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Trailer   Listen
Trailer  n.  
A wheeled vehicle without a motor, designed to be drawn by a motor vehicle in front of it; specifically:
Such a vehicle used on street railroads. Called also trail car.
The large wheeled wagon or van pulled by a tractor in a tractor-trailer combination.
A vehicle equipped as a mobile dwelling unit, pulled by an automobile or other mtor vehicle, and used as a dwelling when parked; also called a mobile home.
A wheeled motorless open wagon designed to carry a heavy object, such as a boat trailer.
(Movies) A short blank segment of movie film attached to the end; used for convenient insertion of the film in a projector.
(Movies) A short film consisting primarily of one or more short portions of a film, used in promotions or advertisements shortly before initial release of a film.
A part of an object which extends some distance beyond the main body of the object; as, the trailer of a plant.
trailer park. An area equipped to accommodate trailers (2), often with outlets supplying electrical power and water. Called also trailer camp, trailer court.

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