage to another obliged the wrongdoer to make reparation, and this responsibility extended to damages arising not only from positive acts, but from negligence or imprudence. In an action of libel or slander, the truth of the allegation might be pleaded in justification. [Footnote: D. 47, ...
— The Old Roman World • John Lord

... the pulpit was due to no ferocity of temperament. He merely exercised his legitimate craft. So long as Newgate supplied him with an enforced audience, so long would he thunder and bluster at the wrongdoer according to law and the ...
— A Book of Scoundrels • Charles Whibley

... from the room; when necessary, formal exclusion for a definite period with a written notice to parents. The authority of the library should be exercised in the occasional cases where it is needed, both for the wrongdoer's own good and for the sake of ...
— Library Work with Children • Alice I. Hazeltine

... the summing-up at the trial the court room was crowded. There were the habitual court hangers on, David's country friends en masse, a large filling in at the back of the representatives of the highways and byways, associates of the popular wrongdoer, and the legal lore of the town, with the good-humored patronage usually bestowed by the profession on ...
— David Dunne - A Romance of the Middle West • Belle Kanaris Maniates

... it sinks us so low as to do deeds that something within us recoils from and brands as evil. Jesus teaches us that he who commits sin is the slave of sin; that is to say, that an alien power has captured and is coercing the wrongdoer. That teaching does not destroy responsibility, but it kindles hope. A foreign foe, who has invaded the land, may be driven out of the land, and all his prisoners set free, if a stronger than he comes against him. Christianity ...
— Expositions of Holy Scripture - St. John Chapters I to XIV • Alexander Maclaren

... "Refuges," "Sheltering Arms," "Saint Andrew's Societies" and the philanthropic "College Settlements." I would never go to those good professional people, or professional good people, who patronize the poor and spit upon the alleged wrongdoer, and who draw sharp lines of demarcation in distinguishing between the "good" and the "bad." If you can work and are willing to work, business men will not draw the line on you. Get a job, and then hold it down hard by making yourself necessary. Employers of ...
— Love, Life & Work • Elbert Hubbard

... it was an indication of the girl's perturbed spirit. To me it seemed that it might equally well mean many other things. For instance it might mean her apprehension for Gregory Hall, who, I couldn't help thinking was far more likely to be a wrongdoer ...
— The Gold Bag • Carolyn Wells

... am sure, aware that death ends all our woes, and this being so, it may be termed our happiness and tranquil rest. It is, therefore, a misfortune if a man desires death and cannot obtain it, and so the most grievous punishment that can be given to a wrongdoer is not death, but a continual torment, great enough to render death desirable, but withal too slight to bring it nearer. And this was how a husband used his ...
— The Tales Of The Heptameron, Vol. IV. (of V.) • Margaret, Queen Of Navarre

... there would be no sin anywhere except what is called philosophical sin, that is, a breach of the dignity of man's rational nature; and the hardest thing that could be said in reprobation of a wrongdoer, would be that he had gone against himself, and against his fellow-men, by outraging reason, the ...
— Moral Philosophy • Joseph Rickaby, S. J.

... being] Evil doer — N. evil doer, evil worker; wrongdoer &c 949; mischief-maker, marplot; oppressor, tyrant; destroyer, Vandal; iconoclast^. firebrand, incendiary, fire bug [U.S.], pyromaniac; anarchist, communist^, terrorist. savage, brute, ruffian, barbarian, semibarbarian^, caitiff, desperado; Apache^, hoodlum, hood, plug-ugly [U.S.], Red ...
— Roget's Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases: Body • Roget

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