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Voiding  adj.  Receiving what is ejected or voided. "How in our voiding lobby hast thou stood?"

Collaborative International Dictionary of English 0.48

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"Voiding" Quotes from Famous Books

... from him drop by drop. When compelled to walk, his hind and fore legs seemed to mingle together, and his loins were bent into a perfect curve; his flanks were drawn in; he could scarcely be induced to eat; and he evidently suffered much in voiding his faeces. Mild and demulcent liquids were his only food. Warm baths and injections were applied almost unceasingly, and in eight days he seemed to have perfectly gained ...
— The Dog - A nineteenth-century dog-lovers' manual, - a combination of the essential and the esoteric. • William Youatt

... and conveying it to their mouths by their mere manual dexterity. They were, indeed, most indelicate in their habits, scattering on the table-cloth all their bones and parings. To purify their tables, the servant bore a long wooden "voiding-knife," by which he scraped the fragments from the table into a basket, called "a voider." Beaumont and Fletcher describe ...
— Literary Character of Men of Genius - Drawn from Their Own Feelings and Confessions • Isaac D'Israeli

... in part. For, in fact, neither the bladder nor rectum ever acts voluntarily per se any more than the stomach does, and therefore the name "detrusor" urinae, as applied to the muscular coat investing the bladder, is as much a misnomer (if it be meant that the act of voiding the organ at will be dependent upon it) as would be the name "detrusor" applied to the muscular coat of the stomach, under the meaning that this were the agent in ...
— Surgical Anatomy • Joseph Maclise

... [308] A voiding knife was a long one used by our indelicate ancestors to sweep bones, &c., from the table into the voider or basket, in which broken meat ...
— A Select Collection of Old English Plays, Vol. IX • Various

... erogenous zones of the child's body there is one which certainly does not play the main role, and which cannot be the carrier of earliest sexual feeling—which, however, is destined for great things in later life. In both male and female it is connected with the voiding of urine (penis, clitoris), and in the former it is enclosed in a sack of mucous membrane, probably in order not to miss the irritations caused by the secretions which may arouse the sexual excitement at an early age. The sexual activities ...
— Three Contributions to the Theory of Sex • Sigmund Freud

... violent inequalities in material possessions among different members of a society, is too vague to be criticised. Does it cover and warrant so sweeping a measure as the old seisachtheia of Solon, voiding all contracts in which the debtor had pledged his land or his person; or such measures as the agrarian laws of Licinius and the Gracchi? Or is it to go no further than to condemn such a law as that which in England gives unwilled lands to the eldest son? We can only criticise ...
— Rousseau - Volumes I. and II. • John Morley

... denied the going forth of the draught from thy body, with what wouldst thou buy its issue?" "With the whole of my kingdom," answered Er Reshid: and Ibn es Semmak said, "O Commander of the Faithful, verily, a kingdom that weigheth not in the balance against a draught [of water] or a voiding of urine is not worth the striving for." And ...
— Tales from the Arabic Volumes 1-3 • John Payne

... blast, volley, fusillade, salvo; acquittance, exoneration, quittance, release; fulfillment, observance, performance; dismissal; liquidation, payment evacuation, emission, ejection, exudation, excretion voiding; quietus. ...
— Putnam's Word Book • Louis A. Flemming

... in this session were these:—An act for voiding all the elections of parliament men, at which the elected had been at any expense in meat, drink, or ...
— The History of England in Three Volumes, Vol.II. - From William and Mary to George II. • Tobias Smollett

... Acres, even to Papists, at the full reserved Rent, who wou'd build good Houses of Stone and Lime, of such and such Dimensions, and inclose and plant an Orchard and Garden of at least one Acre, and keep them in Repair, on pain of voiding the Tenure. This wou'd, in a few Years, increase the Number of our Houses and Orchards prodigiously; and the more as our Natives are very fond of having Lands and Tenements in their own Country, and are willing to give this Pledge of their Allegiance, which so many of them, for Want of such ...
— A Dialogue Between Dean Swift and Tho. Prior, Esq. • Anonymous

... Neither yet do the ceremonies in question belong to the purgation of religion; for wheresoever religion is to be purged in a corrupted church, all men know that purgation standeth in putting something away, not in keeping it still; in voiding somewhat, nor in retaining it; so that a church is not purged, but left unpurged, when the unnecessary monuments of bypast superstition are still preserved and kept in the same. And as for the church ...
— The Works of Mr. George Gillespie (Vol. 1 of 2) • George Gillespie

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