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Siphon  v. t.  (Chem.) To convey, or draw off, by means of a siphon, as a liquid from one vessel to another at a lower level.

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"Siphon" Quotes from Famous Books

... may begin all over again. The champagne not only is excellent nourishment for the child, but it quiets the stomach, allays irritability, and frequently favors sleep, during which time a cure very often results. The champagne must be drawn through a champagne siphon (procured in the drug store), and the bottle must be kept on ice with the mouth downward; otherwise it will get stale very quickly and be of no use. If kept as advised it will remain ...
— The Eugenic Marriage, Volume IV. (of IV.) - A Personal Guide to the New Science of Better Living and Better Babies • Grant Hague

... The engine is of the Simplex type; the kindling is electric; the cycle of operations is fourfold, with powerful compression. The Dowson generator is 30 inches inside diameter and 76 inches in height from the bars to the top. Air is blown in by steam driven in under the hearth. There is a siphon, a coke scrubber 110 inches high, a sawdust purifier, and a gasholder of 750 cubic feet capacity, and a pipe to the engine 5.2 inches in diameter. The total area occupied by this apparatus is 140 square yards, of which two-thirds are built on. The anthracite employed ...
— Scientific American Supplement, No. 799, April 25, 1891 • Various

... strange gasteropod unfolded both himself and the mystery. From his long embrace fell the shell of a Mactra, nearly as broad as his own. Near the hinge was a smooth, round hole, through which the poor Clam had been sucked. Foot, stomach, siphon, muscles, all but a thin strip of mantle, were gone. The problem of the Natica's existence was solved, and the verification was found in more than one Buccinum minus the animal,—the number of the latter victims ...
— Atlantic Monthly, Volume 2, Issue 11, September, 1858 • Various

... on most of the longer cables is the siphon recorder of Lord Kelvin, shown in figure 54, which marks or writes the message on a slip of travelling paper. Essentially it is the inverse of the mirror instrument, and consists of a light coil of wire S suspended in the field ...
— The Story Of Electricity • John Munro

... the stomach pump at once. If no pump is at hand, siphon out stomach with rubber tube and funnel. If tube is not available, give thirty grains of powdered ipecac stirred in a wineglass of water, followed by two glasses of warm water. As the patient vomits, give more warm water. When vomiting ceases, give two cups of strong hot coffee, ...
— The Home Medical Library, Volume I (of VI) • Various

... now as to the instruments used for the transmission of messages. Those for cables are of two kinds, the mirror galvanometer and the siphon recorder, both the product of Sir Wm. ...
— Scientific American Supplement, No. 795, March 28, 1891 • Various

... meantime the squid had awakened to furious activity. It was lashing the water with arms and tail, angrily snapping its great beak and ejecting streams of black water from its siphon-tube. The water was violently agitated and covered ...
— The Boy Scouts Book of Stories • Various

... there," he said, "also the whisky, if my laundress has left any, and a siphon and there should be some claret—Mrs. Bragg doesn't care about red wine. Set the table, and I'll take a root round in the kitchen and dig up some ...
— The Yellow Streak • Williams, Valentine

... at Blois; a b is the conduit of Blois, made in France by Fra Giocondo, b c is what is wanting in the height of that conduit, c d is the height of the garden at Blois, e f is the siphon of the conduit, b c, e f, f g is where the siphon discharges into the river. [Footnote: The tenor of this note (see lines 2 and 3) seems to me to indicate that this passage was not written in France, but was written from oral information. We have no evidence ...
— The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci, Complete • Leonardo Da Vinci

... ask leave to do so, and the servant brings me in some claret and a siphon. The study is better to sit in than the front room, for in the front room, although the shutters are closed, the white rays pierce through the chinks, and lie like sword-blades along the floor. The study is pleasant and the wine refreshing. ...
— Memoirs of My Dead Life • George Moore

... that the shock of the addition of his whole business to the great Pharmacy across the way scarcely disturbed a soda siphon. ...
— Moonbeams From the Larger Lunacy • Stephen Leacock

... "I'm going to make you comfortable myself," she said. She pulled a big armchair round; placed a reading-lamp on a small table and drew it close; and she made the old soldier sit in the chair. Then she unlocked a little cupboard, and got out a decanter and siphon and glass, and a box of cigars. She placed these by his side, and stood back quizzically a second. Then she threw a big leather cushion at his feet and walked to the switches, turning off the main light and leaving only the shaded radiance of the reading-lamp. She turned the shade ...
— Simon Called Peter • Robert Keable

... efforts may have been as much physiological, reflex, or instinctive as mental. A recent writer, Dr. R. T. Jackson, curiously and yet naturally enough uses the same phraseology as Lamarck when he says that the long siphon of the common clam (Mya) "was brought about by the effort to reach the surface, induced by the habit of ...
— Lamarck, the Founder of Evolution - His Life and Work • Alpheus Spring Packard

... be slackened, and the whole left to stand for about forty minutes, by which time the mass of feculencies will have risen to the surface, when the clear liquor underneath may either be drawn off by a siphon or cock; the whole may be filtered as Mr. Fownes recommends, by which means the liquor would be more effectually clarified, and much, if not all, the subsequent labour of skimming dispensed with. The matter remaining on the filter ...
— The Commercial Products of the Vegetable Kingdom • P. L. Simmonds

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