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Ski  n.  (pl. skis)  (Also spelled skee)  A long, flat, narrow runner made of wood, plastic or metal, curved upwards in front, having a fitting allowing it to be attached to the foot, and used for gliding or sliding over snow. Commonly used in the plural, to designate the pair.

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"Ski" Quotes from Famous Books

... lean he-bear. The only thing that was found in its stomach when it was opened was a piece of paper, with the names 'Luetken and Mohn.' This was the wrapping-paper of a 'ski' light, and had been left by one of us somewhere on the ice. After this day some of the members of the expedition would hardly leave the ship without being armed to ...
— Farthest North - Being the Record of a Voyage of Exploration of the Ship 'Fram' 1893-1896 • Fridtjof Nansen

... had passed. Mrs. Gilbert having climbed the hill of exposition was about to glide swiftly down the ski-jump of collapse. Her eyes were like a blue sky seen through two round, red window-casements. The flesh ...
— The Beautiful and Damned • F. Scott Fitzgerald

... clad in furs Will greet the Welch-ski officers With open arms, and ere we pass Will make us vocal with Kavasse. In old Bagdad we'll call a halt At the Sashuns' ancestral vault; We'll catch the Persian rose-flowers' scent, And understand what Omar meant. Bitlis and Mush will know our ...
— Fairies and Fusiliers • Robert Graves

... the fiery shaft again interfered with Colonel Howell's real plans of active prospecting. For days the experienced oil men made futile efforts to extinguish the gusher and to cap the shaft. When they were of no assistance in this work, Norman and Roy overhauled the airship and substituted the ski-like runners in place of the aluminum-cased rubber-tired ...
— On the Edge of the Arctic - An Aeroplane in Snowland • Harry Lincoln Sayler

... to foot, knee, hip, or back problems, but almost everyone can walk. Walking outside is better than inside on a treadmill, and walking hills is better than walking on flat ground. Exercise machines such as stationary bikes, cross country ski machines, and stair steppers work well for a lot of people who live in the city, especially in the winter, or for those who hate exercise. Whatever you choose to do, it is important to at least double the resting pulse for 30 minutes no ...
— How and When to Be Your Own Doctor • Dr. Isabelle A. Moser with Steve Solomon

... had worked hard to get a program for the first week. His pictures were: "The Human Bird," which turned out to be a ski-ing film from Norway, purely descriptive; "The Pancake," a humorous film: and then his grand serial: "The Silent Grip." And then, for Turns, his first item was Miss Poppy Traherne, a lady in innumerable petticoats, who could whirl herself into anything ...
— The Lost Girl • D. H. Lawrence

... the Ice Johansen Packing Provisions in the "Crystal Palace" A Corner of the Kitchen Stubberud Taking it Easy Johansen Packing Biscuits in the "Crystal Palace" Hassel and the Vapour-bath Midwinter Day, June, 1911 Our Ski-binding in its Final Form At Work on Personal Outfit Trying on Patent Goggles Hassel in the Oil-store Deep in Thought Funcho The Loaded Sledges in the Clothing Store Sledges Ready for Use Being Hauled Out of the ...
— The South Pole, Volumes 1 and 2 • Roald Amundsen

... that can touch Eric Hansen, though—he learned how to ski, I guess, in the cradle," declared Dana King, frowning thoughtfully at the long hill that stretched upward from ...
— Highacres • Jane Abbott

... to a lawyerish person in civilian clothes, with a bored expression, plus a moustache of dreamy proportions with which the owner constantly imitated a gentleman ringing for a drink. Two appertained to a splendid old dotard (a face all ski-jumps and toboggan slides), on whose protruding chest the rosette of the Legion pompously squatted. Numbers five and six had reference to Monsieur, who had seated himself before I had time to ...
— The Enormous Room • Edward Estlin Cummings

... Telimena, a distant relative of the Soplicas and of the Horeszkos [Te-li-me'nae, Ho-resh'ko]. Zosia, ward of Telimena [Zo'shae], Hreczecha, the Seneschal [Hre-che'hae]. The Chamberlain. Protazy Brzechalski, the Apparitor [Pro-tae'zi Bzhe-hael'ski]. The Assessor. Bolesta, the Notary [Bo-les'tae]. The Count, a distant relative of the Horeszko family. Gerwazy Rembajlo, the Warden, formerly a servant of the Horeszko family [Ger-vae'zi Rem-bai'wo]. Rykov, a Russian captain [Ri'kof]. Jankiel, a Jew [Yaen'kyel]. Maciej (Maciek) ...
— Pan Tadeusz • Adam Mickiewicz

... of leisure the memory returned persistently to haunt him. When he "ski-d," "luged," or danced in the evenings, and especially when he skated on the little rink, he was aware that the eyes of his mind forever sought this strange companion of the night. A hundred times he ...
— Four Weird Tales • Algernon Blackwood

... backs of narwhals rolling over in the dark-blue water. A seal or two were seeking fish, and tracks of Polar bears made them long for fresh meat. Nansen often made long excursions in front to see where the ice was best. Then Johansen remained waiting by the sledges, and if the bold ski-runner were long away he began to fear that an accident had happened. He dared not pursue his thoughts to an end—he would ...
— From Pole to Pole - A Book for Young People • Sven Anders Hedin

... knowing it wasn't his fault he was still hanging on. You'd feel bad to know he'd heard. She felt bad now! After all, the fun the snow had given them, all that winter, sleighing and snow-shoeing and ski-running and sliding downhill. And when she remembered how glad she'd been to see the first snow, how she and little Mark had run to the window to see the first flakes, and had hollered, Oh goody, goody! ...
— The Brimming Cup • Dorothy Canfield Fisher

... march," said Jack; "this is not Mr. Nairn's personally conducted tour—we, I might observe parenthetically, intend to ski this afternoon." ...
— Judy of York Hill • Ethel Hume Patterson Bennett

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