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Vulgarism   Listen
Vulgarism  n.  
Grossness; rudeness; vulgarity.
A vulgar phrase or expression. "A fastidious taste will find offense in the occasional vulgarisms, or what we now call "slang," which not a few of our writers seem to have affected."

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"Vulgarism" Quotes from Famous Books

... comforting doctrine—for such as hope to dodge hell-pains—and is so general, so prone to manifest itself, where the mind of man has not been persistently trained in an opposite direction, that we may almost call it a religious instinct, which is but a vulgarism for a divine and direct revelation of God; therefore, it should not be discouraged in our new world- church, but given every opportunity for expansion. No one should be excluded, however, if he fail to find evidence, within or without, to sustain ...
— Volume 1 of Brann The Iconoclast • William Cowper Brann

... entrance-hall of the British Museum. After the purists and the exacting have said their worst against the statue, it will yet be found—from the spirit of its execution, its cleverness, and 'go,' to resort to a vulgarism—charming a very large ...
— Art in England - Notes and Studies • Dutton Cook

... manner there was an ease which only an assurance of welcome could have brought him. This is not to be taken in the sense of familiarity; if he ever indulged that vulgarism—something quite out of character with him—it was not in his intercourse with the Princess. She did not require formality; she simply received courtesy from everybody, even the Emperor, as a natural tribute. At the same time, Sergius was nearer in her regard ...
— The Prince of India - Or - Why Constantinople Fell - Volume 2 • Lew. Wallace

... engagements for other people, I doubt whether he had any particular objection to them in his own case. A pair of lovers are like sunset and sunrise: there are such things every day but we very seldom see them. Theobald posed as the most ardent lover imaginable, but, to use the vulgarism for the moment in fashion, it was all "side." Christina was in love, as indeed she had been twenty times already. But then Christina was impressionable and could not even hear the name "Missolonghi" ...
— The Way of All Flesh • Samuel Butler

... antique, they studied it; they obtained through the fragments of antique sculpture a glimpse into the life of antiquity, and that glimpse served to correct the vulgarism and distortion of the mediaeval life of the fifteenth century. In the perfection of Italian painting, the union of antique and modern being consummated, it is perhaps difficult to disentangle what really is antique from what is modern; but in the earlier times, ...
— The Contemporary Review, Volume 36, September 1879 • Various

... Fouter (Fr. foutre; Lat. futuere), verbum obscaenum. cf. the noun in phrase 'to care not a fouter' (footra, footre, foutre), 2 Henry IV, V, iii. To 'fouter' is also used (a vulgarism and a provincialism) in a much mitigated sense to meddle about aimlessly, to waste time and tongue doing ...
— The Works of Aphra Behn - Volume IV. • Aphra Behn

... that term," said Hubert, with calm dignity. "Master is a vulgarism that I dislike; so, in alluding to his lordship, take ...
— The Midnight Queen • May Agnes Fleming

... for sixty-five." "Thanks," I said, "it isn't enough." I walked out, and though he called me back I would not return. Then I went to Mr P., a well-known agent for railroads and steamships. To use a vulgarism, he did not open his mouth so wide as the other, but at once offered me a through ticket to Liverpool for $72. I thanked him and said I would call again. Deducting the $12 for a steerage passage, his railroad fare was $60. So far I had knocked off 12. And ...
— A Tramp's Notebook • Morley Roberts

... is adjourned for the Easter holidays. Princess Caroline is going to the Bath for a rheumatism. The countess, whose return you seem so much to dread, has entertained the town with an excellent vulgarism. She happened One night at the Opera to sit by Peggy Banks,(1178) a celebrated beauty, and asked her several questions about the singers and dancers, which the other naturally answered, as one woman of fashion ...
— The Letters of Horace Walpole, Volume 1 • Horace Walpole

... was attracted by Loerke. In both sisters he commanded a certain homage. But there were moments when to Ursula he seemed indescribably inferior, false, a vulgarism. ...
— Women in Love • D. H. Lawrence

... now turn to the Quarterly upon Keats. Endymion, in spite of the noble self-criticism of its preface, is denounced as "Cockney poetry" [Footnote: The phrase was also employed by Blackwood, vol. iii. 519-524.]—a stupid and pointless vulgarism—and is branded as clothing "the most incongruous ideas in the most uncouth language". The author is dismissed with the following amenities: "Being bitten by Leigh Hunt's insane criticism, he more than rivals the insanity of his poetry"; and we are half-surprised ...
— English literary criticism • Various

... word right used, as here, in the sense of very is now considered a vulgarism. "A Southerner would say, ...
— Six Centuries of English Poetry - Tennyson to Chaucer • James Baldwin

... to report at this time, except two pieces of advice I gave to the young women at table. One relates to a vulgarism of language, which I grieve to say is sometimes heard even from female lips. The other is of more serious purport, and applies to such as contemplate a ...
— The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 1, Issue 2, December, 1857 • Various

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