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Thespian   Listen
Thespian  n.  An actor.

Collaborative International Dictionary of English 0.48

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"Thespian" Quotes from Famous Books

... hieing lief, Awhile to leave th' Aonian cave, Where 'neath the rocky Thespian cliff Nymph Aganippe loves to lave ...
— The Carmina of Caius Valerius Catullus • Caius Valerius Catullus

... Juliet' there were constant puffs, quite in the modern manner. The accounts of his debut all showed that Mr. Pryse Gordon's account of it was fabulous. In one paper there was a bitter attack on 'Mr. Gordon, who was responsible for this insult to Thespian art, the gentry, and the people, for he first arranged the whole production'—an extract which makes it clear that this gentleman had a good motive for his version ...
— The Works of Max Beerbohm • Max Beerbohm

... Venus, and was visited by many people. The head given here (Fig. 42), which was found in Centocelle by Gavin Hamilton, and is now in the Vatican, is thought by many to be a copy of a Cupid by Praxiteles, and even of the Thespian statue; but we have no proof of this. The Cupid, or Eros, of the art of Scopas and Praxiteles is not the merry little creature who bears that name in later art; he is a youth just coming into manhood, with a dreamy, melancholy face, the tender beauty of which makes him one of the most attractive ...
— A History of Art for Beginners and Students - Painting, Sculpture, Architecture • Clara Erskine Clement

... his quarters at Tegea, and unknown to the Mantineans, passing by Agesilaus, marched towards Sparta, insomuch that he failed very little of taking it empty and unarmed. Agesilaus had intelligence sent him by Euthynus, the Thespian, as Callisthenes says, but Xenophon says by a Cretan; and immediately dispatched a horseman to Lacedaemon, to apprise them of it, and to let them know that he was hastening to them. Shortly after his arrival the Thebans crossed the Eurotas. They made an assault upon ...
— Plutarch's Lives • A.H. Clough

... repeatedly, the audience stamped and whistled very much in the manner of an impatient crowd at a real theatre. Mrs. Slapman relished these little ebullitions of natural feeling, because it made the illusion of her "Thespian parlor" (as she called it) ...
— Round the Block • John Bell Bouton

... stood; And in these Posthume-Poems lets us know, He on the banks of Helicon did grow. The beauty of his soul did correspond With his sweet out-side: nay, it went beyond. Lovelace, the minion of the Thespian dames, Apollo's darling, born with Enthean flames, Which in his numbers wave and shine so clear, As sparks refracted from rich gemmes appear; Such flames that may inspire, and atoms cast, To make new poets not like him in hast. ...
— Lucasta • Richard Lovelace

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