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Tantalize  v. t.  (past & past part. tantalized; pres. part. tantalizing)  To tease or torment by presenting some good to the view and exciting desire, but continually frustrating the expectations by keeping that good out of reach; to tease; to torment. "Thy vain desires, at strife Within themselves, have tantalized thy life."
Synonyms: To tease; vex; irritate; provoke. Tantalize, Disappoint. To disappoint is literally to do away with what was (or was taken to be) appointed; hence the peculiar pain from hopes thus dashed to the ground. To tantalize, a much stronger term, describes a most distressing form of disappointment, as in the case of Tantalus, the Phrygian king. To tantalize is to visit with the bitterest disappointment to torment by exciting hopes or expectations which can never be realized.

Collaborative International Dictionary of English 0.48

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"Tantalize" Quotes from Famous Books

... any more about it. If you want the shack pulled down and hauled away, you and your friends continue to tantalize this inoffensive little boy the way you have been. If you want to keep it, be polite and ...
— Penrod and Sam • Booth Tarkington

... Iris gin ye that rap. She sticks to ye like a burr, pardner, and won't let ye play sweet on the ladies, as you'd like. Kinder mean fur a wife to keep sich a sharp eye out fur her lord, but I tell ye, Iris is grit to ther backbone, and she's jealous, too. But I won't tantalize yer, coz 'taint jest; but 'sposin' you gin me a little rhino? I'm busted—dead broke; out o' rocks, and ...
— Five Thousand Dollars Reward • Frank Pinkerton

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