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Teen   Listen
Teen  v. t.  To excite; to provoke; to vex; to affict; to injure. (Obs.)

Collaborative International Dictionary of English 0.48

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"Teen" Quotes from Famous Books

... did not ask him to go on, for I knew that to ask would be useless. Yet I guessed what he had meant to say, and why he had stopped. He didn't wish to alarm me, but it was in his mind that the house had teen closed because of something planned to happen inside. And that something might be connected with my friends. ...
— It Happened in Egypt • C. N. Williamson & A. M. Williamson

... continued. In order to compel competition, according to the academic theories of the day, licenses were given to thir-teen private companies. As might have been expected, the ablest company quickly swallowed the other twelve. If it had been let alone, this company might have given good service, but it was hobbled and fenced in by jealous regulations. ...
— The History of the Telephone • Herbert N. Casson

... promise didst thou make what time to me thou said'st * 'Whenas I promise I perform, O Kazi, faithfully.' Such is my stead and such my case calamitous and dire * And ask me not, ye men of spunk, what dreadful teen I dree." ...
— The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night, Volume 8 • Richard F. Burton

... seen that, in the philosophy of the Confucians, the ultimate principle is not necessarily identical with a living, intelligent, and personal God. Nor did Confucius, when he speaks of Teen, or Heaven, express any faith in such a being. He neither asserted nor denied a Supreme God. His worship and prayer did not necessarily imply such a faith. It was the prayer of reverence addressed ...
— Ten Great Religions - An Essay in Comparative Theology • James Freeman Clarke

... in the garden in garments all of green, * With open vest and collars and flowing hair beseen: 'What is thy name?' I asked her, and she replied, 'I'm she * Who roasts the hearts of lovers on coals of love and teen.' Of passion and its anguish to her made my moan; * 'Upon a rock,' she answered, 'thy plaints are wasted clean.' 'Even if thy heart,' I told her, 'be rock in very deed, * Yet hath God made fair water well from ...
— The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night, Volume 5 • Richard F. Burton

... to your own reasoning you have sinned, for you not only have teen tempted, but have yielded to the temptation," Wilford retorted, with a sinister look of exultation ...
— Family Pride - Or, Purified by Suffering • Mary J. Holmes

... feels right! Boy, de thumb twist come to me befo' I was nine yeahs old. When I was fo'teen mah uncle Gabe learnt me neveh to dooce, trey, or twelve. Wid dese bones an' yo' ten-dollah bill, when I gits th'oo wid 'at nigger he won't have no mo' money than ...
— Lady Luck • Hugh Wiley

... come to Virginia long ago in the Commonwealth time. He sat on the Council, and was the most respected of all the magnates of the dominion, for he had restrained the folly of successive Governors, and had ever teen ready to stand forth alike on behalf of the liberties of the settlers and their duties to the Crown. His name was highly esteemed at Whitehall, and more than once he had occupied the Governor's place when His Majesty was slow in filling it. His riches were large, but he was above all ...
— Salute to Adventurers • John Buchan

... tell ye," said Council, from his side of the stove silencing everybody with his good-natured roar, "I'd go down and see Butler, anyway, if I was you. I guess he'd let you have his place purty cheap; the farm's all run down. He's teen anxious t' let t' somebuddy next year. It 'ud be a good chance fer you. Anyhow, you go to bed and sleep like a babe. I've got some ploughing t' do, anyhow, an' we'll see if somethin' can't be done about your case. Ike, you go out an' see if the horses is all right, an' I'll show ...
— Main-Travelled Roads • Hamlin Garland

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