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Sword-shaped  adj.  (Bot.) Shaped like a sword; ensiform, as the long, flat leaves of the Iris, cattail, and the like.

Collaborative International Dictionary of English 0.48

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"Sword-shaped" Quotes from Famous Books

... offinalis) owes its English name, lungwort, to the spotting of the leaves, which were said to indicate that they would be efficacious in healing diseases of the lungs. Then there is the water-soldier (Stratiotes aloides), which from its sword-shaped leaves was reckoned among the appliances for gun-shot wounds. Another familiar plant which has long had a reputation as a vulnerary is the self-heal, or carpenter's herb (Prunella vulgaris), on account of its corolla ...
— The Folk-lore of Plants • T. F. Thiselton-Dyer

... you can exhaust her beauty. Do you know what Mr. Ruskin says about such an apparently insignificant thing as a blade of grass? "Gather a single blade of grass, and examine for a minute, quietly, its narrow, sword-shaped strip of fluted green. Nothing it seems there, of notable goodness or beauty. A very little strength and a very little tallness, and a few delicate long lines meeting in a point.... And yet, think of it well, and judge whether of all the gorgeous flowers ...
— Hold Up Your Heads, Girls! • Annie H. Ryder

... suddenly perhaps on one of the sunny forest pools, perhaps where the water was half covered with broad flat leaves, among which were silver blossoms, in other places golden, with arrow weed at the sides, along with whispering reeds and sword-shaped iris plants. There beneath the floating leaves great golden-sided carp and tench floated, and sometimes a fierce-eyed green-splashed pike, while over all flitted and darted upon gauzy wings beautiful dragon-flies, chasing the tiny gnats—blue, brown, ...
— Young Robin Hood • G. Manville Fenn

... ovoid, ranging in size from that of a hazel-nut to that of a walnut, composed of a white, spongy substance. Leaves sword-shaped, ensheathing the stem. Flowers in a compound umbel on the end of the stalk which is naked, long and triangular. The umbellets are alternate, awl-shaped, with distinct flowers. Calyx universal, with 2 sword-shaped leaflets. Calyx proper, a very small, ridged scale. ...
— The Medicinal Plants of the Philippines • T. H. Pardo de Tavera

... acinaciform; apiculate^, apiculated^; aristate^, awned, awny^, bearded, calamiform^, cone-shaped, coniform^, crestate^, echinate^, gladiate^; lanceolate^, lanciform; awl, awl-shaped, lance-shaped, awl- shaped, scimitar-shaped, sword-shaped; setarious^, spinuliferous^, subulate^, tetrahedral, xiphoid^. cutting; sharp edged, knife edged; sharp as a razor, keen as a razor; sharp as a needle, sharp as a ...
— Roget's Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases: Body • Roget

... rose almost of equal thickness to the height of twenty feet, when it divided into a great number of short, thick branches, that separated from the main stem like the branches of a candelabrum, and upon the end of each of these was a thick tuft of the stiff, sword-shaped leaves—the same as I have above described. Out of the midst of these leaves grew the pannicles, or flower-spikes, and the ...
— Ran Away to Sea • Mayne Reid

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